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  1. More or less finished the third and final chapter of the story I have been writing. It was by far the hardest to write as I had kind of knew exactly where I was going with it in the first two chapters but not sure what direction to go in the final one. Learnt a hell of a lot attempting this and my admiration for fan fiction writers has gone up a lot.
  2. Should have given Bernadette more screen time and reduced Raj's based on the strength of their storylines. That 32% was largely a waste when it came to Raj this season. Interesting findings Tensor, you must have spent a lot of time on this.
  3. Only Raj has had less development when it comes to the guys, but I guess their argument was that Leonard was seen as the one with the less issues and the straight man in term of comedy to the quirkier other characters. Leonard was the one they turned to for real life stuff, the same can be said for Penny. I think they should give them both some individual hobbies and individual storylines and then have the other react to them if they are struggling to write stuff for them as a couple. You can still have decent moments between them that way in terms of both comedy and romance.
  4. Mayim's comments could have been about the stories of her and Melissa seeking parity. Anyway however it played out it got done, at least two more years of the full cast to look forward to.
  5. I've seen interviews with UK Soap actors on long running soaps that have played characters for say 10 years or more and they have expressed similar views when talking storylines for example Ken Barlow off Corrie kissed another woman and the woman who played his on screen wife Deidre when interviewed didn't like it or want to see it. If they love the character they play and really get invested into it then maybe it's natural to sometimes feel something like that, protective of it. If you read the full article even Mayim says it's a bit silly to feel like that.
  6. So Amy could have got back the t-shirt when he left? Honestly I never thought about that, but I wish I had lol! Gave me an idea for my next chapter though, Sheldon leaving the t-shirt he came in originally still there. Yeah I think I had two options overall, have him or her buy some clothes from somewhere nearby or go with the t-shirt idea and using that also as a way to show how much they miss each other (one of Amy's spare pair of glasses are next to the bed in 4B, well in my mind they are lol). Maybe I should have gone with a mixture of the two, bought some stuff but also the clean t-shirt is already there. Happy you liked the idea!
  7. I'm glad you are enjoying it! Thanks for the review! Maybe Amy might have worn it, perhaps on her first night there? She would have access to a washing machine and she has been there for some days lol. I kind of want to see Amy one day wearing one of his t-shirts I think fans would freak out in a good way lol. Yeah I had to come up with a way of Sheldon with no luggage being able to wear something clean the following day lol. I guess the other option could have been he bought some clothes, maybe one of the shops off campus might have had something he could wear? lol. Decided to go with the way I did it so you had both of them keeping an item belonging to the other to remind them of each other lol. And with 'Rice Sheldon' Amy has form for pinching one of his t-shirts lol.
  8. Or maybe if she was a big success then viewers would maybe question why she is still living in that apartment or that area? Her struggles with acting and her lack of money was a key component of her character over the years. I want to see some resolution to her job (if it's still an issue, who knows it is a bit of a mess writing wise) but I really hope it's not back to acting. There are other things she could do, things potentially less stressful on her and her relationships.
  9. Ship Zone

    A ridiculously clever, very sharp, extremely well written and acted scene that. One of my favorites of the season, a scene that really only could ever apply to Shamy or be pulled off by them. Veracity was my favorite episode of the Season.
  10. Been working on my first ever piece of fan fiction and my first attempt at doing anything like this. Now feeling brave enough to post a link here lol. Anyway, I have the first two chapters up of The Fowler-Cooper Resolution with a final third chapter being worked on. The story so far covers the events straight after the season finale with Sheldon and Amy at Princeton and with Leonard and Penny and later the rest of the gang back home wondering what is happening and speculating.
  11. Ship Zone

    Both quirky, a bit weird and deep down in some ways are probably both a little proud of it lol. I have never seen a couple like them ever on TV. I've seen some small similarities in some UK shows but as a complete package nope, nothing like it. I think that's a huge part of the appeal, on their own they are kind of fascinating because of their quirks and interests but it also transfers to their relationship as well. It's why I love watching them and this season they have managed to add more everyday common lovey-dovey couple stuff like more displays of affection between them, increasing the level of physical intimacy between them and yet they haven't erased or lost the quirkiness or the allure that the mind plays in their relationship (one could argue that they have found some of that old school Shamy intellectual spark again!) I think we as fans are kind of getting the best of both worlds right now from their relationship, everything we have wanted to see but they are still very much Shamy. I think the writers put on a masterclass this season when it came to them (and also Howardette to be fair as well).
  12. Ship Zone

    Wow that's amazing @Shamyfan95. Very Cool! Wow, 7 years of watching their relationship grown and develop and with at least 2 more years to come for our favorite couple! Even If in Season 11 we only get say as half as many developments as Season 10 or the pace is slowed down compared to the previous season for Shamy it should be amazing. I am confident we will have a lot to celebrate and enjoy this year and the next. I have no artistic or creative contributions to make, but I will re-post this .gif of their first meeting. And the signs were there, the double glance from Sheldon, Amy's slightly deeper breath, the mutual body language of 'Hmm, I think I find you intriguing' lol!
  13. Ship Zone

    I want some mention of Ramona because it kills the opportunity to use it again down the line for drama. Ideally we either we see an actual conversation between them about it or perhaps you see it mentioned in the past tense that they (Sheldon and Amy) had a conversation about it for example mentioned in passing with any of the gang. For example Amy might mention in passing to Penny that Ramona kissed Sheldon and they talked about it.
  14. Heard some truly horrific stuff from my sister who was helping treating the wounded in the foyer area. Later on when dealing with the public some aunts were looking for their 8 year old niece, my sister and her colleagues were dealing with it and she wrote it on her hand the name of the girl. It came out this afternoon the youngest victim so far was 8 years old, the very same name. Horrific and so tragic. Lot of young girls, most of them teenagers caught up in this and the suicide bomber knew this.
  15. Thoughts and prayers go out to those caught up in the ongoing incident at Manchester Arena and the Ariana Grande concert. Confirmed fatalities though the details are still sketchy, only reports of an explosion or loud bang. My aunt and cousin were at the concert, heard the bang but both got out safely thank god! My sister is on shift tonight and might be at the scene, she is a Police Sergeant at Greater Manchester Police.