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  1. So... will Sheldon get to keep his comics and things? Or is nu-Sheldon not into that anymore? I'm just curious... since he's clearly moving out, he no longer has his spot, he isn't living in 4A (even though it was his apartment) so Amy turned him into the perfect boyfriend I guess! Really good message this show sends about altering people to fit what you want them to be. He's not Sheldon anymore... he's Amy's boyfriend. So I suspect all the episodes from now on will just be Lenny decorating or some off sex stuff and Shamy being homemakers and weird sex stuff.... because that's exciting! It's not like it's just slightly changing the plot every couple of episodes... we'll just live through this for like 19 more episodes... yay... (if I didn't love Jim so much I wouldn't even being paying attention... although it does make me feel better to know that he stopped watching his own show a few seasons ago...)
  2. Is this show about scientists and nerds anymore??? Because it seems like since Ep3? Maybe 4... you wouldn't get science or nerds from this show watching it now. This is the least TBBT this show has EVER felt. And y'all can be happy about your ships and such, not besmirching that, but is this it? Idk... it's just not TBBT anymore, Sheldon isn't Sheldon anymore, Penny is kinda blah. Leonard is an A1 jerk... idk. It makes me sad. Hopefully they'll be done with this plot and the rest of the season will have more to do with other stuff... like mix up the group a bit, this segregating of couples if damn boring. Anyway! Yeah... oh well. :/
  3. Hey if y'all wanna support a tiny little man who cheats on the woman he "loves" and does all sorts of other creepy "nice guy" things! Be my guest! You're clearly not the only ones! And if you want to hate on Sheldon and not see him as the loyal awesome man that he is *cough* Jim's been the only one to win award on the show *cough* and you know! You clearly want Penny to just be Leonard lap dog! But you know!? Fine! And I won't get into what I think about Amy... Cindi May! You're cool I like you! Anyway... good night, and if there's an apocalypse, good luck. *waves*
  4. News flash... You can't be best friends and brother and sister! More at 11... I thought we we could have a rational non crazy, coversation. Instead! We have a bunch of people who hate Sheldon. Not fans who love Shamy and Lenny... And who think you can only be really good friends with someone who is the exact same as you.) wow.
  5. The show was better for the first few years. Syndication helped bring in more people for the later seasons... Just saying.
  6. You clearly hate Sheldon. Penny never hated Sheldon. ... If we want to start talking crap about characters... How about hoe Leonard can keep it in his pants? No? Okay... But he's a saint... Got it. Bc all the stuff you just said that "horrible" that Sheldon did never hurt anyone... Anyway! Penny and Sheldon have this amazing friendship. I don't care of YOU don't see it. Also they filmed two pilots, Sheldon was in both of them. What didn't work was the other actress... And that premise for the show. But please... Keep hating on Sheldon. I'll keep hating Leonard. And we're getting off topic! Look at that!
  7. Okay we should really get back on topic gang. Talking about the shenny frienship. Everyone's all over the place and talking about all the other interactions (or apparent lack of them) and that's not okay. I wanted to start a conversation about shenny friendship (not see people attacking Sheldon) or tying to prove other stuff that has nothing to do with the shenny friendship. Can we have that conversation? Or does the shenny friendship just not exist to anyone here (save for one person...) I'm waiting...
  8. It's clear this post is turning into the "lets bash Sheldon non stop and ignore that I was trying to start a convesation about the lacking shenny friendship... Post" im not here for the Sheldon hate, and also why does this conversation about one thing have to be turned into a conversion about 50 other things that have nothing to do with the topic? i didn't write this to talk about the lack of Lenny, or how terrible Sheldon apparently is (giving into Amy's every demand... Do awful.) I wanted to talk about the shenny friendship. A very important part of the show. And how it's been lacking in S9 (not talking S8) anyway...
  9. There wouldn't be a show without Sheldon. That's just it. The 200th was a celebration of that. And having the shenny friendship scene was a nod to that as well. Because their moments were important. They were the heart of the show before all this stuff started to happen. They can exist and Sheldon can still be with Amy. (Penny can be with Leonard) but that aside. You don't have to like Sheldon, that's fine. I am a fan of his and TBH I've been really upset with what he's been turned into. (and what Penny's become)
  10. A LOT of Amy.... So much Amy. Sheldon's used as the shows punchline/punching bag. (As a massive Sheldon fan that bothers me a lot.) but we're getting away from the issue: which is how come tptb don't think shenny friendship can co-exist with everything else??? like it once did. What changed? Even S7 was better at the balance. S9 has gotten really bad on multiple fronts.
  11. Maybe it's more of tptb not being capable of balancing all the relationships on the show. Also shenny friendship and Lenny have nothing to do with each other. If Sheldon can have scenes with Bernie alone. He can have scenes with Penny alone. Same with Penny having all these scenes with the "Girls Nights" when she could also have them with Sheldon (girls night and normal scenes lol.) also! The count of Lenny vs shenny fiendship scenes isn't even equal! Lenny has had so many more scenes! The show focuses too hard on the ships and not enough on the friendships and the individuals. Hopefully this will be remedied in S10. Balance is so important.
  12. I did see it. And it was amazing. And it made me sad and miss them even more because they had scenes and moments like that.But that's all anyone who likes their friendship gets? a total of maybe 5 minutes out of 24 episodes?
  13. This isn’t about shipping, not at all. I’m actually curious as to where the Shenny friendship went to this season? It seems like TPTB are not capable of having Sheldon and Penny be friends or interact anymore, with their romantic relationships taking up all their time. Which isn’t realistic at all, people have best friends of the opposite sex and still have romantic relationships with other people. And instead of having moments between them, or scenes where they’re shopping, or hanging out etc etc..., we have to sit through these “Girls Nights” and the boys not really doing anything of importance. It is very frustrating because I really do enjoy Shenny as friends, it doesn’t have to be more (made clearer every episode… and I get it, I can hope but oh well.) their interactions were always so real and fulfilling, and they were never trying to get anything out of the other person. They were just friends. There for each other. Anyway, I looked around and didn’t see anything about his on here, and there seem to be a lot of folks on here, so I thought I’d ask. This isn’t attacking the canon ships; this is about a friendship that I am missing on the show. Hopefully S10 will bring it back.
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