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  1. Honestly I am not a fan at all of filling the season with YS characters, or even focusing heavily on nostalgia for a final swansong when there could be more stories to tell that actually have meaning and relevance in the here and now and still can make characters take those steps forward. These one time appearances are sometimes filler episodes, the danger I see is if they are not careful they will do too much of that to the detriment of the season. I don't watch the other show, I tried 2 episodes and didn't like it so to see all these characters from Sheldon's youth coming back, probably to piss him off in some way or have him react silly with the actual truth of their past connection being very different to what Sheldon says it was (Georgie, Tam, presumably this genius girl character if she turns up, Billy Sparks etc) doesn't really appeal to me. I'm a Shamy fan, but I am also a TBBT fan and hearing this news about all these characters coming out of the woodwork is disappointing if I am honest. They should be going out there all guns blazing (sorry for the crude metaphor) delivering a season with bold stuff.
  2. Yep, the timeline of events is kind of sketchy and unclear but i believe they taped this and then Jim and then Chuck dropped their bombshells during either the second or third episode script read. Though I could be wrong on this.
  3. It was probably my favourite scene in this one when you had Howard and Bernie watching Raj's car crash interview. Howard's 'pull up Raj pull up!' was hilarious.
  4. Can't remember the exact gag but it started when Howardette, Lenny and Raj were walking up the stairs and Bernadette said something about what Leonard and Penny had in common. Then like you said it built and built from there.
  5. Season 10 finale had a big cliffhanger so the Season 11 opener was going to get big ratings. Not sure it is necessarily fair to compare opener ratings in this case. If I was CBS what would concern me is those YS ratings and how the show will fare with TBBT not leading it in going forward.
  6. I guess what bugged me most was in the 10.16 episode when Sheldon had revealed details about their sex life, Amy was upset and embarrassed so Sheldon drew up a board about who he can reveal information like that to or in front of. Skip forward to 12.1 and he is mentioning them having coitus in front of a bellhop (not literally in front of him) , which I believe must have played a part in Amy's reaction after that moment when it came to the schedules. Again people overhead a conversation/discussion about their sex life in the queue doing the Tesla tour and Amy clearly wasn't happy. I was just like wtf Sheldon? Did you learn fucking nothing?! Obviously, the story required it to play out that way, the dialogue and the delivery of those gags meant Sheldon had to act that way. But I didn't like it, not after 10.16 and what I believe he should have learnt from. Probably just my bugbear I guess.
  7. Bit of a huge leap there, I think clearly Amy wasn't happy with Sheldon in that moment but regretting getting married, hell no. They are going to have arguments going forward, they are going to fall out with each other, they would if they were just boyfriend and girlfriend or fiance and fiancee. It's how they respond to it that matters. Look I have some issues with this story in this particular episode and some of the behavior involving my favourite couple. But they talked it out and resolved it in the end that's what is important.
  8. You don't, the mantra of 'opposites attract' has been proven enough.
  9. I think the impression was two different people and personalities in a kind of opposites attract kind of way. That's what they were hinting at with Amy's parents with the usual 'i'm just an observer, I wonder why they are together?' response that pretty much all people have when observing a couple they don't know much about. Then for gags they obviously explored that further, started to make personality comparisons between one couple and another etc. I actually had no problem with it, in fact I think the Leonard/Penny/Fowlers storyline was the strongest and funniest in terms of pure comedy one in that episode.
  10. I have a few immediate reservations about the so-called fight plot: - I think the show for the most part doesn't do these plots well especially involving Sheldon. I think the show for maximum comedy and outrageousness has Sheldon go over the top even react in a really silly way to situations like this. It's usually a 'Sheldon is still Sheldon' reminder kind of story, which I don't necessarily need to be reminded of. - The plot has been cooked up for a Guest Star presumably to solve, I think the show has had success and failure with this approach. Obviously Proton being around for Opening Night was a plus, but I thought his involvement in the most recent one (involving WW getting the PP role) was weak from a storytelling perspective. - It might be (perhaps an unfair expectation) that I think Sheldon by now should be able to deal with these type of situations better. Especially when over the years he hasn't supported her only to come around at the end sometimes forced sometimes he comes to the conclusion himself, last season's opener I think he absolutely should have learned from. The plot screams another old school Sheldon to me. Most are these are on the assumption that Sheldon reacts badly to these situations which 99% of the time it is Sheldon, but maybe he doesn't and it's Amy who goes too far for a change perhaps lashing out? That would be refreshing, though Amy doesn't see Proton Sheldon does (which strongly hints he has to change his viewpoint or his behaviour to something) so maybe expectations need to be low for that kind of storytelling twist. Anyway I will see how it plays out and like @mirs1 said there will be some kind of makeup that involves a sweet moment. All IMO.
  11. Hyped for a new season but sad this will be the final time we do this for a premiere. Hoping we get a great season that gives our favourite couple (and they are well and truly beloved characters) the send-off they deserve.
  12. Which would be a deja vu storyline indeed. Let's see what they have in store and judge it then.
  13. Interesting, I wonder what kind of spinoff he might have in mind? I would check out any project, though some on paper seem more feasible and likely to work than others. It will be interesting to see if this idea picks up momentum and leads to something.
  14. Thinking about it I think the Raj/Anu situation isn't his end game, seems to be happening way too fast. Yeah I know we are dealing with an arranged marriage here so it might be a bit different. I wonder if Howard and Bernadette's reservations about the arrangement might be significant later on in the season?
  15. There has been nothing to counter that view or how the story played out. And the cast have had the opportunity to defend Jim but haven't. Usually in situations like this there are two ways of responding, you either defend yourself or get others to do so or you stay silent hoping it quiets down and becomes old news. There are pro's and con's to both approaches.
  16. So from the spoilers it sounds like we are going to get a supportive Amy, once again reminding Sheldon about the life he has 'a loving wife and friends' when Tam is back on the scene. I'll always welcome scenes like that, though I do wish the roles were reversed sometimes, that you had Sheldon helping Amy deal with something, like some emotional crisis or event or work issue in some way. Still it does sound like there will be some sweet interactions between them. 😊
  17. I had fears they might do a story like that when it was announced he was turning up, not a fan of that kind of story and putting pressure on his daughter. But it's very cliche, happens a lot in real life 'When are you going to give me some grandkids?'
  18. They will have kids, I'm pretty sure about it. But it's clearly going to be an 'i'm pregnant' shock reveal just like the other two pregnancies on the show. How early in the season it happens remains to be seen. For those interested in a pregnancy I wouldn't lose hope just off that story, lot a season to go.
  19. Thanks so much for the spoilers @genecollie I hope you had a wonderful time at the taping! 😊
  20. They have plenty of episodes to play with before coming up with endings. I would think probably around the 18-20 episode mark they will start thinking endgame and setting it up. They have made it clear so far that they want to bring back some of the most memorable or well received guest stars and I think we will get a lot of that this season.
  21. Oh I had similar feelings as well. There was many a time I was shaking my head and wanted to give Sheldon a smack for not realising what he had with Amy and the way he acted at times. I would agree it felt a bit more sterotypical and less quirky for a couple of seasons with them until they found ways and stories to bring that back. I think since pretty much the point they got back together (when i think about it the aquarium really was a key episode, maybe from a storytelling perspective it was a huge spark) they have found that groove again when it comes to weirdness lol and then of course Season 10 injected a more physical element to their relationship and they are now this perfect blend in my view. I couldn't really ask for more with them in regards to their relationship dynamic.
  22. I can respect that. Truthfully I don't think I would have kept watching the show had Sheldon not evolved, I was starting to get tired of him/burnt out and the Amy injection came at the right time for me. I think the formula was getting stale around the end of Season 3, but then I saw the coffee shop scene between Sheldon and Amy and it was a mixture of 'wtf is going on here?!' and sheer intrigue. IIRC I skipped that intro so fast on Netflix going into the first episode of Season 4 and stayed up late to find out if Amy was going to be in the opener lol! I was fascinated.
  23. Jonny

    Killing Eve

    Killing Eve seems to be mega popular at the moment, just binged watched the first season myself and it's very very good. Any other fans?
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