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  1. Back playing Borderlands 2 also addicted to Terraria.
  2. I think it would be cool if they had a promotional photo shoot every season which would add more buzz to the new upcoming season and they can reuse for the season DVD covers and other promo material. It would easily pay for itself.
  3. Hopefully we will get some interviews this week from entertainment reporters who attended SDCC and managed to talk to some of the writers. We need something to whet our appetite going into Season 11.
  4. Captain Holt is so hilarious
  5. Ship Zone

    My favorite ones: 1. The MRI birthday Gift. 2. Buridan's donkey/ass conversation in the hallway. 3. Sheldon tells Amy he loves her on prom night. 4. Toothbrush holder hug scene. 5. Opening Night Excitation the conversation and scene where they are in bed (before they have coitus). 6. Sheldon rushes over to her apartment, they declare their love for each other and they get back together. 7. Sheldon Gives Amy a Tiara. 8. Working on their project together in their apartment. 9. Sheldon throws Amy a surprise Brunch. 10. Their baby 'FWF' the first in their new home.
  6. I wonder how many thought Howard would have a life like this? I certainly didn't that's for sure. I have really enjoyed and loved watching his journey though life so far, I can say that for pretty much all of them
  7. Ship Zone

    Out of the 10 I submitted, 6 moments came from Season 10 I believe! The Golden season of Shamy and I feel happy with my choices
  8. Maybe in the coming days we might get something from an interview.
  9. Ship Zone

    All the articles seem to be about the cast's reaction to the Shamy engagement lol. Seems to be the biggest story and that's kind of old news, I mean we already knew they were emotional but I guess we got some more details with the Polaroids and Kaley. I am happy the cast had that reaction, shows how supportive they are for each other.
  10. Yeah we heard they were all emotional just before and after it aired in interviews, but it was nice to hear a few more details about it
  11. In your opinion Barbarian is a classic, in her opinion @spidergirl prefers the other episode. It's all about opinions and personal preferences at the end of the day. I don't think there are any episodes that every single viewer loves or hates in this show, maybe Speckerman is closest to universal dislike but there may be fans out there of that episode.
  12. It's like there are three big question marks (well one in the opener as well which is so obvious there is no need to mention it again) for me going into the season, Raj Leonard & Penny. You have all three of them there with the writers and no questions about Season 11? Like I said I understand why it flowed and played out how it did because I suspect it was all billed as a 10 year celebration. It just feels like a missed opportunity here. Fingers crossed we might see some interviews at some point before the season starts that will shed some light on what might be ahead.
  13. Not much about the upcoming season but maybe that was to be expected considering it's their big 10 year anniversary. Very much looking back on the show and some interesting stuff coming out from behind the scenes over the years. The cast that were present seemed to be happy and in good form judging from the reporting.
  14. Agreed. I just hope they don't reveal news she is in the season opener...
  15. Ship Zone

    Must be disappointing for her but the right decision. Her health is top priority and also her job, her income relies so much on her voice as an actor. Hopefully she is fully healed and raring to go when the season starts.