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  1. I always thought a time jump would be a real possibility, and with it all being pretaped they could do stuff like age the characters with makeup and the like. I'm thinking scenes with all the characters older with text coming up on screen or maybe even a voiceover that shows us as a viewer what happened to them down the line. And if they did have kids then you could easily have some actors to play their children for a scene, much older so no issue around kids on set. You could even have adult children if it really did show us a glimpse far in the future. Though maybe a time jump showing aged characters might be a bit 'sitcom cliche?' I don't watch a lot of US sitcoms these days so I wouldn't know lol.
  2. How Howard and Bernie's story ends could be interesting with rumours that if there was to be a spinoff show from TBBT it could be around them. I would watch a Howard and Bernie sitcom, I think both are fantastic especially Simon.
  3. Magazines are free to have whoever they want on their covers or who they want to do photoshoots with. If I was working for a magazine around that industry and had the creative license and control and budget to make it all happen I am looking to secure a deal to get ALL of them on the cover. As a fan of the show (yeah I still consider I am one despite how I feel about it at the moment) I would only buy a magazine, poster or other form of media involving ALL of them. Why? Because it’s a final goodbye from the whole cast and I do know how much each cast member has contributed to a show that has given me a lot of good moments and all-round escapism particularly during periods of darkness in my own life. I have met a lot of good people in the fandom and in large part that’s because of such a talented cast, all of them that gave me so much enjoyment from the work that they did that I really wanted to talk about it with others.
  4. Thanks for the kind birthday wishes everyone! 😀
  5. It happens in real life, people who do love each other and in loving relationships have split over kids. It’s a tricky situation, something that might change over time on either side (Penny may want kids at some point, Leonard may come to the conclusion he can live without having them). Or they may just carry on as they are sort of in between but never really discuss the subject which could lead to resentment. I still think they will ultimately have children.
  6. No, I think they need to have this discussion and resolve it once and for all, instead of pussyfooting around for fear of hurting the other. Not talking about it results in ideas like agreeing to be a donor for your wife's ex-husband and a counter move in trying to sabotage that donation. I think both stances are perfectly reasonable and I don't think that either of them should budge on the issue purely to please the other. If Penny doesn't ever want kids that's fine, if Leonard has to have kids then that's also fine and so we know where they both stand and what their options are going forward.
  7. Leonard and Penny will be happy for them, if Leonard becomes jealous then he needs to grow the f up or have a heart-to-heart discussion with his wife about their future/future plans. Does every character or relationship based milestone need to be a contest on who got their first? Or in this case second?
  8. An end scene of Amy releasing some monkeys to chase the guy out of the lab would have been fun, but alas lol
  9. Yeah I know that. To sum it up I'm not a fan of Amy losing her work and then possibly willing to give everything up. That decision in 12.5 basically caused me to lose complete interest in this particular storyline. Wasn't a fan at all of their creative decision personally.
  10. The story required Sheldon to kind of choose and have that moment as a viewer when you might question whether he would take the nomination without her. Personally, I never thought he would, it was pretty obvious he was going to say without her he wouldn't be in the conversation for a nomination and rightly so he made the correct decision on a human level to turn it down. My issue honestly if this was true to character is seeing Amy give up the nomination so easily considering the time and effort she put into the project and how earlier in the season she lost her other projects in an attempt to get her focused solely on this one not only for Sheldon but also the University. It was a selfless act willing to give it up, but Amy is a scientist as well and a nomination is a big deal. I'm honestly not sure Amy should have been so willing to step aside considering how the story has actually played out i.e. Losing her other projects specifically. Anyway, if they get the nomination or not, or if they get the nomination but never get the Nobel I don't really care as long as they are happy at the end of it. The project has been very underwhelming for me as a Shamy fan, all I care about is their happiness going forward.
  11. With the way it played out I strongly suspect they never had a conversation like that when they were engaged or even way back when they were dating. I don’t see any betrayal as we clearly never saw anything on screen to indicate that to be the case. And anyway people can change their mind over time. Even if there wasn’t a second Wolowitz baby I think there is no guarantee there would have been a Leonard and Penny child on the show. I think viewer fatigue maybe even creative fatigue is a factor in their decision making process, but there are other factors as well. For example having a child (even an invisible one) on the main set of the show brings its own challenges in terms of story writing. With Howard and Bernie having their own set home I do think it has been easier than say having a child living in 4A and with the two couples interacting so much in 4A and 4B.
  12. I don’t think there is any big or deep hidden reason at all actually. I think it’s pretty clear she simply doesn’t have that maternal urge at this very moment. Could that change in the future and she decides that she now wants kids? Of course it could, but then again those feelings may never be there or develop, for many people they never do.
  13. I agree with a lot of what she is saying here. For a final season of a beloved sitcom they are relying too much on guest stars this season and that storylines in general are either very much a hearken to seasons past (so creatively unimaginative and lazy) or poorly written and crafted. If the season was really good, exciting and enjoyable then a special mega guest star episode could be that nice cherry on top to cap it all off. Instead we get a mega packed old school written cherry of an episode on a season of dross, with bizarrely written stories (or unrealistic and poorly crafted in the case of the Shamy project). Or we get stories with simply no resolution, or there is a resolution planned in the writing room but the writing is that bad you don’t become invested enough to want to stick with it to see what that resolution might be. So an episode like this doesn’t have the level of impact it really should have.
  14. Oh dear I suspect there will be people frantically rushing around and deleting tweets and Instagram posts including this photo across the world.
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