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  1. It sounds pretty final, but we shall see. Next week they could decide to keep working on it or it deviates to something else entirely. Amy could of course focus on her own work, oh wait... (I know she likely has more than one iron in the fire so to speak, but she just lost what sounds like a major project).
  2. Agreed, I would have expected Amy to research it as well. Overall they would have done more than just a google search, you would fully research the stuff out there to see if its worth investing your time on this research and before committing.
  3. Thanks so much for the taping report @Kev0821, it sounds like you had a fantastic time. 😊 Disappointed would be a huge understatement if the Shamy project is more or less dead after this one. I had some fears it might happen as their previous project didn't seem to go anywhere and became a plot device for other stories. This sounds like this project is done as well. I'm hoping they keep working on it and maybe make a discovery that disproves the Russian paper.
  4. Happy Taping Day and more importantly I hope you have an incredible time and a fantastic experience at the taping Kev! 😊
  5. I'm still not sure about Anu, that's me being honest though maybe in just one episode sometime in the future the character just clicks for me. Will have to see if the mutism is credible or not in the story, I guess it's possible that he could have a relapse. He's slept with other women before and had no issues, but maybe it's different with someone who might end up being his wife. Honestly the story sounds incredibly corny even on a human level, but I guess it reveals another part of Raj to Anu. I feel like the writers are revealing stuff to Anu to kind of test her, will she stay or will she bolt. Thinking about it I really wished they started this storyline or something like it near the beginning of Season 11 so therefore giving it a couple of seasons to develop. I think it's going to feel rather rushed (which true can be a characteristic of an arranged marriage deal) and it won't have that same kind of rewarding payoff a slightly slower character progression would have provided for fans.
  6. I wonder if they remembered that episode years ago with Sheldon and Bernie's dad and how they 'kind of' bonded which made Howard jealous. Did an opportunity to have a story like that with roles reversed play a role in creating this storyline? Would be interesting if that was indeed the case, or maybe they don't remember that episode and it's just a coincidence lol.
  7. Yep they do, lot of adult players out there and streamers that make millions from it.
  8. Maybe there was some new online game that the guys were hooked on, Leonard especially and he does some kind of repetitive strain injury or something hence his splint? Overwatch was the last game you saw them playing online and that was ages ago and just a brief scene.
  9. There was a 'get out.' He could have simply gone to Siebert and said that he weighed up all the options all three are doing great work and funding would help that further but he ultimately couldn't decide so he was giving up the responsibility. Siebert would have then passed the decision on to somebody else as he revealed to Leonard. He did go to Siebert, the thing is he didn't give it up. If it was me in that position the one thing I wouldn't do is allocate the funding to myself, from the outset that could not have been an option. If I felt strongly that the funding would have helped me and that my case for funding was just as strong as the other candidates then I would have submitted my proposal to whoever was going to take charge of the decision after I gave it up. Doesn't matter how he came to that outcome even if he had noble intentions from the outset, he made a decision that ultimately benefited himself. I'm not comparing or ranking selfishness moments on the show between the characters, nor do I see the argument 'Well he's not as selfish as so and so so we can let him off just this time' as a valid one. Leonard was selfish and I have no problem with it, none of the characters are saints on this show and it would be kind of boring if they were truth be told.
  10. Leonard was selfish in this episode, I don't see how it can be argued any other way. They have ALL been selfish multiple times on the show.
  11. Finally managed to watch it. I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the recent ones, it's not that I think the stories were that creatively superior compared to recent ones or anything in this one, it just felt a much lighter episode, felt more fun and the friendships were actually on display in this. There was no real or major bickering in this one, a refreshing change! 😊 You had some Shelnard, you had the girls together in scenes (a rarer occurrence these days, something Mayim mentioned in her piece as well) and I did have more laughs. It might be the best episode they have done this season so far.
  12. I would assume that being in charge of a decision like that would preclude that person from giving the funding to themselves. It's how I would imagine it would happen in real life, but this is a sitcom and in real life would Leonard have been in charge of such a decision anyway? I agree with @vonmar had someone else in the show done it the outcry would be far more vociferous. I think it's fair to call Leonard selfish in this episode, whether that was funny or not is down to each individual.
  13. This! And I think with it being the final season of an iconic show with huge global appeal I think it's fair to want to see more of this, perhaps more than you usually get in a season. I believe they could do that and I think it would be well received, I don't think people would complain.
  14. Amy's dad being into magic tricks sounds like fun, considering its Teller. Sheldon kind of bonded with one his friends mothers (Beverly) and part of that was discussing the same minor bugbears that irritate them both about their son or daughter or in the case of Sheldon his friend, so to see Sheldon doing that with Amy's mother doesn't surprise me. It's all about finding a common ground sometimes when trying to establish a relationship and for Sheldon that's criticising them lol. As long as the criticisms are fairly minor like for example how they eat their breakfast that's fine and has some comedy value. I'm still hoping for an Amy centred story involving her parents, but we shall see if that happens later this season or not. I really enjoyed Teller and Kathy Bates in the Season 11 finale, though I felt their story was a bit flat in the opener this season, here's hoping it's more like the former story as they are fantastic additions to the universe.
  15. Could be worse, could be HP Brown Sauce (horrible stuff) lol
  16. Thanks so much for the spoilers @koops , I'm happy you managed to get to a taping and it sounds like you had a fantastic time! 😊
  17. We are just observers we are not a part of their relationships, we might watch them and wonder why they are friends and whether we believe they are healthy relationships or not. But they have established friendships, they clearly need/want each other in their lives and you have to respect that. I could observe yourself and your friendship group, you could observe me and mine and we would probably come away both absolutely baffled about how the relationship dynamics in both groups work because unless you live it or a part of it you simply can't understand, we are just observers after all. He has knocked since he moved out in Season 10, pretty sure I remember at least one time he has. Scenes also sometimes start as he is entering, he could have knocked beforehand. Unless Leonard and Penny tell him he should have knocked I have to assume they have no problem with it and vice versa just like when they go over to 4B.
  18. Because they have no problem with him coming over? He's a friend and they still hang out a lot married or not. The table was never going to be a thing, so many scenes involve the gang eating around the couch in 4A they were never going to lose that. Also it could be difficult to film around that table, they have a nice established setup already.
  19. Howard and Raj is very different, their 'bromance' is a big source of comedy, true it's not as strong as they were when they were both single, the show really played on their bromance a lot back then for comedy. But when they fall out there is always the potential there for a big bromance moment and reconciliation for comedy purposes. I think with the rest of the guys it's more banter, annoying and to rag on each other, occasionally you would get them being supportive for each other but not really much over the past couple of seasons. If you could give me something like Veracity Elasticity or Troll Manifestation when you had Sheldon and Leonard uniting for a cause or a situation which was fun and enjoyable to see then I would take it. But we don't get stories like that anymore.
  20. I'm glad they are not working together on anything at the moment, if they were they would probably be bickering, fighting and potentially backstabbing each other on the evidence of this season so far and watering down their friendships for the sake of cheap comedy. It's just not my cup of tea, especially after 12 seasons. I'm still waiting for this season to show signs of going out with a bang, one that reflects its greatness because this show is great and has meant a huge amount to me. Going out with a whimper would be very disappointing.
  21. Occam's Razor? You simply can't have a kid act like early seasons TBBT Sheldon because people won't find a character likeable or endearing enough to stick watching it. So they softened the character a lot, gave him a friend and made him more aware on an emotional level. I watched almost 3 episodes of the show and the contrast was stark, I talk to friends regularly who watch both shows and the difference is still night and day between the two portrayals of the character, the young version and the one we know from say Seasons 1-3 of TBBT. I don't believe any traumatic event (a more broken home, the death of his father included) will make the transformation of the character that believable. I think people will watch the last episode of YS, already seen how TBBT plays out and will not find it all that believable. For some that doesn't matter as long as they are entertained.
  22. Thanks, Kripke's work is the only one I see that linked to a character we know. I wonder could the telescope software be something to do with Raj and Howard? Sure looks like Howard's 'show me the money' is after some sweet funding in the promo lol. Thanks for that pic @veejay , it definitely gives me some things to ponder before next week's episode 👍
  23. Watched the promo for the next one and it's interesting to see if they are setting up a Leonard story arc with the new responsibility given to him by the University department or if it's a one and done episode. Will he keep this responsibility and still have it by episode end? Who knows, I could see it going either way, having four close friends working at the same university and presumably all angling for potential funding for whatever they are working with is probably going to be a dilemma. If he gives it one then it could cause problems, or will he try and look at it from the standpoint of which work needs funding more or which is more likely to reward results and just needs that little bit extra funding to achieve that. I believe Kripke might be in this one as well, maybe he's the person who ultimately gets it? Leonard gets tired of badgering from his friends so he chooses Kripke instead to get the funding?
  24. Agreed, someone can introduce, be the link or bring someone new into the social circle but after time when relationships become established between others it becomes less of a factor. They are all friends with each other, true some are closer than others but after so many years together they are all a major part of each others lives now and I don't think that will change or stop.
  25. I can't comment much on Shamy because there was just too much petty BS in this episode for me overall to get any major enjoyment from their interactions in this one. That being said I did like the tag, which is funny because if Sheldon hadn't of texted her to get himself out of there I would have absolutely hated it and seen it as another eye-rolling mothering joke. Just goes to show how one small piece of dialogue can change the whole way you view the scene.
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