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  1. What I thought and posted the other day is the feeling I got after this one, the lack of friendship this season on display is starting to really annoy me. Even though I would rate it better than recent episodes on a comedy level the gags and the costumes simply weren't enough, it was more mean spirited and petty BS. I would have gone for something way more light-hearted and fun, I wouldn't call this a genuinely fun episode nor did it give me a happy feeling after watching it. I can think of countless episodes when just a thought of a scene or moment makes me immediately smile and just feel good, those type of episodes that trigger that kind of emotional response in me are so scarce this season.
  2. I call her out when I think she's done something wrong of course but I will defend her if I think she is being unfairly criticised. But it's true I like Penny way more than Leonard, always have. I don't see anything seriously wrong or outrageous with how she is written this season, of course if I actually shipped them I might feel differently, if you ship a couple you want it to be nice and rosy and want to see special, beautiful things happen between them all the time. I once had to wait 7 freaking seasons for a kiss between a couple on another show that I have shipped more than any other. In terms of her forgetting the kiss, well I can understand to a degree why she did she was intoxicated and the actual party was a mess. As far as things she could have forgotten this feels pretty low on the list, I could imagine a number of moments over the years between them (when they were in a relationship and aware of the nature of the relationship and the feelings between them) that if she had forgotten about them would have caused a much bigger outcry and perhaps rightly so.
  3. It lost 25% of its viewers from the premiere. I think there will be a strong will and determination by those execs to complete the season, but I would be surprised if it gets a second one.
  4. They inject friction and conflict for comedy purposes (rarely do they inject real lasting drama like some of the breakups on the show in the past), the show has never shied away from that as a source. But I think they managed to balance past seasons better with different types of comedy, it's just that it feels all the same so far this season. It's like every episode so far there is some kind of disagreement and conflict, and petty BS conflict at that most of the time. It's perplexing... I genuinely don't think a Leonard and Penny breakup was an idea they thought about before the season started or on the cards this season. Breaking up BF/GF is a completely different kettle of fish than breaking up a marriage, I don't think this show could handle such a topic in the correct manner anyway truth be told, it would difficult for a sitcom like this to pull off. What the season needs is IMO a fun, cheery group based episode that you enjoy and makes you feel kind of good after watching it. It's what the Halloween episode could/perhaps should have been, instead you have Howard going too far, Sheldon retaliating and then this kiss business. Honestly it sounds like Viewing Party, an event derailed by petty BS and so my hopes are very low for this one.
  5. One of the things I have taken away from this season is that there is a real lack of 'friendship' overall this season compared to seasons past. I think as the show has gotten older you have seen signs of this tight-knit group slowly starting to fray around the edges a bit and come a bit lose, maybe that's just life? Friendship has always been at the very core of the show and if I was Lorre or Prady I would want the lasting legacy of the show to be the theme of friendship and camaraderie. This should be a final season full of great friendship moments and yet it's severely lacking on that front in my view and it's not like the storylines haven't provided an opportunity to do so, see for example how Bernadette, Sheldon and Amy and the lack of support they gave during the Leonard and Penny baby discussions as one example. Also conflict and friction this season seems to be almost exclusively internally driven from the confines of their group, I think in past seasons you would see more external pressure/influences leading to their friends rallying around them. I think they need to have more challenges externally that they react to, need advice from friends and deal with. This season just needs to pick up.
  6. Nature vs Nurture, we all are influenced/impacted by both and that makes us ultimately who we are. I think it's clear that nature left a far larger mark/imprint on Sheldon and his development than his environment and upbringing.
  7. Thing is it's clear that he's part of Sheldon's subconscious mind, conjured up when he knows he's done something wrong or is facing a dilemma and it's his brain's way of processing it. If Proton starts appearing in other people's dreams then what is he? A ghost? a Spirit? I think if he was to appear again on the show on a storyline involving something else I think flashback scenes would be only way to do it. Maybe there is a documentary being made about his life or something and one of the gang remembers a conversation he had with him or something with a flashback scene? But honestly and this is just my opinion the actual material for Newhart hasn't been that good in his last couple of appearances. On that basis I am not sure I want to see his character again during the final season.
  8. This! I can think of a number of ways Proton could have appeared as his spirit guide involving some kind of argument between Amy and Sheldon without Sheldon having to regress 6 seasons or even been a major factor in how it played out. IMO they went the most unimaginative and easy route with their story, indicative of poor storytelling and a lack of creativity especially when you consider the character development which gets thrown out of the window for a week.
  9. All I can say in here on this episode is that it reaffirmed my love for the Amy character, she's been my favourite on the entire show since season 4 and it's not close, no other character comes close. I love her personality, her humour, her quirks, her nerdy hobbies and interests, being seen as weird and all that. I also love that she is a strong willed, hard working, independent woman with a career where she is highly respected in her field that has come through hard work and dedication to her craft. I wanted to give her a hug her so bad in that episode. She should not have had to go through this. Onwards and upwards onto the next episode, fingers crossed it's a better one.
  10. Too mad and angry with what I just saw to go into any great detail about the episode. I ALMOST switched it off, I felt that uncomfortable and just angry about it. Sheldon crossed a line (Siebert as well), it was selfish, obnoxious and I could come up with a number of swear words to express what I thought of him in this one, there is a British one that rhymes with Banker. Oh he was such a Banker in this one. Sheldon polarizes this forum and yes I do think a lot of the criticism on here is unfair and underserved a lot of the time. However to those who have that view about Sheldon just this week and in the confines of this episode I would lean more towards your thinking. The one positive I took from this one? It reminded me how much I love the Amy character, the strong independent, driven woman that is my favourite character. It's a shame she had to go through something like this to remind me why I love her character. I wanted to give her a Hug! How this episode got through to taping is beyond me. I'm never ever going to watch this again, its joined a small list alongside Speckerman and Viewing Party Combustion. They've lost it, Season 12 was the right time to end it on the evidence so far this season.
  11. Howard watched the video of Buzz Aldrin and toned it down afterwards, looks like he might be back to that level again. But then it has felt like a retro season in many ways so far...
  12. Tickets/Invite to Raj's Planetarium show? Just a guess, it looks like Raj is in that scene as well with Leonard and Penny in the pics.
  13. Ok i've seen all the pics and my prediction is Sheldon will have a reasonable gripe with Howard. Look at the pictures with Sheldon and Howard it looks like there is no animosity there but Howard isn't just dressed as Sheldon, his mannerisms and body language also kind of looks robotic. If he is using 'Sheldon is a robot' piss taking/banter then that would fit Howard, he has often through the years used that against Sheldon. Sheldon looks upset with him in one of the cafeteria pics, my guess is Howard goes too far. Perhaps Sheldon is planning to try and get him back, or maybe he doesn't want to go to the party hence the pics of Amy in her costume and Sheldon not in his office. Looks like Amy and Bernie chat to try and diffuse the situation, maybe she sorts out Howard hence why they go as Mary Poppins and Bert instead? Sheldon might have a moment here at the party when he tells Howard his actions upset him. Bernie and Howard look a bit somber in one of the pics and so does Raj and Anu. Though both couples reactions might be just awkwardness over a Lenny first kiss argument. Looks like Howard apologies to Sheldon in the cafteria when he is sitting with Amy.
  14. They love their synergy, dual conflict plots in epiosdes. Presumably, they have Sheldon trying to get back at Howard for dressing as him and then you have the conflict around the first kiss between Leonard and Penny. Maybe some more conflict thrown in for gags when Sheldon meets Anu for the first time just like every other time someone else seems to be inroduced into the group. My hope is that it doesn't derail or dominate the epiosde, and that there are some sweet moments in it. I don't see why we can't have a fun, friendship endearing Halloween epiosde in the final ever season.
  15. Wow, amazing costumes! Mary Poppins is timeless. Wonder if they picked the costumes because of the Emily Blunt led Mary Poppins sequel coming out later in the year as well? Wonder if Howard puts on a cockney accent? 'Chim, chimney, Chim, chimney, Chim, chim, cher-oo' lol
  16. From the horse's mouth so to speak. That's the impression I got at the time as well, he would have had no problem Raj crashing there if he and Raj were actually doing things together.
  17. Yeah, just replacing like 2-3 seconds of a recording for a new one. I think it would be welcomed, and those that probably would complain who don't like change are the type that probably skip the intro by now anyway.
  18. Shame, I think a new/tweaked intro would have been great for the final season.
  19. I guess I was too busy focusing and thinking about the insipid plots than Penny's attire or hairstyle. I saw nothing wrong really with what she is wearing, she probably has two types of attire when working, one for meeting clients and looking professional and a smart casual look when around the offices, perhaps getting ready for whatever meetings she has during the week ahead.
  20. Not everyone likes 'classic Sheldon'. If I wanted to watch behaviour like that that I would boot up Netflix and watch earlier seasons.
  21. Well I won't be calling for any divorces no matter the circumstances. It's a sitcom. Truth be told I'm expecting to hate next week's episode, but we shall see how it all plays out.
  22. I didn't call for a Lenny divorce when Leonard went behind Peny's back to meet Gates, potentially scuppering her chance at getting the new role or putting her career at risk. We don't know what happens, but I think if it plays out as expected and as the promo heavily suggests then he will most certainly not get a pass from me if he was way out of line.
  23. I think I saw some signs last season the show was starting to 'creak' a bit and show its age. I was still however getting enough enjoyment from it, and I thought the shift to perhaps rehashing old stories, using old gags and change in dialogue was a result purely of a change of showrunner who had his own vision and maybe needed some time to settle in. The season is still young and has potential after we get next weeks out of the way (wow that promo for next week has already tilted me) so we could still get some funny or great moments. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned.
  24. Pretty average episode I thought, not many laughs and the season/show so far seems to be plodding towards its end rather than going out with a bang. I thought Penny and Bernadette had the best lines and scenes in terms of comedy in this one. Still not got a feel for this Anu character and whether she and Raj do in the end get married and share a life together. I guess by revealing some of Raj's character traits and metrosexual behaviours they are kind of setting it up so it could still go either way. From Anu's perspective she might continue to learn more about Raj and decide he's not her type or she might come to love the man he is 'quirks and all' and their relationship becomes something much deeper. My gut still tells me they won't go through with getting married, but we shall see. Haven't got much to add on the Sheldon/Tam storyline. It was an old school Sheldon storyline when he falls out with someone but the real truth is somewhat different. I don't like when the show seems to ignore character experience and growth over the years by reverting it all back for a story. I'm all about the growth and life lessons, learning from your experiences and using that knowledge gained from those situations to perhaps see different perspectives and even modify how you react to them. I think Sheldon has shown a capacity to change and be more caring and conscious of other people and how they might see things differently, but if the story 'requires' him to go back to an earlier iteration of his character then that's what they do. I've watched all 4 episodes this season and only 1 I have really laughed at and thought was better than average. I'm actually not opposed to some more dramatic episodes provided they are well written, executed and not a repeat of old themes or rehashed stories. On the evidence so far and if this continues during the rest of the season, for me personally I may come to the realisation they have indeed ended the show at the right time.
  25. They would have him curled up in the fetal position and yes on that 4B couch it would look ridiculous.
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