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  1. Looks like there'll be some Shamy goodness tonight after all.
  2. I always picture the Shamy wedding being a big, traditional wedding with Sheldon fighting it and nervous the whole way. He's terrified that there are bees in the flowers, the idea of a recieving line throws him into an epic germ tirade and a veto on Klingon has him threatening not to show up at all. When the big moment comes, he's standing at the altar with Leonard beside him as Leonard tries to calm him down. He'a on the verge of a full blown panic attack and then - the wedding march starts. His eyes fly to the end of the aisle where Amy is standing in her dress and tiara and his anxiet
  3. You're absolutely right, we really never know what the writers are gonna do. We can try to analyze it to death, but in the end we still end up pretty gobsmacked sometimes. (All of us on episode night after writing/reading volumes of carefully thought out plot possibilities and character arcs.)
  4. Which, I think is exactly the plot set up that a few others have been pointing out since the taping. Penny is at a major crossroads in that she's finding herself settled into a grown up life with a wonderful man and a well paying, stable job - but the commitment-phobe in her is panicking. Letting Sheldon continue to call all of the shots and coddling him because he's "too fragile" for her to put her foot down and insist that she and her husband live alone is her way of hiding from reality. It's almost as if she and Leonard still maintaining two residences gives her a safety net. Right no
  5. Completely agree. It's hard not to occasionally wonder "what if" and the writers do seem to enjoy playing their characters off of one another, but at the end of the day they're too fundamentally different to seriously consider a romantic relationship with one another. For one thing, Penny is a very physical and sexual person. She would need a partner that expresses their affection similarly and we all know that Sheldon views physicality as less of a necessity in a romantic relationship than others. Also Sheldon has made it very clear that he values the mind above all things, even this mo
  6. Thank you! Shamy fix achieved!
  7. Looks like I know what I'm doing with my evening now!
  8. I'm so excited that it was a Shamy/Lenny cabin trip, I was totally convinced it would be Raj going instead. I can't wait to see it! The tag scene sounds like the perfect jumping off point for a pretty steamy fanfic - given that I think it's safe to assume the Shamy have their own room at the cabin...in the woods...in the rain.... Please, someone write this.
  9. Hi forum! I've been lurking for two years and finally decided to join in so I can actually discuss with everyone. So excited to see that Shamy are in the car too, but are we sure that they're the ones going to the cabin? Are we all kind of just assuming Lenny and Shamy are taking this road trip? We have the Wolowitz house in this episode too, so could the cabin actually be a Raj centric story after all with the rest of the group staying in good ole Pasadena?
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