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  1. Season 7 Thanksgiving episode, and Season 9 last episode, and season 10 1st episode. At the opening of the 1st episode of season 10, Penny declares, Who would have thought my SECOND marriage would be to Leonard. Yet in season 7, a Thanksgiving episode, we all discover Penny and Zak were married by a fake Elvis (They could never afford a real one). I know it was annulled, but still they were married. This would make Penny's 2nd marriage to Leonard Penny's 3rd, and we were never invited to any of them, and Leonard never had even 1 bachelor party.
  2. It is not an error, but I believe Sheldon and Leonard were named for sit-com pioneer Sheldon Leonard (Dick van Dyke, etc). In an earlier episode, Sheldon moves his DNA model on wheels to get to his wall safe behind the hinged painting to get his autographed Leonard Nimoy napkin. In another episode, Leonard tries moving the same model, only to have it fall completely apart.
  3. Whether it is Dr Sturgis and Meemaw, or Grand Nagus Zek, and Moogie (Quark and Rom's mom) Wallace Shaun seems strongly submissive.
  4. Series Finale: I think a different alternate ending to the series would be... The final scene shows a person observing a patient through a window. The person is played by Verne Watson. It is fitting, right and inspirational that she be in the last episode. She was in the first episode (and others). Amy turns to Verne and asks, "What do you think Doctor?" Doctor Verne answers, "It's too soon to tell. I am still in the diagnosis stage'. Again another example of someone gaining a doctoral degree leaving Mr Astronaut Howard Wolowitz in the cosmic dust. Bernadette is telling Amy I ruled out any infectious origin, Howard walks in and peers through the window stating I just wanted to see if the helmet I designed is of any help. I used the material I made for NASA in the construction. Mary Cooper states I truly regret not taking that boy to that recommended specialist . Amy commenting on the neurological status of the patient. The camera pans into the window.We see a rendition of the Mona Lisa in black chalk on the wall. We see Sheldon on the floor of a padded cell in a straight jacket. He is wearing Sperry topsiders. The shoes have a penny in them, but only one shoe. The cell's padding is the colors of the rainbow. Sheldon is wearing a helmet and is slowly banging his head against the wall three times, and saying 'Penny". The scene fades to black.
  5. Molecules


  6. In a season 8 episode, Sheldon states that petroleum products come from dinosaurs. Not a slick move, dude. The coefficient of friction is not zero. You can't just skate away free and clear on this one. Sheldon should know this is false. Petro products come from the decomposition of marine plant and animal life. Dinos weren't even around, at the time. Sorry Sinclair. Liar, liar , pants on fire. No controversy to ignite here. Sheldon can wipe this mess up with one of his beloved flags. Sheldon...You're burnt! Important info: Never use petroleum based products with a 'Rascal Wrapper'. They can break, or leak. So, unless you want your 'baby makers' to swim the 'English Chanel', or (sorry Raj) the 'Ganges', stay away from the 'Exxon Valdez'. As Raj would say, Smoooth.
  7. Sheldon says at the beginning of an episode, He is going to curl up 'in' a good book. He should have said he was going to curl up 'with' a good book. As he has done during a drunken wild night spooning a Geology book. A rocky romance at best. At least there was no chalky gypsum residue involved (as when Raj was feeling beautiful). Geode! Now perhaps Sheldon was going to actually get a large oversized book, and carve out the pages, and actually crawl inside the book. It is possible. Sheldon is not claustrophobic. After all, Sheldon did hide under the sofa to scare Leonard. It would be like having angry sex with a book. Devouring it, but needs to be safe. You do not want a paper cut.
  8. The Proton Transmogrification ( to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect. ) Another SAT vocabulary word I never heard . Penny can't cry at Arthur's funeral, at first, yet I believe she previously told Leonard that she was able to cry tears at audition. So, the next time she is stopped, here come the water works. Ironically, Sheldon then needed to 'make water'. Fun facts: In Ben Franklin's day going number 1 was called 'to make water', and farting was called 'to break wind'. Hence the double meaning in the parody movie, "A Mighty Wind". An error that is sad , but true. Boo Hoo.
  9. Season 5 -The Monster Isolation. In the opening of this episode, Raj states, when Lucy uses the bathroom, 'I should have brought condoms. Yet in the same season, episode 1 -The Skank Reflex Analysis, Penny asked 'You did have protection?', and Raj told Penny 'He is always packing'. Listen to Raj. Even if there is not a cloud in the sky, think stormy weather, and bring a rain coat, and wrap that rascal. or as Kripki would say 'Wap that Wascal'. Never leave them out of your sight. Needle pin holes can defeat the purpose. A girlfriend had her recent boy friend use pin holes to try to keep her. She still dumped him, and got an abortion.
  10. Season 5-The Shiny Trinket Maneuver. Fun Fact Sheldon states he still has a mexican peso in his nose. Why would Sheldon allow this to continue? Perhaps it is a silver or gold peso. Metals are antibacterial, such as silver and gold. Even before the germ theory humans coveted silver and gold eating utensils. They are bactericidal.
  11. Season 5-The Friendship Contraction. Bernie states that Howard is going to learn how to poop in space, yet Howard built and repaired the space toilet In Season 2(?). He literally wrote the book on space pooping. I would think the manual rests in the rest room for use. Howard is a Grand Poopbah, and a certified Scatologist. in the field, or space station.
  12. Season 5: the Wekend Vortex. This is the most simplistic and egregious episodic error to date. Mrs Wolowitz calls from behind Leonard and Sheldon's door for Howard, and calls out his name Howard Joe Wolowitz. Check out the subtitles confirming this. How does Mrs Wolowitz forget her own son's name? She was there at the birth, and bris, and had at least input as to his name. Hey Mrs Wolowitz, your son's middle name is Joel,not Joe. Fun fact about a bris. Attention all antisemites. If you had a delayed healing wound on your body, and were aided by a cultured skin substitute, you likely have to thank a Jew. Skin equivalent culture tissue can be made from a culture line of donated foreskin (as in a bris). The donated tissue is sometimes used for years. Further, Mr antisemite might be carrying around Jewish tissue in them for the rest of their lives. So, if you have a sudden desire to have a knish, or bagel, this could be why. Also, Mazel Tov! Discrimination in any form is wrong. Season-4 The Agreement Di section. Amy is sitting on a sofa with Sheldon and says 'Dirty, Dirty, Dirty', while twirling her hair, crossing her legs, and gyrating that 'dang' pelvis of hers. (That dang pelvis always seems to get her in trouble). Another example of Amy stress relief techniques.
  13. Waste your own time to your heart's content. There is none so blind, as those who will not see. Your 3rd article states diseases, not pathogens. It includes white blood cell cancer. Just way off topic. I tried to teach you, but you do not understand. Have the forensic pathologist explain it to you. I have better and more important things to do. Bye.
  14. I am not wasting any more time with this.
  15. **SPOILER ALERT*** ATTENTION FELLOW NERDS I believe I know the main secrete in the next Star Wars Movie. Fair Warning*** I believe the next Star Wars movie will reveal that Rey and Kylo Wren are twins. The same way Luke and Leia are twins, separated at birth for their safety, so were Rey and Kylo. There fore Rey's parents were Han Solo, and Princess Leai. Therefore Luke is Uncle Luke. Darth Vader is Grandpa. Perhaps Unkar Plute is a Jedi, because as Obi one looked after Luke, some one on Jakar must have been looking after Rey. Also that would make Rey, Princess Rey. We knkow how much Disney Likes Princesses.
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