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  1. @Maddie thank you for sharing. And please thank the beautiful person who went and was kind enough to share with us the news.
  2. Thank you so much for the taping report. Merci!!!
  3. Spin-off is a very very very bad idea. Don't do it people!!!
  4. Me too. After 2 episodes without spoilers and today all these information? How can a person handle it. Amy probably would have to start the pill, because Sheldon can't wait anymore. The force has awakened for good!!!
  5. Thank you so much for all the info. You are grate!!!
  6. Welcome to the forum. I don't post a lot myself but I "like" other posts. Have fun!
  7. Thank you. I love that this forum Has an educational character as well.
  8. Sorry for asking but I'm not familiar with this expression. What "get randy" mean? (English not my native language as you already have figured out)
  9. Maybe she is in the bathroom and asks Sheldon to answer her phone. Just a thought.
  10. I would also like Sheldon hiding from Amy that her flat is ready. He likes living with her and he wouldn't want anything change that.
  11. I've seen the picture. I would just prefer it to be midi and not long. The color is very nice and she looks beautiful.
  12. Good morning all!!! Again no spoilers. From now on I would be more anxious if we have spoilers and not what the spoilers are. I hope Amy's new nightgown will be shorter. My late grandma wasn't wearing so long nightgown. A nice hug or a passionate Shamy kiss in bed would be nice.
  13. I hope we have spoilers for tonight taping . If someone goes I wish him to have fun and to enjoy it. And please don't forget us!!!!
  14. I also would like to see a group episode or an interaction that we don't see often like maybe Leonard and Bernadette for example. It's being a while for them to spend sometime all together. I miss it!!!
  15. If I had to choose which episode to watch again I would say 10x04 and not this. It was ok but nothing more for me. The way Amy rolled from Sheldon's spot before he entered the room was funny. And Stuart scaring Raj. I don't know how this will end up in Shamy sex, just because Sheldon can now think some women are sexy, but eventually it will happen maybe before the year ends. I wrote in a previous post that I do like that Amy stands for herself. Lenny are good friends and I like Leonard's and Amy's interactions. Howard and Bernadette are just fine. Howard wants to have sex with her after hearing her throwing up? This is so sweet. Raj is single but I don't think the writers want to give him a story. He will stack with Howard and Bernadette. And finally I liked the Shamy hug in the end.
  16. I like that Amy stands for herself (in next episode as well) because in previous seasons she would accept every Sheldon's eccentricity just to live with him. They both have grown and changed and in the same time stayed unique and I love it.
  17. I loved the episode. Pure comedy. If I had to choose I would say Shamy's fight and Leonard's dance made me laugh so hard. I still think that they should find something for Raj to do. And I don't like Amy's nightgowns. Even modesty should have some limits. Jim and Mayim just nailed it, but of course they are very good actors so I wasn't surprised at all. I'm happy for Shamy and Lenny and for theirs shippers. I think with episode everyone is happy. And finally Howard and Bernadette are so grate as a couple. Simon and Melissa have grate chemistry together. Today will be the day that I will be out of likes very soon.
  18. In Wikipedia (awards and nominations) says she was a supporting role. She won an Emmy in 1998 in Friends as outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series. And she was many times nominated in the same category for her role as Phoebe.
  19. I didn't know that. I remember reading somewhere that it was the three of them together. Thank you
  20. Thank you so much for the info!!!
  21. With all do respect, I don't really feel sorry for them (I mean for all well payed actors in show busses, not only the cast of TBBT) I agree with you that they don't have always a job, but someone who works in private sector can be fired. Actually it happens in thousands of people every day around the world. Someone who works in building can have a serious injury even loose his life. So actors and athletes instead of buying many big houses or expensive cars they could live with less big houses and less expensive cars. But you are absolute right about the open market. And since the producers are offering them so much money off course they will take them.Who wouldn't? I'm not judging. It's quite natural what they did. That's why I was really impressed with the cast of Friends. Thank you for the info about David.
  22. I think it was Lisa Kudrow (I probably don't spell the name correctly) who gathered them and persuaded them to negotiate all together, although she was a supporting role. But bravo to the main cast who decided to stay all together to the negotiations as a group no matter if they were main or supporting. That is why I was disappointed whith Jim, Kelly and Johny who didn't call Simon and Kunal to negotiate all together when the big raises occurred. I'm not talking about Melissa and Mayim because they came later to the show, but for the original five. But of course everyone is dealing his career and money as he likes and this is also natural and I guess in show business even more.
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