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  1. Autism: a developmental disorder of variable severity that is characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior. Mary Cooper should have gone to that specialist. Early intervention helps. I think his friends understand, and tolerate his behaviors. Sheldon's intellect must be difficult to harness. It is expected he may champ at the bit. Yet he is still a big 'P' in the 'A'.
  2. I thought Sheldon was an example of a form of autism. Hopefully his character has given an appreciation for those with the disorder, has educated the general population, and raised the status of those with it.
  3. In the Professor Proton funeral episode, Penny tells Leonard she could not even cry when her pet pig died- they just had a barbeque. Yet, in the episode 'The Bachelor Party Corrosion', her father, Wyatt, fears informing Penny that her pet pig, Moondance, was killed in his tractor accident. Penny was upset. This little piggy was roast meat, This little piggy was none, and all the other piggies went wee, wee, wee, all the way home.
  4. We are fans. It was a great show. At times, I feel like the monkey grooming the show, to comb through its fur, occasionally munching on a newly revealed morsel of tick, or flea. Alternatively, perhaps, Jim Parson said the wrong lines.
  5. I respectfully disagree. Yes, it is not that big a deal, but it is for Sheldon. Sheldon always corrects poor grammar. For example, Barry asked Sheldon whether Sheldon gave it to Amy GOOD, and Sheldon corrected, saying 'no, I gave it to her well'. Also, Leonard tends to end sentences with a preposition. What's that about!
  6. May I write this? I think I can. I feel like William Safire On Language, or EB White/William Strunk Jr, from Elements of Style. In the episode where Howard and Bernadette force their neighbor to tear down his spotlight balcony, Sheldon uses incorrect grammar, twice. He even repeats the exact same error, each time. When Leonard possibly comes down with a cold, Sheldon becomes a Purell Pez dispenser. After everyone got a blast, Sheldon asks if he CAN top anyone off. Of course, he CAN top them off, he just did. Sheldon should have said MAY I. MAY asks permission. CAN asks if he is capable/able to. Later, in the same episode, Sheldon inquires whether Howard CAN walk over to him at the doorway to Howard's back deck. Of course, Howard is capable of walking over, and Sheldon knows this. Sheldon should have asked Howard if he would, or might come over. I know it's just semantics, but I can't help it. May I have your forgiveness?
  7. I see Penny's selective memory as a consequence of her familial alcoholism, or perhaps the writing staff's.
  8. In the episode when Sheldon cautions Raj about his apartment once being an old watch factory using Radium in the process, there was a lesson learned long ago. I believe it was the first episode of the second season. A watch factory, long ago, employed many young ladies to paint the glowing Radium on the watch dials. The ladies would systematically place the tiny brushes in their mouths to achieve a fine point. The ladies began to have problems. Teeth fell out, jaw issues, and death. A New Jersey medical examiner discovered how lethal this was, when he placed some of the ladies' bones on undeveloped photographic film, and then developed the images. The Radium in 'their bones created an 'X-ray' of their bones by the Radium radiation that persisted, after their deaths. I believe it persists for about 1600 years. I believe there is a PBS documentary, book, and 2018 movie about this. I know this is not comical, but true. May they all continue to rest in peace.
  9. True, but I believe it is what can 'legally' be deducted. I'll give another possible example. I have been to lectures where the lecturer showed a few vacation slides. I think he possibly could right off the vacation, camera, etc. The photos were used for a work event. Seminars are held at vacation destinations, so the attendee could have a vacation and partly deduct it as business expenses. It is not just a coconut. It is how far a coconut can be carried by a swallow. It's not just a deduction. It is how far the deduction can be carried without dropping it on your foot, and causing unwanted pain.
  10. Agreed. For example, Kaley had her commercial while riding a horse. I would think, she would need to keep up her riding ability, in case another scene was to suddenly occur, again. and any expenses to maintain that potential ability would be a write off. I was wrong and you are right the Lorvis collection appears just Warner Bros. props. Maybe Warner Bros. rents its collection for a profit. A friend has a corporation that creates autographed authenticated memorabilia. He usually sells, but can rent out the items to places, like restaurants. As I understand, the tax code is structured to encourage new business that may take 1-2years to show any profit. I had an office in my home, and I could have rented it to myself for a tax break, but I would have a later financial day of reckoning at retirement, so I chose not.
  11. I respectfully disagree.
  12. This is not an error, and perhaps this deserves its own topic: The Big Bang Theory and the IRS. I believe tax laws permit deductions for business related items, and services. Likewise, items can be rented for a fee. There are examples in TBBT. For example, Kaley Cuoco had her hemorrhoid commercial. She owns horses and a ranch. She likely rented her horse to production (she already had comfort with her own horse), and got to deduct all costs of maintaining the horse and ranch, in case her horse and riding skills were needed again. Likewise, Kaley's yoga classes. Likewise, Sheldon's trains, and, for that matter, Dr Melnick from '2 and a Half Men'. Someone probably wrote off their entire train collection. Likewise, Dr Lorvis, and his incredible menagerie of collectibles. Someone collected, rented, and wrote off massive business expenses.
  13. In the episode when Sheldon has a fit over a new table in the apartment, Leonard states, if Sheldon objected to the sofa, he would never have had his 'spot'. Yet, in the first meeting between Sheldon and Leonard, Sheldon's folding lawn chair was already in his claimed 2 dimensional 'spot'. Musical chairs., butt not a whoopee cushion in sight.
  14. My thinking is a computer geek might be able to manipulate the image. With all those cop shows demonstrating video image enhancing, perhaps the poster could be, as well.
  15. Here's a possible answer to Penny's last name, or at least her stage name. You can find images of the movie posters from Serial Apeist, and Serial Apeist 2-Monkey See Monkey Kill. We need a computer geek. You can see that the Serial Apeist 2 poster states 'starring Wil Wheaton', even though he and Penny were fired. I can not make out if Penny is also credited on either poster. It is blurry.
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