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  1. Jonny

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    It was good, I'm just hoping with the comedy/dramedy? out of the way they kind of snap out of it won't be beaten and somehow some way they find something to work together on. If within the next couple of episodes we find out they are back on track, whether that's pressing on with the research with some slight modifications, they go off on a tangent towards something else, or like @Silver1984 mentioned they perhaps revisit their previous project I would be really happy about that. If that's not an option, if the writers have decided/concluded that working together won't lead to anything then I would take a clear indication Amy got her project back which she lost earlier in the season. You then have her back working on that and have Sheldon working on his Dark Matter (or String Theory, lost track of what he's up to these days lol). My preference is of course them working together, but if that's going nowhere I want to see them happy and productive in their own respective careers.
  2. I can only speak for myself when I say that I hope you are right on this, it kind of felt very final (for that project anyway) but we shall see.
  3. I'm thinking that perhaps if the wedding was the season finale or say the penultimate episode you might see them actually get hitched. But it appears it might happen sometime before then (no clue what episode number it would be in Feb?) which gives me pause about them going through with it. Once Raj and Anu are married you then have the issue around where are they going to live for the rest of the season (what set would they use?) and Raj's wife ultimately gets more screentime and storyline focus (the writers might have plans of stories they want to cover before the show ends so it becomes an even trickier balance if Raj gets married). If they were getting married later in the season you could still have her appear every few episodes and then obviously in the finale or the penultimate episode have the wedding, you then don't need to show any real home life after the wedding. My gut feeling is it's still very much up in the air that they do get hitched.
  4. I think the perfect time to introduce his father would have been when they were expecting their first child. Like I could have seen an obvious story there with Howard and a range of emotions due to looming parenthood coupled with his father turning up. As it stands right now my guess is we don't see him turn up.
  5. It was a gag, I had no problem with it whatsoever and certainly nothing to take seriously. Even a Season 12 curmudgeon like myself put my pitchfork and my Steve Holland Voodoo doll down and laughed at that gag lol.
  6. Jonny

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    I would have had a greater desire to see Shamy's project actually going somewhere over having to see them cope with a gut wrenching disappointment but hey that's just me and i'm not a writer. Fans of the show sometimes want to see different things happen or come to pass. Nonetheless I thought the scenes were well acted by Jim and Mayim, probably the best acting performance by them so far this season IMO. I would like to echo what @Die Zimtzicke said in that I hope that their depression is temporary and they still find a way to work together in some way going forward.
  7. Just to clarify i'm largely not a fan of the other show because I don't feel its an accurate depiction of Sheldon's character and background, they radically changed it because they couldn't do a show based on what we knew of his childhood. The unreliable narrator excuse can only go so far, too many times and you become a liar. I'm not anti Sheldon, though I am far from happy how his character has been depicted this season. It is also my view that under Holland's direction he has slipped back into an earlier iteration for the purposes of a story far too often. The stories in general this season IMO have been far too average, the quality of the dialogue has slipped and as a result so has some of the acting performances. They are resting on their laurels, instead of being bold and forward thinking in the final season.
  8. They haven't really slipped much, it gets around 2 million fewer viewers than TBBT before DVR figures and any adjustments. It's never retained all the audience from the TBBT (1st episode maybe was close). This is the most lacklustre season I have seen since probably Season 3 and injecting ideas, scenes, cameos or other stories from the other show that I have no intention or desire to watch isn't going to change that. Disappointing that one of my all-time favourite tv shows that I have got so much enjoyment from and met friends over is going out with such a whimper.
  9. I wonder if there is there a limit on gifs you can attach to a post? I'd like to post 100 facepalm gifs right now.
  10. Oh I agree, the show has continued to introduce memorable characters that have added to the show's value so to speak and Amy's parents are among them. You know I am a die-hard Amy fan (its obvious with my postings) and that I have wanted to learn about her parents pretty much since I joined this forum back in Season 9. I was just pointing out that personally out of the appearances of Mr and Mrs Fowler so far my favourite is still the Season 11 finale and that the appearances since then haven't for me personally hit those same heights. Part of that is probably down to the 'newness' factor, the first time you meet a character is always different and has that kind of buzz or prestige to it, another is that I just think the material for them hasn't been as good (not the actors fault, they can only work with what they are given).
  11. I would agree, but as @bfm said they just came up with something to balance the mutism and we all know Raj is into pop music so they used that. I don't t think it will come up again on the show just like his mutism. I'm slowly warming to her I think, but I don't see much chemistry there between the actors. From a character standpoint, I certainly haven't seen enough yet to think that them getting married is the right move. Right now I am kind of hoping they decide to be together and explore their relationship further but not get married as it's too soon, then in the flashforward at the end of the final episode you find out they got married. But i'm clearly in the minority on that, reviews, other fan forums and social media are all in on the Raj/Anu relationship and want a wedding. Ultimately I think we will get a wedding, probably something that plays on the whole Bollywood thing and Indian culture.
  12. Jonny

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    I liked that Sheldon made the effort to try and establish a relationship with Amy's parents, I also liked how he defended her to Mrs Fowler when perhaps he would have a right to feel more upset with her actions. I also think this show could have a storyline one week that does explore Amy and her Mother's relationship a bit further and maybe we get some kind of nice payoff from it for the Amy character, perhaps a softening of their relationship moment or something like that.
  13. I thought it was one of the better episodes this season, but I still think this show is struggling to fire on all cylinders in its final season. I think creatively it's a bit lacking, less fresh and some of the dialogue is still a bit off. I've been critical of them relying on old tropes, old ideas and going 'old school' for the past couple of the seasons and even though I thought the old throwback to Raj being mute actually really worked well in this one again we are seeing more and more throwbacks and I'm not sure that's a good thing when you look at the bigger picture. In fact I think it's rather lazy. I really liked that Sheldon wanted to bond or establish some kind of relationship with his in-laws, from the from the group talk in the opening scene and hearing his friends experiences of how their interactions turned out he thought about it and it was nice to see he decided to make an effort. I expected Sheldon would either bond with them by trying to get them to experience the things he likes or they find something that bugs them about anything and they kind of bond over that, some shared dislike and that's how it played out. I wasn't truth be told enjoying Sheldon's interactions with them that much, I think again it showed a lot of immaturity at times (some of the gags were so cheap) and I wasn't a fan personally of the gag running throughout about vegetables and calling people them. But then when it came to the point of Sheldon defending Amy he was really mature and I was proud of him at that moment, it frustrates me so much when I see he is capable of that and especially this season they really don't show that enough. I still think the best material the Fowlers have had to work with was the Season 11 finale, but I did like this Fowler appearance a hell of a lot more than their appearance earlier in the season. Kathy Bates I thought was really good, I also liked how you saw some of those same mannerisms and body language that you see in Amy, so you know where she got it from - a nice touch indeed! It was fun to see Teller enjoying the magic, I bet Simon must have enjoyed performing that to someone of his status (or maybe he was nervous lol!). I think this season is actually set up for a nice Amy/her mother story should they actually choose to explore it. I think there could be some potential there for an emotional story that perhaps has a nice payoff for the Amy character, but will they do that? Raj/Anu storyline, well I think I am slowly starting to warm to her a bit more as a character. I am still fundamentally opposed to the idea of arranged marriages and whilst this is clearly a more modern take on that and they are kind of dating and exploring each other's character and who they are I still think a wedding in Feb is far too soon for them. My hope is that they do not get married at that moment but decide to still be together and see how their relationship develops.
  14. It sounds pretty final, but we shall see. Next week they could decide to keep working on it or it deviates to something else entirely. Amy could of course focus on her own work, oh wait... (I know she likely has more than one iron in the fire so to speak, but she just lost what sounds like a major project).
  15. Agreed, I would have expected Amy to research it as well. Overall they would have done more than just a google search, you would fully research the stuff out there to see if its worth investing your time on this research and before committing.

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