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  1. Yep, I feel like nominations would have been undeserved. If you are judging it in the confines of just a season it wasn’t Emmy worthy, nominations would have been largely driven by past glories and nostalgia.
  2. Firefly will be inflated because of its potential and the huge following it had particularly those who caught up with it later and it had a cult following. Farscape had the most devastating ending I've ever seen, I had to leave the house and go for an hour walk to clear my head after that one. I was completely broken after that one (though the fan campaign resulting in the Peacekeeper Wars mini-series gave it much better closure in the end). Game of Thrones ending would have broken me had the season not been complete utter shite, so I was somewhat prepared for it... TBBT had a fairly decent ending really when you think about it.
  3. I didn’t have a problem with the makeover, at the end of the day it’s Amy’s choice and if she felt the desire to change her appearance with new clothing and a haircut then good for her! Millions of people change their style all the time. A new look can make you feel good and somewhat empowering so I have no problems with it whatsoever. Sheldon’s response was predictable, greatly disappointing but I fully expected it. Truth be told the last couple of seasons has in some ways made me realise I actually don’t like Sheldon as much as I thought I did, maybe that is down to the writing? I think it’s undeniable that you have seen more ‘old school’ Sheldon moments over the past couple of seasons since the show runner change. I think that’s been detrimental to the show and progress that has been shown of the years. True there has always been examples of one step or two steps forward and one step back with him, but I think as seasons and essentially time has passed I think in some cases it’s hard to sell even justify some of those steps back, you can’t have a character even one like Sheldon make big strides and look at ease with it only for the sake of a story regress him. Anyway the finale I thought was ok, Raj probably the only thing that super annoyed me (his whole story really hasn’t amounted to much has it?) But this season as a whole wasn’t quite at the same level.
  4. It was a show that entertained and brought joy to millions of people across the globe over the years and spawned a passionate fanbase and community, in particular here. I would say the show has done rather well lol
  5. We might not all agree on every decision and development (or how the writers went about it lol) of the Shamy relationship but I think we can all agree that Shamy has been fun a lot of fun to watch over the last 8 seasons. They are unique, there has never been a couple like them and likely there never will be again. It's also been really enjoyable and fun talking about them on here, in my case for 4 seasons and for some of you even longer than that. So as our favourite couple rides off into the sunset and that's the end of us seeing how their life unfolds just take some time to remember the great moments they have given us fans over the years. 😊
  6. I’m not going to watch it but surely it will be repeating what Johnny and Kaley have said at recent events. Kaley will probably retell that story for the 50th time about how she got injured filming or something. In recent years they have been reminiscing about the show at places like Paleyfest and this will be no different. Nothing new to tell really. Still it might be a nice enough send off for parts of the fan base.
  7. I can think of a number of British sitcoms that had a similar setup or development and the public got really behind it. Even something further back like Only Fools and Horses had the Del Boy and Raquel story which was mega popular, two very different people from different backgrounds coming together and people wanting to see it happen. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all that they won a poll, the result just doesn’t surprise me.
  8. Poll in the UK, Metro newspaper. Result doesn’t surprise me, in terms of comedy that type of relationship is a common staple of British comedy and is well received . Brits are into characters and story arcs perhaps where they are seen as ‘punching above their weight class’ so to speak.
  9. I thought it was absolute shite, didn’t laugh once. This season is bad, like really bad.
  10. Can’t get super hyped for the final episodes, the bar has been set a lot lower this season. A focus on old school Nostalgia hasn’t been able to carry this season IMO. I guess the feeling I have right now is sadness more than anything. I’ve really enjoyed my time on here especially when I was totally in love with the show, you know waking up at 4 or 5am to see if there was any taping news, posting sometimes 50 posts a day dissecting every bit of information we could or discussing storylines in depth. Then exchanging a ton of private messages with a group of friends in the fandom. I’ll miss what we had here (a few years back especially) more than anything else.
  11. I used to moan a lot on the Shamy thread about the ‘glacial pace, as Jim coined it for the progression of Shamy’s story as a whole. I wanted a lot of things speeded up lol! But I can honestly say this Nobel story could have done with being set at a slower pace and like you said something that perhaps had it’s seeds sown a couple of seasons back. It would be better for it. To sum up my feelings, overall I think they went far too slow with a lot of things but I don’t think that applies to the Shamy project storyline.
  12. Having a more slower paced progression would in my view have made the storyline way less boring and more interesting. It might have also allowed the writers the time to craft a better set up storyline. On a separate note, I see Leonard's mother is turning up near the end. I honestly don't see why she needs to turn up and I think any sudden change of feelings or behaviour towards her son is going to come off as rather questionable on the believability scale. But we shall see, I assume the powers that be will be happy to get that character back on the show for a final hurrah (something they have done too much of this season to its detriment IMO).
  13. Yep and this season has exposed that more than ever with them having to rush to the end game.
  14. Hero, Heroine why does there need to be one? I think they have all done some very courageous things and gone out of their way to help others. But heroes? No, I save the hero label for those that have in my eyes gone well above and beyond, people who have saved lives perhaps even at the risk of their own.
  15. The 5 stages of grief can apply to many situations, including a loss of a job or change in work situation. I think you will see that in the cast, differing stages of grief over the show and their work coming to an end.
  16. lol, spat my tea out laughing when I saw your post and the pic above. At least this ‘seems’ more ‘up to date’, not some hardcore photoshop wizardry.
  17. Howardette's storyline saved this episode I thought, they often have storylines of this type mainly away from the rest of the cast and Simon and Melissa can and do pull it off. I could think of another S word to replace the word 'Super' in Super Asymmetry that reflects what I think of the creative efforts of the writers and this turd of a storyline. Are they going to keep bringing those odious scientist characters back? Nothing against the actors and they are playing the roles really well but man oh man do I not like these douchebag characters. Another average episode in a season of mediocrity.
  18. I find the science and the whole process (speed at which it's developing in particular) far fetched, I guess it would bug me even more if I worked in Sciences or around that profession. To me it's boring and unfunny, so yeah the show is indeed a SituationalCOMEDY, but where are the laughs? All I see are two annoyingly irritating guest star characters who keep coming back. Did I find it funny when Amy lost a major project, treated with such disrespect and as far as we know never got it back because of her husband and a university president? No, I bloody well didn't! I look at this final season of a beloved sitcom and sit there thinking is this the best you can do, really?
  19. There is most probably a lot of truth to your theory/take on it.
  20. I would 100% agree it feels too rushed and that probably also has led to a lot of inaccuracies in the story. IMO they should have developed this arc probably back in season 10. Hell maybe they should have stuck with the previous project they were working on and fleshed it out? Of course you would have lost those scenes at the wedding, truth be told I thought they weren’t that good anyway. I guess it might have resulted in no Nobel story (the other project) but there are other awards out there. It just feels not fleshed out enough, a story so you can bring back guest stars repeatedly and just boring. I would take Shamy going to a flag convention over seeing more of this.
  21. I used to think the guidance system project was one of the most boring and creatively unimaginative story arcs the show ever did. I could never really get into it, was bored to death. But then the Nobel project came along... Even as a someone who enjoys Shamy more than any other couple on this show and it’s by a country mile I just can’t get interested in this story.
  22. Which I think is kind of disappointing, without the fans they wouldn't have gone on as long as they did. If I was Chuck I would want to make sure as many fans who made the effort to travel all that way in some cases got a chance to see a taping before it ends. But money is money and there are also perks in contracts.
  23. I always thought a time jump would be a real possibility, and with it all being pretaped they could do stuff like age the characters with makeup and the like. I'm thinking scenes with all the characters older with text coming up on screen or maybe even a voiceover that shows us as a viewer what happened to them down the line. And if they did have kids then you could easily have some actors to play their children for a scene, much older so no issue around kids on set. You could even have adult children if it really did show us a glimpse far in the future. Though maybe a time jump showing aged characters might be a bit 'sitcom cliche?' I don't watch a lot of US sitcoms these days so I wouldn't know lol.
  24. How Howard and Bernie's story ends could be interesting with rumours that if there was to be a spinoff show from TBBT it could be around them. I would watch a Howard and Bernie sitcom, I think both are fantastic especially Simon.
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