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  1. Hay, Abbott! This is not an Episodic Error , but, I believe, a Comedic Crossover. Perhaps by coincidence, but I believe a deliberate homage to Abbott and Costello. In the episode where Amy blurts out 'Who', after Zak greets, and later bends over sending her a heart, Bert would beseech such a blurt. Amy and Sheldon subsequently perform a variation of 'Abbott and Costello', 'Who's On First?' routine. Further , in2 the same episode, Sheldon explains that 73 is the best number. 73 is the 21st prime number, and 37 is the 12th prime number, etc. 'Abbott and Costello' had a routine where 7 X 13 = 28
  2. Nerd Alert; Ingenuity the Mars Helicopter flew carrying a piece of the Wright Brother's plane aboard. Blades rotating at about 2500 rpm. Someone tell Sheldon, Amy Howard, and Raj.
  3. We know of at least one male where there is nothing but apparent mutual admiration: Cookie Monster. She want cookie. If there was any misogyny, he would not be displayed on her right buttock. Also, we learn that they both have a yen for soup. The true test would be to see if Cookie Monster has a Penny tattoo on his right buttock. Leonard even tried to sound like Cookie Monster to woo Penny. Leonard laments. Ernie empathizes. Cookie Monster munches cookies.
  4. Fair warning: put your fingers in your ears for this one. Are you hearing me? Listen, Penny sounds awful rehearsing for Rent, yet can purr a Soft Kitty ditty, even in a round with Sheldon, and can sing til she comes, til she comes with much gusto, with Sheldon, no less, during the Penny Blossom episode. I wonder if Mayim enjoyed the blossom reference? It just doesn't sound right. You can't fix tone deaf. To paraphrase A great singer, 'You either got, or you haven't got 'tone''. I think there was something wrong with her throat.
  5. Great points, well written. Concerning acting, it seems like acting requires talent and luck: a big break. In the series we were shown Penny's acting talents: A Street Car Named Desire, Penny acting like she would not resist Leonard if he moved in (but he was already there from the pilot episode-Our babies will be smart and beautiful). You don't have to push hard, if they were 'already gone'. I like to think Penny's acting skills aided her success in Pharm sales. Penny should stay earshot from any musical, but wouldn't it be interesting if Broadway put on a musical-comedy where all singers w
  6. Penny should have been revealed to have a higher I.Q. than Sheldon. Think it over. Penny played chess for the first time and beat Leonard. Many things bore Penny: a true characteristic of geniuses. Also, some self-medicate, perhaps as Penny does with alcohol. as recently displayed in the Hemmingway PBS 6 hour series. There are a multitude of examples in many episodes of Penny quickly coming up with problem solutions faster and better than any other cast member. Penny even inspired Sheldon and all the cast members to evolve, improve, reach goals. Q.E.D. Discuss.
  7. Whether you're funny, or horny, or just think you are, you'd like this. In the episode where Howard, Bernadette, and Amy were having a dinner at a diner , and they debated whether Bernadette could fake a laugh over Howard's jokes, and then began to prove it, and abruptly stopped. The writers should have then recreated the diner scene from when. "When Harry met Sally", where Sally faked an orgasm, and abruptly stopped. Rob Reiner had his mother turn to a waitress, and say, "I'll have what she's having." The writing staff should have offered the role to Rob Reiner's mother. If not, then someon
  8. Everything is ducky with this one. I hope it quacks you up. In the season 3 episode where Sheldon 'gallantly?' (as Sheldon said -'the hero always peeks') assists Penny. when she falls in the tub due to lack of whimsical adhesive ducks holding umbrellas, Sheldon explains his use of adhesive foul impersonating Gene Kelly (Singing in The Rain). The error is that in the first episode Penny uses the bathroom to shower. She would have seen the duckies beneath her feet, and seen their value first hand (or first foot). Fun Fact: a group of adhesive ducks are also called (or duck called), a raft,
  9. First, it saddens me that your friends have such horrible problems. Historic inbreeding is passed on to unsuspecting ;generations. I was waiting for an e-mail from your source, but it has not occurred. So, I will comment on each passage to hopefully clarify. What is the chance of having a child with severe abnormalities? Unrelated parents have a risk of about 2 in 100 (2%) of having a child with an abnormality from birth, which can be severe/lethal. Parents who are first cousins have an extra risk of about 3 in 100 (3%), giving them a total risk of about 5 in 100 (5%). ((A 60% in
  10. An apple away keeps the doctor at bay. In the 1st season episode where Leonard presents a paper concerning a 4th state of mater, a super solid, Sheldon argues Sir Isaac Newton's anecdote of an apple falling on his head inspiring him to discover gravity's laws was not just an anecdote. Current thought argues Newton's apple concussion never occurred. Not only was the statement not an anecdote, but also a falsehood. Though the apple noggin is 'intoxicating', there are easier ways of trying to possibly discover apple sauce. Cross my heart and hope to die, 'stick a needle in my eye', as, in the nam
  11. This entry kick's *ss. This is not an episodic error, but something Raj might have mentioned, and commented. In 2029 a comet named Apophis, in 2004, was thought to have a 2.7% chance of hitting Earth (currently not a threat) Next year Didymos (meaning twin) is a twin set of comets (the smaller orbiting around the larger) that will be passing near Earth. Because of its proximity to Earth, it will be part of the DART mission. The DART mission is to learn how to divert threatening comets in the future. from collision with Earth. In other words, they will learn to kick Didymos in the Epididymis.
  12. I'll be cheeky about this one. This is a Cross Connection (as in the 'Young Sheldon' Topic), not an Episodic Error. In the episode where Amy feigns illness to continue getting Sheldon's attention under false pretenses, Sheldon administers corporal punishment to Amy's bottom line. In the great Thanksgiving episode where Zak and Penny sign an annulment, Sheldon got all hands on. Sheldon swats Amy's keister in appreciation, again, pubic ly . Sheldon is an equal opportunity swatter. We all know Sheldon loves symmetry, and order. Even when forced to be asymmetrical, Sheldon can not rest until min
  13. With respect, I only am allowed to currently play in your sand box at your whim. At any moment you may decide to ban me, or censor me (once again), or give me a warning (once again), or ban me forever. Your logic is flawed. The issues only concern 2nd cousins or closer, not the general population. You don't seem like yourself in your logic and writing skills. You seem more like someone else. Get me the full article you cited, and I will look it over. I refuse to register on the quoted site to simply read the full article. Don't add your own commentary to your posted numbers, just quote the s
  14. This is truly 'breaking it down individually'. More relevant to this argument are recessive gene disorders, than dominant gene disorders, not all genetic defects. In dominant genotypic disorders, only one parent need carry the gene for phenotypic expression. In recessive disorders, both parents must possess the defective gene for expression. In a recessive gene disorder, if both parents possess the recessive gene (like Tay-Sachs), the chance of Tay-Sachs disease, and death by age 5 is 25%. No one wants that risk of their child dying needlessly. Further, if the 25% chance of brutal death is st
  15. Respectfully, you already showed us a peer reviewed paper to refute your own contention. It is not just my contention, but also your provided fact. If you only read your referenced article past the 2nd paragraph, you too would have conceded your erroneous point without this 'back and forth' banter. Granted, this is your sandbox, as you previously pointed out to me, and you but permit me to play in it, for the moment, but your argument contradicts your own point. More relevant to this argument are recessive gene disorders, than dominant gene disorders, not all genetic defects. In dom
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