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  1. May he ride off into the sunset in peace.
  2. A Poke at a Poop in a Pig (A Completer) In the season 4 episode where Penny's daddy, Wyatt, is driving Penny and Leonard back from a steak dinner, Wyatt was recounting Penny's past boyfriends. He tells of Donnie, 'who was gonna make millions turning farm waste into biofuel and selling it to the government. All Donnie did was mix pig poop with a little water and pump it into his mom's Camry.' Leonard should have retorted, 'So, Donnie tried to go Wee, Wee, Wee all the way home'.
  3. Oil and Water Don't Mix - Oil and Condoms Do Caveat: I may have written this before, or I may have just been censored before. In the 4th season episode involving Leonard and perk seeking philanthropist , Mrs Leathem, Sheldon offers Leonard a pre 'date' swag bag, including baby oil and condoms. Granted , as Penny points out, Sheldon needs to read the book they gave him, to understand the phrase 'stiffing', still any basic chemistry course would point out that petroleum products degrade the chemical bonds in latex rubber. You are not safe , even if the condom does not break. Apparently within 60 seconds, microscopic holes occur, like a subway broken turnstile. viruses, like HIV, and bigger things, like 'baby makers', will sweep through, without visual knowledge. Any petroleum product is dangerous, even pre-applied skin lotion, or edible butter fat products, like whipped cream. You wouldn't wear a rain coat that will not keep out the rain. It defeats the purpose. This is a major public disservice that perpetuates in reruns. A disclaimer would be prudent. How many people could have been infected, or pregnant, due to Sheldon, the genius, or Jim Parsons, the openly gay actor, not catching this threat. Shame on Shamy.
  4. I am confused. You are partly restating my recent entry. What is your point? I disagree. The writing is not 'slipshod'. I believe this is the most complex, detail referenced program ever written. The complexities spawn the richly fertile contradictions. Similarly, The Lord of The Rings, or The Harry Potter series, great detail creates treasured veins for mining, resultant morsels on which to ruminate. Fun Fact: Both JRR Tolkien, and Michel de Montaigne (The French Essayist) were taught Latin at an early age. Fun Passage: One of my favorite Montaigne essays, taken from history, relates a besieged castle. The two warring parties eventually agreed to let all women and children leave the castle unharmed, and were permitted to carry all they could, as well. So they carried all the men out to safety.
  5. Extra, Extra, Read All About It In the season 2 episode, where Penny asks the gang to pick up 'a few comics for her 13 year old nephew's birthday'. Sheldon admonishes, “I think you mean comic books,” “Comics are feeble attempts at humor featuring talking babies and anthropomorphized pets found traditionally in the optimistically-named funny pages. (I thought comics were people like Jerry Steinfeld.) ” Yet in, a season 4 episode, where Raj is about to have Howard play with his big telescope, Sheldon asks Raj if he has enough 'comics'? Now, that's funny.
  6. Raj's Reason to Pee Raj exhibits a classic 'fight or flight' adrenaline and noradrenaline responses The fight or flight response is hormonally hotwired. When felt threatened all animals have this survival mode automatically kick in. These 2 hormones prep the body to stand and fight, or run away. Raj needs to, at least 'tinkle', and possibly boom-boom 'scare the s--t out of you'. Part of the response is to discharge any food being processed at the time: pee, poo, and /or toss your cookies. Blood flow is diverted from the rest of the body to digest food. In the fight, or flight response, the food in process is ejected to allow increased blood flow back to other parts of the body, especially muscles. This is why you don't swim directly after a meal. The blood flow is diverted to digest, so your muscles are more likely to cramp, and you die. The muscles cramp, including the heart. Skeletal muscles cause painful cramps, but the heart just stops beating: a heart attack. Likewise, Raj is scared speechless.
  7. In the season 4 episode, where Sheldon explains the superiority of 73, Howard and Raj argue about 'Ratman and Mouseboy'. 1) First, Howard states someone was bitten by a radioactive rat, and got a tetanus shot, and stiches. Wrong. a) The tetanus bacteria, and/or spores are ubiquitous. Tetanus is caused by Clostridium tetani, a member of the nasty genus that also gives us C. botulinum (botulism), C. difficile (pseudomembranous colitis), C. Perfringens (gas gangrene). All are anaerobic bacteria (they only grow without oxygen). That is why deep puncture wounds are a risk. Tetanus bacteria produce more bacteria, and spores (bacteria's long lasting seeds awaiting the right conditions to germinate).Tetanus is also called 'lock jaw'. Tetanus will cause muscles to spasm, such as locking the jaw muscles tight, and opisthotonos (similar back muscle spasms that can cause the spine to snap). b) If an animal bites, you either get no tetanus shots, or 2 tetanus shots, spaced apart on site and time. If you had a tetanus vaccine, shot within 10 years of the last one, you are safe. No vaccine is needed. If not sure, or more than 10 years, then 2 are needed. First, tetanus immunoglobin is injected. This gives immediate temporary protection. Later, in a different injection site and time, the vaccine is given, allowing for a new 10 years of protection. They can not be given together, or in the same location, because they both will cancel each other out. The immunoglobin would bond to the vaccine, and negate each. c) Human bites are dirtier than most other common animal bites, but you never stitch a bite big enough to need sutures. It must be left open to drain. This also allows more oxygen to enter the wound killing potential Tetanus growth. Antibiotics are given, as well. I once saw a little kid with a dog bite that was allowed to close over. A haunting memory. Also Raj and Howard have a spider infested challenge. Raj quips that Howard would not shower at the gym to save the world. Yet in a previous episode, where Raj tells Howard of his dream of each buying mansions with a tunnel connecting Howard's front yard to Raj's back yard,, with profits from their equation app fortune. Howard quips he will no longer shower at the gym after they play handball. He will now shower at home. Both can not be true. I guess Howard feared a possible hand ball game in the shower. Don't drop the soap.
  8. 1) Your girlfriend does not smoke. recently your girlfriend informs you she just taught a capuchin monkey to smoke. You have an eidetic memory. You enter your girlfriend's apartment and state you smell the smoke. A moving , smoke puffing, monkey is directly in front of you at a short distance. Anyone under those circumstances would make the connection, much less a future Nobel Prize winner. Explosive. 2) Penny had a better chance of getting to ride her Glenn, than Sheldon getting to ride his Glenn, just listen to Leonard's vociferous objection, and Bernadette's implied recommendation. As Bernadette says of Howard, a lot of what I write is intended to be humorous. Dynamite. Fun Fact: Dynamite was originally Nitroglycerin (unstable, but already existing) in diatomaceous earth (stabilizer containing diatoms (single cell algae)). A fuse ignites a blasting cap. The blasting cap explodes the Dynamite. Diatomaceous earth is cat litter. Gives new meaning to kitty going boom-boom.
  9. A Complementary Crossover Connection As Sheldon, once again, got to ride his battle ostrich, Glenn, so to Penny got to ride Glenn, Bernadette's battle tested 'massive weaponry'. Both got to ride something big, but only one had feathers.
  10. Monkey see, monkey do. Sheldon see, monkey do. season 4 episode 20 The Herb Garden Germination, Amy tells Sheldon,: 'I recently trained a capuchin monkey to smoke cigarettes.' Season 4 episode 21, the next episode, The Agreement Dissection, Sheldon returns a drunken Amy to her apartment, and asks 'Is someone smoking?' The smoking capuchin monkey is in a straight line direct view of Sheldon. Now, Sheldon has an eidetic memory. Even when Amy thought Sheldon did not pay attention: he did. Remember the 'tweepadock' in the room? A 'tweepadock' never forgets, and neither does Sheldon. Sheldon should have made the connection. Sobering Fun Fact: A recent 2021 Oxford University study of 25,000, in the Guardian, found there is no safe level of alcohol consumption. Every exposure to any amount of alcohol permanently damages the entire brain.. Food for thought, or, more appropriately, food for thirst, food for abstinence. I won't drink to that. Cheers!
  11. Keep abreast of this Interesting Observation and Episodic Error. In a 3rd season episode the guys make reference to the 3 breasted hooker from the movie 'Total Recall'. They are not total fleeting ephemera. An NBC article goes into great detail. As many as 10 on one person, various anatomical locations, fully and non-functional. Noted celebrities: Mark Wahlberg, Jackson Browne, Tilda Swinton, Lilly Allen, among others. Similarly, various anatomical variations occur, almost as far as your imagination will take you. A past girlfriend, long ago, thought she was pregnant by me, but was not. Many years later, it was found to be impossible. As Sheldon has a bifurcated uvula. she had a bifurcated uterus ( one cervix, but one uterus for each ovary: twice the uteri, but insufficient for a fetus). Likewise, mythical historic humans have reality. Hercules: Myotonia Congenita. Cyclops. Goliath Giantism. Yet, with all our variations, we are one people.
  12. This one shows Sheldon being deliberately sinister. In the season 2 last episode opening Howard was teaching Sheldon Chinese. Howard used a right hand gesture, and Sheldon mimicked the gesture with his left hand. Sheldon should know hand gestures can be important in languages. For example, in Latin, right is dexter (we get dexterity, etc), and left is sinister (we get evil). In religion, at the last supper/Seder Judas sat to the left of Jesus, because he was sinister. Similarly, in Arab nations, always shake hands with right hands. Using the left hand is an insult, because the left hand is used for toilet (exit) functions, and is considered unclean. The right hand is for eating (entrance functions). Likewise, the same gesture can have opposite meanings in different cultures. The next time you view the movie, Crocodile Dundee notice Paul Hogan's reaction to his chauffeur's (Reginald VelJohnson's) 'thumbs up' gesture, given with a smile. Problem: the gesture means 'up yours' in the land down under. All to say be right.
  13. This is short, and, hopefully, event-ualy, fruitful and sweet. As with Star Trek, Grass root efforts and fan enthusiasm, launched conventions, etc. I suggest listing your view 'clicks', and perhaps show any powers that be, that we, the show's fans, would like a Big Bang Theory Convention.
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