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  1. Why so Tense Tensor? I can't teach you. You do not understand Articles. You do not understand Pathogenesis and immunology. Have a friend, physician, explain it to you. This show makes mistakes in different areas. Hence 'Episodic Errors'. The point is this is another error. Seeing computer graphics showing visually invisible particles traveling through space is not proof. They also showed Sheldon as the Flash running to the Grand Canyon and back. I am done. This entire salvo reminds me of the Monty Python skit concerning an argument.
  2. Just let someone educate you on the subject. I could say the sky is blue, but it is not relevant to this topic. I am not here to lecture. I have tried, but you just do not get it. Let's try it this way. Leonard sleeps with Penny. Penny gets sick. Leonard does not get sick. Sheldon gets sick. Penny did not pass her germs to Leonard, because Leonard did not get sick. Leonard should have been sick before Sheldon, by your theory, but Sheldon had the least contact with Penny. Leonard should have been sick before Sheldon. Therefore, Penny and Sheldon got the pathogen simultaneously, and it could not be by contact, because Leonard had all kinds of contact with Penny (the lucky Bas***d). Perhaps, it was foodborne. Perhaps the food had lactose. By your theory, why did Leonard not get sick? Do you get it, now? If not, I am done. Now I understand Sheldon trying to teach Penny physics. Just remember Fig Newton is named for the town, not the scientist. Let me give you an example of a diagnostic challenge. An entire wing of a facility had all women wearing dresses coming down with cellulitis. Women wearing pants, and men did not get cellulitis. Only one wing, not others. The reason I discovered was that one woman horded her dirty clothes. Maggots and flies took off and, filthy with germs, the flies carried the bacteria to all exposed surfaces, while they slept. They all got infected at the same time, because they were all exposed simultaneously. Get It.
  3. I have repeatedly tried to explain to you . Let a friend try to explain it to you. What you repeated state are true facts, but they have no relevance to the topic. I have run QC/QA for a major food maker. I have also diagnosed and treated bacterial, viral, and fungal infections for decades. Also, noone takes Tamflu prior to symptoms. Granted I am honored with your 'male bovine exhaust' comment. It elevates me to the lofty rarefied air of 'Sheldon Cooper is a Smelly Pooper'. Thank you for that I am in good, yet smelly company. Mr Methane would be so proud. I feel like I am floating on air.
  4. FUN FACT: There is an episode of the court room show of Judge Mablean Ephriam where someone is suing her friend, because the friend revengefully advised a tattoo that the plaintive thought was the Chinese symbols for 'courage under fire', but was actually the symbols for 'Chicken Noodle Soup'. The plaintive slept with the defendant's boy friend. It was revenge. Was it Big Bang Theory inspired?
  5. Again, in general, if Sheldon was symptomatic first, and then Penny , then Sheldon probably transmitted the germ to Penny. If Penny showed symptoms first, and then Sheldon, then Penny probably infected Sheldon. If Sheldon and Penny both were symptomatic at about the same moment, then they probably were exposed simultaneously. It is unlikely to be the flu, because Sheldon would have had the flu shot, and /or Tamaflu (or similar med). As another example. Kids get infected at school, and then infect the family. The kid gets sick, and then the parent. What is really strange is that Leonard did not get infected, and spent the time with Raj. Perhaps it was a germ they picked up at the Cheesecake Factory. Maybe even something with lactose. That way Leonard never got exposed. Coliform Bacteria are prevalent in dairy products. This brings to mind Louie Pasteur, and small pox vs cow pox.
  6. What papers to which are you referring? Are you citing peer reviewed published journal articles? Please inform me. Transmission of a pathogen occurs before the immune system is fully in play. If the immune system was in play no pathogen would be passed, because the immune system would stop the germ before transmission would be possible. Let's take your argument that the germ was the flu. Wouldn't Sheldon the Germophobe have gotten the flu shot, and have Tamaflu ( or other antiviral pills) on hand? Sheldon takes a course of antibiotics when Dr Plimpton was about to visit. He has a plethora of topicals to 'ditch that itch'.These are all speculations . We have no facts to even postulate a differential diagnosis. In general, it is most likely the common cold contracted simultaneously.
  7. We do not have enough information to be able to diagnose. A common cold, in general, might be more likely, than the flu. Penny had sym[tom onset at almost the exact same time as Sheldon. They likely had simultaneous exposure to the pathogen. Probably, sadly, the only simultaneous experience Sheldon and Penny will ever share together! N ugh, n ugh. Wink, wink. Say no more.
  8. We can debate fictitious germs. I have had 2 years of pathogenic and diagnostic microbiology, a year of microbiology, and a semester of cytology, I think we can all agree that it is more likely than not, that Penny and Sheldon were exposed to a pathogen, in common, at the same time, and therefore began symptoms at the same time. Season4 Episode 2. Sheldon states that Amy will not dress up as Wonder Woman, because Amy is not the free spirit he is, yet in later seasons dresses in various costumes.
  9. Yes, Amy kissed Penny, but Penny is quite able to stop an unwanted, sudden kiss. Just ask Howard's Face. i think we all can agree that lips have various uses ( not just lips to lips (be they facial, minora, or majora)). Sheldon mathematically thought Penny a 'slut' and inquired about the 31 estimated Penny Partners, and Sheldon is a genius. Is a labial ménage à trois with Amy less slutty? These are fictional characters played by actors. Please do not be offended, and I apologize. It still seems Sheldon thinks Penny is a slut, and asked her. Penny's reply of defiance waned as she repeated the response out loud. I suppose there are varying degrees of general sluttiness, and promiscuity, just ask Leslie Winkle. Penny is great (sans the alcohol addiction), that is why I added the bunny. I was being Dickensian.
  10. The cast should be Grand Marshalls at the Rose Parade.
  11. Penny is pretty free with her lips (that slut bunny). She's kissed Sheldon (with Amy, while holding him down), Raj (when everything became beautiful, Amy (give me some sugar besty), but none for Howard. Penny maybe free with the lips, but she still has standards. To Penny, kissing Howard would be like dragging her tongue across the city dump (and not after the rose parade)..
  12. Okay, here goes. Penny , and Sheldon had symptoms appear simultaneously, there fore they were exposed to the virus/bacteria, at the same time. If Penny was the culprit, then she would have been symptomatic before Sheldon. The virus/bacteria incubate in the human host (as in a petri dish),at a constant speed, usually within 24 hours of culturing, but a 24 hour 'no growth 'dish is saved for 24 more hours to see if any growth occurs after 24 more hours for a total of 48 hours. Also, a person's immune system takes days to detect the foreign virus/bacteria, and then start making antibodies, and begin replicating the antibody producing white blood cells. Aperson's immune system efficiency does not come into play in germ transmission, because the immune system has not begun. Prior exposure would help. It is the reason for vaccines. A disabled virus is given to a patient. The patient does not get the full blown disease, but is protected. When Sheldon and Penny get symptoms simultaneously, they had to be exposed simultaneously, as well. Whether a person has AIDS or a normal immune system, the germs populate at the same speed in each person. Granted genetics come in play. There are people with innate immunity to AIDS. If Penny and Sheldon have normal immune systems, then they could not get simultaneous symptoms, unless they were exposed simultaneously.
  13. Season 3, when the guys have a peeing contest while trying to resolve ownership of the Lord of The Rings ring, Sheldon states his mother 'has a mild addiction to Dr Pepper, but in a later episode Mary Cooper offers Howard a Coke. Did a mild Dr Pepper addiction lead to harder stuff, liike Coke, or was Mary Cooper hording all her Dr Pepper for herself, or does she want to reserve Dr Pepper for Dr Sheldon Lee Cooper, instead of Mr Howard Joel Walowitz??
  14. In a season 3 episode, Leonard adds to the list of what threatens Howard. Leonard states Howard is also threatened by loud noises, clowns, and nuns. Yet, in a future episode, Howard is initially threatened about speaking to Summer Glau, so he turns and speaks to a pair of nuns. It's a Jewish miracle, or perhaps explained by Eddie Murphy's line in 48 Hours, " Lack of p***y makes you brave, man! " Season 3 Episode 15. Both Penny and Sheldon get violently ill at the same time, and can not go to the CERN Supercollider, yet Sheldon blames Penny. This is impossible. They both were infected with the virus, at the same time. If Penny got sick, and then Sheldon, then Sheldon's theory would at least be plausible. They both probably got it from a common fomite ( non-living carrier, like a Cheesecake Factory plate), as opposed to a vector (a living carrier of disease). Sheldon, being a germophobe, would know this. Perhaps, this is another example of Sheldon's brain disfunction. For Example, Sheldon was not sure if Penny lived in Nebraska, before crossing it off a map, as a possible residence, before becoming a Bosite.
  15. FYI, you can buy Sheldon's apartment flag, at least up to 3 feet by 5 feet. You decide to hang it right side up, or distressed.
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