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  1. Same and I am happy to see them not ending the relationship entirely just going back few steps (the ones they rushed past). I wouldn't rule out an end of season ceremony of some kind, but if Raj and Anu don't get married I wouldn't be too upset about it, they can save it for a flash forward time jump to know that they did end up together.
  2. I don't see it, Penny is going to have a change of heart and tell Leonard she wants kids and they live happily ever after. I see it coming a million miles away, just a shame they have come up with this really shit story to do it/set it up. If this was real life then sure I could absolutely see this relationship ending. If I was personally in that situation on either side of the fence I would sit my partner down discuss it all and if there was abundantly clear that our positions and utmost desires couldn't coexist then I would look to end the relationship. So If I wanted kids and it was clear my partner didn't I would end the relationship, if it was clear my partner wanted kids and I didn't then I would also end the relationship because it wouldn't be fair to them to put something on hold or something they want that I couldn't give them. Would it be painful? Absolutely, but sometimes you have to make that decision in the long run.
  3. Vulture gave this a 2/5, can't remember when they last gave a score for an episode so low: https://www.vulture.com/2019/01/the-big-bang-theory-recap-season-12-episode-12.html
  4. I think it’s pretty obvious he will right at the end make the case, but my guess is for the other 16 mins of the episode you feel for Amy and it’s kind of depressing.
  5. Sad to say as someone who wanted to see Shamy work together for some time and have success the way the powers that be have cultivated this whole story has been disappointing so far. And the press release for the latest developments in this saga haven’t blown me away either. Amazing how much Amy is getting shat on this season, even an episode earlier in the season praising her contributions came at the cost of getting misdirected grief from her husband. I’m sure Mayim will be fantastic, though just where the hell is this feel good factor this season in any of these multi-episode story arcs? There doesn’t appear to be any it feels like it’s always negative or with some ‘cost’. If they are saving it all for the final episode it may not be enough to have that desired effect.
  6. Jonny

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    I thought Mayim was fantastic in this one when she was so excited and enjoying the praise being lavished on her to the final scene with her reaction to Sheldon waiting to blow up. I could understand why Sheldon was upset, though lashing out at the wrong person really isn't the answer but when you are upset that does and can happen. But at the same time to see Amy getting 'a win' well I enjoyed the heck out of it, in particular after losing her project earlier in the season and in the manner that she did has left a lingering bitter taste for me. So to see a change in her fortunes I really enjoyed that.
  7. I can understand why Sheldon was hurt, nobody likes to be left out particularly in something you put your heart and soul into. But after earlier in the season with Amy losing her work I was truth be told enjoying seeing her getting the praise and attention, I felt like I was rooting for her success throughout the episode. Sheldon just lashed out at the wrong person, he even acknowledged that he read the article and Amy's praise for him in it but his ego couldn't let it go. I thought Mayim was fantastic throughout the episode especially that last scene with her expressions and body language. The way she was enjoying the praise and attention she was getting was very funny. I like Stunice, they seem like a great match and Lauren and Kevin have some good comedic chemistry going on. I honestly found it the most interesting thing in this episode.
  8. Vulture IMO does some of the best reviews out there, Kimberly's article is below: https://www.vulture.com/2019/01/the-big-bang-theory-recap-season-12-episode-11.html Vulture has given out a lot of 3/5's this season for episodes, more than I can remember for a season...
  9. I’ve been told having conversations with people who had comments deleted that it wasn’t just the one source. I don’t think anything will change, you may see other cast members feature in other publications but as a group well I would be surprised if it happens. A lot of people have wanted a full cast group photo shoot for a long time, final season would have been the perfect time to do it. In their final season they are not delivering and this is further evidence IMO.
  10. On several social media posts publicising these pictures and the magazine cover comments that have been made by disappointed fans voicing their displeasure are being deleted. These are not abusive posts either, just people voicing their disappointment and are being silenced. Some of these people are die-hard TBBT fans. Removing these posts is a very poor look indeed.
  11. Unless I had a contract obligation I would have absolutely said no if I was one of them.
  12. Well said Sah, I couldn’t agree more. Not blaming the actors but whoever commissioned or organised it should have showed more respect. Without the rest of the cast there wouldn’t be an issue covering a Season 12 goodbye, the show would have ended some years ago IMO. It should have been all of them on the cover, Melissa and Mayim have been there 8 out the 12 seasons.
  13. Then you are in for an eternal wait as i’m not going to give examples. Because it’s pointless as you have your perception of Leonard over the years and I have mine. Why give examples when essentially we fundamentally disagree on those examples and how they come across? From Season 1 to Season 12 the perception I have had of Leonard and his particular characteristics hasn’t changed AT ALL. So when you say he changed between certain seasons, well I don’t agree and that’s fine as we all perceive the show and the characters differently.
  14. Just like this perception by some on here of Leonard being tough and not at all Whiney I never saw Penny having this strong maternal instinct, a shrug and ‘Yeah Sure’ someday wasn’t a black and white indicator to me that Penny was really into the idea of having children. It’s why her decision earlier in the season wasn’t all that shocking to me IMO because I hadn’t seen enough to form an opinion previously. I guess some might say it’s PC, but it’s a real life thing and becoming increasingly common. In this day and age having children isn’t the only natural life progression for a woman (it used to be for thousands of years). We have moved on as a culture, women get a lot more career opportunities and other things and interests that might be more appealing to them personally. In this modern age women who don’t want children either through natural urge or choice aren’t ostracised for their decision, it used to be the case not all that long ago that women were criticised for having that position and it’s a sign of how far we have come and advanced as a society that has now changed and for the better.
  15. They came up with a story they thought would be compelling, time will tell if they were right or not. As a big Penny fan I was actually happy she went with her decision at the time, in fact I had a great deal of respect for her position. I think if the writers were bold and brave enough to see it through they should have done so, but obviously now she’s going to change her mind. External factors are going to make her reflect, I just hope the writers have the ability to sell that change in stance and feelings in the right way. Fans of the couple will be happy that I have no doubts about.

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