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  1. Putting morality, and cultural preferences aside, there exist the pure genetic diseases. In pets, inbred pure breeds result in greater chance of recessive genetic disorders to be phenotypically presented. Genetic variety quells genetic expression of recessive genetic disorders. In humans, extremely sadly, genetically inbred groups lead to increased risk of autosomal recessive genetic disorders, such as dreaded Tay-Sachs Disease. I always thought it was potentially found in Ashkenazi Jews, but also more closed genetic human groups like French-Canadians from the Louisiana bayou, and Pennsylvan
  2. This is not a true episodic error, but more a true cross connection involving the original series. Meaning, this should make one cross (upset), and is cross (because it crosses barriers), and is definitely a connection that should not be crossed. We all have the fact branded in our brains that Howard Wolowitz had sex with his cousin, Jeanie. and Howard would defend by immediately retorting, "She was my 'second' cousin". Yeah, that makes it all better. Apparently, ex-mayor Rudolph Giuliani, was once involved with his second cousin, and married her. It is hard to outpace Howard Wolow
  3. Let me churn this one out. In the most recent episode, Young Sheldon allegorically demonstrated the philosophical principle of Traditionalism, by shaking a container of cream to make butter. Older Sheldon churned butter to make Amy a traditional meal for her birthday. Sheldon must really love Amy because he commented, as a child, how hard and painful it was (and still is) to produce his first batch. Fun Fact: while working at an ice cream plant, we would get multiple deliveries of heavy cream in approximately 50,000 gallon truck loads. The loads would typically come from neighboring states.
  4. This one is a bloody mess. In the 11th season episode where Leonard is writing a mystery who done it, he is shot, and Raj's character proclaims soda water will get that stain out. Yes, I guess many things might help, but the best is peroxide. Not soda water. Peroxide is H2O2 versus water H2O. Even 'bone' dry, peroxide will get out blood stains. Peroxide primarily attacks the ferrous hemoglobin molecule. It gives blood its red color, as opposed to blue (copper based) horseshoe crabs (or Andorians), or green Vulcans. When the peroxide is working, it causes a white foaming action, which is a bre
  5. This is a Sharp-ie one. Howard famously wore a declaration of his of Fruit Loops enjoyment on his face, while looping the Earth. In 2 and a Half Men ,senior Charlie Harper wore the moustache (as Raj would say). A Sharpie crisscrossing connection .Write on!
  6. Now, this is not an episodic error, but a nerd error. In an earlier episode, when Penny went out with Stuart to an art exhibit, Penny offered for Stuart to come in for coffee, and Stuart commented that it was a little late for coffee. Penny then said that Stuart thought coffee meant coffee. Penny said she thought she had decaf. In a later episode, Raj finished his first planetarium show, and an audience member suggested going for coffee. Raj said it was a little late for coffee. Penny walked between to tell Raj, 'decaf genius'. Penny was a a nerd whisperer. For clarity, I had much more writt
  7. Let me flutter this one across. Butterflies. Both Shamy and Evelyn's wedding in 2 nd a Half Men considered their use in their weddings, and Evelyn, via Alan Harper, did use them. It resulted in white presumed butterflies falling to the ground, and being attacked by seagulls. They were freeze dried nd thawed by microwave. However, their is a caterpillar that lives and dies multiple times . It can freeze and die, only to thaw and continue to eat, until ready to pupate. Fun Facts: butterflies listen through their wings, and taste through their feet. Butterflies flutter, because its evolution
  8. How about Sheldon's son Leonard. Insight into Sheldon's 'Martian' would potentially be out of this world. The problem with the other cast members as youths was their histories. Amy locked in a closet, dancing with a mop at her 'prom'. "Popular" Penny (cue "Popular" from the musical "Wicked") ,with a meth head bro. Testicularly stapled Leonard (just ask Steve-O). Howard's dad. Bernadette and Toddlers and Tiaras. We witnessed their transitions, and caught them in their sweet spots, and 'blossom'ings. Perhaps, Their childhood coping mechanisms would be interesting fodder, like Leonard's hugging m
  9. I should hand you a bill for this one. Near the beginning of the episode where Sheldon helps Amy's research, and Howard and Lenard's, Sheldon comments about the Platypus. The Platypus is not a bird and a mammal. Fun Facts: it is an egg laying mammal. More than one adult is a Paddle. One baby is a Puggle, but no Muggles. The eggs are the size of lima beans. It is a mammal. It detects food with it's leathery bill by electric changes. It uses its mouth and 18 cm tongue to fil its side pouches, like a hamster, for later consumption. It scavenges at the bottom for small sea food and bugs. It clos
  10. Allow me to ruffle some ruffles, and flesh out this cross connection more fully. Sheldon (young or old) both wore dresses (Missy for one (Fairy Princess with a cowboy hat), at 8 Young Sheldon wanted to dress as Marie Curie for Halloween ,( but Georgie stopped it), and Howard for two (French Maid), Sheldon for Betsy Ross. Stuart (for the whole gang). Bernadette (for Jerry Mahoney as Tammy Jo St Cloud). Alan Harper via Beverly, Allison Janney (of Mom).A cross stitched cross dressing cross connection. This deserves a bow and a curtsy. In the pilot episode of TBBT, Vernee Watson, was fillin
  11. In a season 10 episode, we learn that Bernadette was a ventriloquist with Tammy Jo St. Cloud for pageant work, and demonstrated her skills, though Tammy twitched like a Tourette's Syndrome victim. A potentially splinter ridden menage a trios was suggested, surprisingly not by Howard, that might have needed high count grit sandpaper, tack cloth and perhaps Linseed Oil to promote safer sex, and less splinters. Just ask any witch 'riding ' her broom stick.(That was the purpose of riding the broom stick.) Also, Alan Harper, from 2 and a Half Men, was a ventriloquist with Danny O'Day. Sin
  12. I hope this one is music to your ears. Season 10 Sheldon requested and had no problem with Howard playing flashback music on the keyboard. Amy even commented she offered to play it on her harp. Yet in another episode when Amy played flashback music on her harp, Sheldon told her to stop it. At least I thought so, but no. That is only deja vu. I hope you understand this one, and does not come across as gibberish. In season 10, Raj suggests that Sheldon learn to speak Hindi to tax and exhaust his brain to promote Superaging. Sheldon stated he did that when he was eight, in Hindi. Raj stated
  13. Splenectomy can occur due to trauma, like a car crash. It is a flimsy, delicate organ. It can be removed to aid in anemia. The spleen is like an oil filter in a car. It's narrower blood vessels cause older blood cells to burst, and be recycled. Didn't Sheldon one time state he had anemia?
  14. In the 10th season, episode 18, where Raj moves in with Leonard and Penny, we learn that Sheldon is a racist. In itself, that is a Life Error, much less an Episodic Error. I am not trying to diminish racism, but use this entry, as I have others, to shed light on an important subject. Now, early in this episode, Amy proclaims that Sheldon had recently showed some advancement by taking a photo with Pluto. Penny and Leonard were being informed of this information, yet did not reply that this was no improvement. In an earlier season episodic ending, we learned that Sheldon fears Goofy, but has no
  15. The annual flu vaccine is a few vaccines in one shot. Experts take their best educated guess which China region of the globe flu virus variants will likely travel to the USA, and that is the annual flu vaccine, here. When accurate guesses are made, the efficacy rates go up, when not, down. The flu virus is like a mushroom, structurally. The stem does not alter, as the variable cap does. For years experts have been trying to make a vaccine focusing on the non-variable stem. When that finally happens, the flu will go the way of Polio, and Small Pox. To illustrate, The Corona virus is a sing
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