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  1. I will have to find the episode. Here is one to grow on. (on which to grow.) Leonard is quizzing Penny on the usage cautions of a new drug, using the mnemonic 'GRAVY". She states the drug should never be taken by any child, until they have stopped growing. In general, no child stops growing, while still a child. Bones grows by growth plates. Interestingly, the way bones grow (and heal during fractures) is by briefly laying down cartilage by specific cells (Chondroblasts). Next the cartilage frame work is eaten by Osteoclasts, and replaced by bone deposition by Osteocytes. Growth Plates are areas of constant cartilage growth, and constantly being replaced by bone. In females these plates stop production by age 13-15 in females, and 15-17 in males. So, in general, there is that awkward time when the girls are taller than the boys, but the boys eventually catch up, and surpass, except for Leonard, Howard, Raj, Bernadette, Penny and Cinnamon. This may be part of the reason why younger girls go for the older boys, at least for a time. The point is that, in general, all children are still growing. Teenagers are still growing. Although, as Bernadette said, 'Thanks for the prenatal cigarettes, mom'. Hey, between this entry and the last one- It is just skin and bones.
  2. I'll lay some skin on you. Skin on skin is always best. In the first episode of the 12th (last) season, Raj has a twitter war with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Raj remarks that "much like epithelial tissue, it appears I've gotten under your skin." , and Tyson remarks" Nice try, genius. The skin is epithelial tissue.". Not to get under anyone's skin, but though this is true, it is also true that you can get your skin under your skin. It is called an epidermoid cyst. It is a pocket of outer skin growing beneath your skin outer covering. Skin is not designed to grow below the normal skin layer. As we shed our outer layers of skin they become the primary component of dust. In an epidermoid cyst, the sphere inner lining constantly sheds skin (Stratum Corneum), but has nowhere to go, so the ball can grow in size, under your outer skin. It is just one of the possible lumps underneath it all (as Gwen Stefani might sing). So that is the skinny. I hope it did not irritate you. I must admit it gives me some pleasure to give deGrasse a deGrasse kicking. Fun fact: a physical deGrasse kicking could traumatically cause a microscopic bit of epidermis to become implanted under the victim's outer skin, and cause an epidermoid cyst. So, a deGrasse kicking could cause epithelial tissue under his skin. A deGrasse kicking resulting in kicking his own deGrasse. QED
  3. This is not an episodic error. and this connection might be dead in the water, but there was a partial reunion of the 'Stand By Me' movie cast. Old Georgie-Vern (Jerry O'Connell), and Wil Wheaton-Gordie (Wil Wheaton) (who also played against Geordi La Forge (Levar Burton)). Georgie, Gordie, Geordi-Good Golly.
  4. This connection might be dead in the water (and arguably a connection of the cross), but there was a partial reunion of the 'Stand By Me' movie cast. Old Georgie-Vern (Jerry O'Connell), and Wil Wheaton-Gordie (Wil Wheaton) (who also played against Geordi La Forge (Levar Burton). Georgie, Gordie, Geordi-Good Golly. This is my Episodic Errors and Young Sheldon cross connection, and if it angers you, then it is your own cross connection, too.
  5. Very good. You just put my reference on a different set of wheels, and rolled it on out. Jolly good fun. '[You] got a brand new pair of roller skates, got a brand new key.'
  6. Amy lost her mind in this one, and she did not even know it. What was Sheldon thinking? During the episode where Sheldon asks his assistant Alex to choose Amy X-mas gift choices, one was a framed signed print drawing of a neuron by Santiago Ramon y Cajal, the father of modern neuroscience. Sheldon calls 'dibs' and keeps it for himself. In a season 11 episode concerning Edison v Tesla, Sheldon admits Amy is the only Neuroscientist Sheldon can name. He not only can name him, but can remind himself by just looking at the 'dibs' signed print. It was likely on a wall for display. All he had to do was possibly lift his eyes. We know he threw his back out once by lifting a book, but these are only his eyes. There is something ironic, in that this topic is concerning the brain, and all he needed to do was use his. Mind over (gray) matter. If interested, you can search the web and see Santiago Ramon y Cajal neuron drawings. It seems the image used in TBBT may have come from Scientific America Magazine. Try using it as part of your search. It seems to match up best with a screen grab from TBBT. He shared the 1906 Nobel Prize with Camillo Golgi (of Golgi Apparatus- a intracellular organelle akin to a digestive tract inside cells, and the Golgi Tendon Organ-the sheathed nerve clusters at tendon's ends that tries to hinder such things as Achilles Tendon ruptures). Of note, Santiago eventually became an MD, went to Cuba and contracted malaria, and tuberculosis. Suffering for your art. To continue...protection. To continue...Toulouse-Lautrec.
  7. I am going to ring my bell to draw your attention to this. I rode my bicycle past your window last night... In the episode where Young Sheldon learns to ride a bike without training wheels, he first tries using the bike without any training wheels (cold turkey, and, like a turkey suddenly without wings, it won't 'fly'). He then falls, and breaks his arm (his 'wing'). That was not necessary. Training wheels have adjustable settings for height of the wheels, so you can gradually eliminate the training wheel support, until they are no longer needed. (See my similar entry on the TBBT show Episodic Errors) Old Sheldon claimed he could not ride a bike, but erroneously he could, and did. Task memory is hard to 'forget', giving credence to the phrase 'You never forget how to ride a bike'. In a way, this is a cross walk cross connection.
  8. That makes sense. That episodic moment happened at the episode end, during the credits. Only a vocal 'Woo Hoo!' right after a final bottom spank. Per the DVD extras interview, that scene was originally scripted as all vocal, and changed last minute, even the rest of the cast was wondering what was occurring.
  9. Amy's 'Woo Hoo' is the Beverly Hofstadter 'Yikes!' equivalency. Amy day dreamed about Choo Choo Sheldon. Amy remarked 'Woo Hoo' while being spanked by Sheldon. (She was very bad.) Also, Sheldon dreamed that Penny was paddling Leonard in his converted bedroom. Also, Dr Beverly ping ponged Dr Alfred Hofstadter, while Leonard hoped he dreamt. The only other ping pong paddle use was Amy, Raj, Penny, in a game. Either way they were all served.
  10. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike... In the beginning of a season 10 episode, when Bert wins the Mc Arthur Award, Sheldon walks by the broken elevator with the gang, and sees a bicycle. He comments that if he could ride a bike, he would steal it. Yet, in a recent Young Sheldon episode, Young Sheldon learned to ride a bike without training wheels. Now, it is commonly said you never forget how to ride a bike. Plus, Sheldon does not forget. I seem to recall there are 2 types of memory, declarative (memory expressed vocally, or written), and procedural (memory expressed as learned tasks). We may loose the former, but the latter is stored in deeper brain areas, and are more difficult to forget. So, fear not old tasks. Pick up that old instrument, play that game, wield that light saber, ride that bike. ((but be carful)) However, Sheldon never told Leonard that Amy taught him to drive a car. Perhaps, he can also fly a helicopter, or plane. He likely cashed in his Leonard gift card for train driving training. Woo woo, or, as Amy might say, Woo Hoo.
  11. This one may get you sick to your stomach. This is one to chew on (on which to chew). At the beginning of the season 8 episode, when Howard learns the last of his mom's frozen cooked meals have been thawing in the freezer, due to a power outage. The power had been out overnight. Usually, food in the fridge is insulated, and the cold is retained (even without power, for a while). Eventually the food would start going bad, having thawed. Raj tells Howard and Bernadette that the taste and texture will be compromised, if refrozen. Bernadette says nothing. She has a microbiology PHd. She should have alerted all that bacteria growth increases, and may get us sick. One bacterium divides every 20 minutes, on average. This means one bacteria becomes 8 in one hour, and increases exponentially. So, in 8 hours that single bacterium becomes about 17 million (if I did the math right). She should have been more concerned with food poisoning. If food is heated, it may kill off 'heat labile toxins' (they deactivate with heating the food). Also, refreezing stops the bacteria from multiplying, but, when thawed, starts from where it left off, and proceeds. It could have turned into a scene from the movie 'Bride's Maids', or at least the baked bean scene from 'Blazing Saddles'. No amount of Matzo Ball soup could quell that queasy Richter Scale eruption. As Mrs. Wlowitz would say, 'I'm like an upside down volcano, here.'
  12. I understand. It is a diversion for me, a mental challenge, and a way to connect with fellow fans. It seems people like my entries, so I am trying to do something on the Young Sheldon site. Tripper e-mailed me , "That sounds like a great idea. You're right, your thread is one of the most popular topics in "The Show" board." I feel encouraged by that. In general, I guess, people seem to like my entries. I feel as courageous as Old Sheldon v Lovey Dovey, Young Sheldon v training wheels, Howard v flight, Leonard v Jimmy Speckerman, Raj v speaking, and Penny v nothing.
  13. Let me pop this one on you. At the opening of the most recent episode, Young Sheldon was walking quickly to a vintage electronic hit called Popcorn by Hot Butter. You can search for it. There is a period dance video available, as well. It demonstrates a great lack of choreography, but is fun. If you wish, there is another version, by search, Popcorn by Jean Michel Jarre. He is a pioneer of electronic music. His album, Oxygene (I also like Equinoxe), from the seventies, is still the best selling album in the history of France. He has given concerts for masses of people. I think one was on a Brazil beach for an estimate 1 Million. Most interesting is that he provides the strongest argument that artistry is more genetic, than environmental upbringing. Jean Michel's father was Maurice Jarre. Maurice Jarre was an OSCAR winning composer (Lawrence of Arabia, Dr Zhivago(Laura's Theme), Witness, Ghost, on and on). Jean Michel states 20-25 encounters with his father, in his life. Yet, he remained composed. Yet, both, independently, soared musically. Isn't that bitter sweet music? Training Wheels. To be continued.
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