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  1. Personally, I would rather he doesn't go down that route. I'm extremely anti the concept of arranged marriages (having a sister who deals with those cases often, cases going from arranged to forced which is a thin line indeed and hearing some of the heartbreaking stories will do that to you). Not that any of the horror stories would happen in a show like this or a comedy, but still the concept itself is one I don't agree with and I don't think should be publicised by this show even if it's for comedy purposes and making fun of cultural stereotypes.
  2. Indeed, and the end of his story is the most unclear out of all the characters on this show.
  3. Interesting that they are going with the Denise and Stuart relationship, I'm all for it, it would be great to see Stuart have some success on the romance front and Denise seems like a good match and an interesting character in her own right. Are they setting up Raj's endgame with an arranged marriage? I don't know, got to think the writers wouldn't really endorse that kind of arrangement even though it happens in a lot of countries and cultures, so right now I still think it's being set up for comedy purposes and ultimately it fails. Or maybe he does finally meet 'the one' by making this decision?
  4. Sounds like two fun episodes and a strong start to the season 😊
  5. Thanks for the generous spoilers again @NotWonderland I hope you had another fantastic time!
  6. It was going to 100% end with no Jim IMO, the rest I just don't know. I think there would have been a strong likelihood that if it had been Johnny or Kaley instead it still would have ended, but not 100% certain on that like I was with Jim.
  7. When YS was being devised I remember CBS bosses talking about the 'brand' of TBBT and the Universe connected to it and even back then they said YS might not be the only spinoff one day to come from TBBT. I absolutely one day could see another show set in or around the same universe that this show exists in, but I don't see it happening for years.
  8. Happy Birthday to one of the most passionate about and dedicated Shamies that I know and a good friend @mirs1 !!! Happy Birthday mirs1, I hope you have a wonderful day!!! 🎂
  9. Henson's puppets are the usual 'I couldn't get into Farscape' excuse lol. Even though after half a season you kind of stop seeing them as that as they were so developed as characters, plus it is better than any CGI they could have done. I fully understood your point, been many series over the decades that didn't get as many series that they perhaps could have done and perhaps we might think of them differently if they had. In that regards, we are lucky we got 12 with TBBT. I accept the decision for what it is, how it played out is now fueling my disappointment.
  10. Thanks for the link, emotions clearly felt watching that.
  11. How it was handled and how it all transpired is sometimes just as important as the end outcome, hell the end outcome or decision you can perhaps stomach after some time, how it played out can leave lingering feelings for some time to come. To each his or her own, but if it turned out they secretly hated each other and had feuded for years I would probably admire that they managed to be professional and make a show that for a long time was at the top.
  12. Farscape was IMO a better show than Firefly, should have had more seasons.
  13. Well said. That's what irks me most i.e. the manner the rest of the cast found out. We hear all the time from all of them that they are close and there is a lot of love and respect between them, well if that is true I am not sure this sensitive and difficult decision was handled in a manner befitting that kind of relationship.
  14. Raj could be by far the most interesting character this season, out of all the characters his 'endgame' seems by far the most uncertain. I can see natural end-points to the stories of most of the characters on the show but not Raj.
  15. The Deadline article IF true (there is a detailed timeline which I would imagine could have only come from someone in that studio so I do suspect it's probably true) then I think it was handled fairly shoddily and I'm disappointed in some of the individuals involved.
  16. His planned Miranda remake has flop written all over it. US remakes especially of British Comedies rarely do well. But of course you are right at the end of the day he made a decision he feels is the right one for himself and you have to respect that.
  17. Still in shock, was very confident we would have got a 13th season as the actors publically at least seemed open to the idea at Paleyfest, Chuck sounded open to the idea and CBS sounded keen as well. Behind the scenes who knows what really led to the conclusion to end it, we will never know most likely. I just hope our favourite and beloved couple get the end to their story that they deserve, a truly special end to their journey.
  18. If an actor wants out they want out and I never thought the show could continue without Jim. I see it as a somewhat risky move on his part as he is so invested in YS, without TBBT it will be interesting to see how YS a project he is involved in does. It's going to drop off, how far who knows. He clearly has other irons in the fire and interests as well so maybe it's the right move for him.
  19. We don't know anything, but if a cast member has killed off the show my money is not on Jim not with YS running and getting a ratings boost from this show.
  20. A more frequent and 'spontaneous' love life plus this being the final season could mean we get a Shamy pregnancy at some point this season. It's all set up should they choose to do so.
  21. This show and the community spawned from it has got me through some really dark times in my life, so yes I will be sad to see it go. Here's hoping they can end it on a high note.
  22. 'If' there is a story there I hope it comes out.
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