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  1. Thinking about it I think the Raj/Anu situation isn't his end game, seems to be happening way too fast. Yeah I know we are dealing with an arranged marriage here so it might be a bit different. I wonder if Howard and Bernadette's reservations about the arrangement might be significant later on in the season?
  2. Jonny

    Jim Parsons

    There has been nothing to counter that view or how the story played out. And the cast have had the opportunity to defend Jim but haven't. Usually in situations like this there are two ways of responding, you either defend yourself or get others to do so or you stay silent hoping it quiets down and becomes old news. There are pro's and con's to both approaches.
  3. Jonny

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    So from the spoilers it sounds like we are going to get a supportive Amy, once again reminding Sheldon about the life he has 'a loving wife and friends' when Tam is back on the scene. I'll always welcome scenes like that, though I do wish the roles were reversed sometimes, that you had Sheldon helping Amy deal with something, like some emotional crisis or event or work issue in some way. Still it does sound like there will be some sweet interactions between them. 😊
  4. I had fears they might do a story like that when it was announced he was turning up, not a fan of that kind of story and putting pressure on his daughter. But it's very cliche, happens a lot in real life 'When are you going to give me some grandkids?'
  5. They will have kids, I'm pretty sure about it. But it's clearly going to be an 'i'm pregnant' shock reveal just like the other two pregnancies on the show. How early in the season it happens remains to be seen. For those interested in a pregnancy I wouldn't lose hope just off that story, lot a season to go.
  6. Thanks so much for the spoilers @genecollie I hope you had a wonderful time at the taping! 😊
  7. They have plenty of episodes to play with before coming up with endings. I would think probably around the 18-20 episode mark they will start thinking endgame and setting it up. They have made it clear so far that they want to bring back some of the most memorable or well received guest stars and I think we will get a lot of that this season.
  8. Jonny

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Oh I had similar feelings as well. There was many a time I was shaking my head and wanted to give Sheldon a smack for not realising what he had with Amy and the way he acted at times. I would agree it felt a bit more sterotypical and less quirky for a couple of seasons with them until they found ways and stories to bring that back. I think since pretty much the point they got back together (when i think about it the aquarium really was a key episode, maybe from a storytelling perspective it was a huge spark) they have found that groove again when it comes to weirdness lol and then of course Season 10 injected a more physical element to their relationship and they are now this perfect blend in my view. I couldn't really ask for more with them in regards to their relationship dynamic.
  9. Jonny

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    I can respect that. Truthfully I don't think I would have kept watching the show had Sheldon not evolved, I was starting to get tired of him/burnt out and the Amy injection came at the right time for me. I think the formula was getting stale around the end of Season 3, but then I saw the coffee shop scene between Sheldon and Amy and it was a mixture of 'wtf is going on here?!' and sheer intrigue. IIRC I skipped that intro so fast on Netflix going into the first episode of Season 4 and stayed up late to find out if Amy was going to be in the opener lol! I was fascinated.
  10. Jonny

    Killing Eve

    Killing Eve seems to be mega popular at the moment, just binged watched the first season myself and it's very very good. Any other fans?
  11. Jonny

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Its something that I myself thought early on, keep in mind I came into being a 'die-hard, almost religious TBBT viewer' very late and binge watched 8 seasons in less than two weeks. So I had no time gap to process the show and its developments between seasons, in some ways it was a benefit to watch so much growth in such a short space of time (though part of me wished I had been watching the show earlier and been around this place more during earlier seasons lol) It was clear to me very early on the show for the most part involved Sheldon or him reacting to the goings on of the rest of the gang. Something I didn't and still don't have a problem with as he is that memorable and iconic a character.
  12. Jonny

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    I don't see how they can praise Jim especially during key emotional stories or moments/milestones involving Sheldon in the series and yet they discount the person involved in the majority of them in Amy. I can't really take the article seriously because of that.
  13. Jonny

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    It started earlier than that, more like mid to end of season 9. Hair styled slightly differently in that Sheldon birthday episode and in Big Bear you can definitely tell it's more wavy and curly and less dead straight as it is now and like earlier seasons. They carried on with that style in season 10. She started wearing some different dresses but still keeping with her style around the break up period and afterwards for a period. Again it was subtle changes, I would say that the hair was less subtle and more noticeable than the clothing.
  14. Jonny

    Thoughts And Prayers

    Thoughts and prayers to your daughter Mike. Wishing her a speedy recovery and that she gets well soon.
  15. Jonny

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    IMO that look doesn't 'quite' suit Amy/Mayim now, everyone ages that's life and clothing and style does evolve and change. I think like you said they made some subtle differences with her clothing and hair that actually suited an older Amy/Mayim and it wasn't radically different to her well-established character's style. But they have gone back to what it was like years ago for some reason.

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