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  1. That is a very insightful comment! Plus, we know Penny used the guy's shower on the first episode. Penny should have felt the difference that adhesive ducks can make. That is a very insightful comment! Plus, we know Penny used the guy's shower on the first episode. Penny should have felt the difference that adhesive ducks can make. Great insight! Plus, we know Penny took a shower in the guy's apartment on the first episode, and would have felt the difference adhesive ducks make. Great insight! Plus, Penny took a shower in the first episode, and should have felt the difference adhesive ducks make. Great insight! Plus, Penny took a shower in the first episode, and should have felt the difference adhesive ducks make. Great insight! Plus, Penny took a shower in the first episode, and should have felt the difference adhesive ducks make. There was something wrong with the web site. That is the reason for my excessive number of repeat entries. It seemed like each time my response did not take. Sorry.
  2. That could be, but Sheldon has problems recognizing, and comprehending sarcasm. Leonard, in one episode, even held up a sign stating the word 'Sarcasm' for Sheldon. Sheldon can not read facial expressions, and emotions. What you wrote makes sense to most people, but , in my pinion, not Sheldon.
  3. In essence, this episodic error shows Sheldon trying to turn water into wine, or turning the Nile red, or getting blood from a stone (cold fox). In the episode where Penny dislocates her shoulder, Sheldon tries to help dress her. Penny does not want underwear, just shorts and a top. Sheldon complies. Later, while Sheldon is filling out the ER medical forms, he comments, due to Penny's reaction, that her menses is in progress. Now, from other episodes, we know that Sheldon has calculated Penny's cycle, even though Amy hoped they would all sync. Also, Penny would likely need more than shorts, if that were true, especially just coming from the shower. So, why did Sheldon wisely make that assumption? We know Sheldon knows a lot about medicine . Perhaps, typically, he is unaware of his caustic nature to others that would promote such responses, as Penny's. Regardless , Sheldon would evaluate factually, and not emotionally. As Leslie Winkle might comment, 'PMS, it's a little early.'?
  4. There once was someone who used soft wax, and made impressions of keys, and impressions of credit cards. Key issues happen. I even think there was an old Superman episode about this.
  5. Don't get angry, and want to spank me for this one. If Leonard is the youngest of his siblings (Michael the Harvard Law Professor, or Leonard's sister that grew a pancreas in an adolescent gibbon), then there was an episodic error. Dr Beverly, in a season 2 episode, said to Sheldon, she consummated her marriage, but since then only had coitus to procreate .No power point. It is on her other lap top. Yet, Leonard saw Dr Beverly swatting his dad with his ping-pong paddle. If Leonard is the youngest, Dr Beverly lied. Maybe she needs to be punished. Maybe she needs a good paddling. Ouch, that one hurts.
  6. Never get a key made and give out your personal information. Always pay cash. Never get a key made in a store that knows all your personal information, and has an idea of your wealth. It could possibly lead to someone breaking into your house with a key duplicate. Sheldon should have been more concerned about this.
  7. In the second season episode concerning paintball, and Penny shooting Sheldon's seat cushion, they took the cushion to a dry cleaner that also makes keys. I think Sheldon would have a stronger concern of the dry cleaner's integrity. What dry cleaner would also offer to make keys. He would have the name, address, phone number, and quality of clothing worn and dry cleaned. Having made a key, and possibly making a copy for them self. The possibility of theft should be a greater concern of Sheldon.
  8. Allow me to take a 'crack' at this. In the second season, in the episode that introduces Dr Beverly, At the beginning Penny is crying about her father calling her 'Slugger' til she got her first training bra. After that, they stopped playing catch. She wasn't 'Slugger" anymore. yet, when we get to meet her father later in the series, He calls her 'Slugger". Also, Penny at the end of the same episode says her mom said 'Bob' she's a girl. Now is the family name Wyatt, because Bob is not a variation of Wyatt. Maybe Bob Wyatt is the father of Penny Wyatt. Some people are called more often by their last names, like Kripke. Also, Dr Beverly and Sheldon got along famously, and continued throughout the series. Perhaps that is part of the reason Sheldon and Amy existed. Dr Beverly and Amy are both similar. Each is a Neuroscientist. Each had off putting personalities to Sheldon, at their beginnings, but 'warmed up' as time passed. Maybe Sheldon was having sex with Dr Beverly, and not Amy? As Leonard said his mother would say Penny and he were filling the emptiness of their childhoods. So, did I hit it out of the park? As Sheldon said, "It's a sports metaphor. baseball".
  9. It was Leslie Winkle, as quoted by maybe Raj, that called Leonard "Fast as Light". (not lightening) She would have first 'hand' experience. Plus, Penny commented to Leonard, 'Yeah, for your information a half an hour is a long time'. Plus, Penny looked at her watch in the laundry room, when Leonard told Penny he, just was 'with' Dr Stephanie. Now, I wonder how often Penny wears a watch.
  10. In sequential episodes, in the second season, Leonard and Dr Stephanie went to her bedroom. In the first episode, they were eating lasagna at Dr Stephanie's home, and became quickly amorous. Leonard commented that he would have swallowed the lasagna whole, if he knew she was waiting. In the next episode Leonard was at his home, and she wanted to get busy in the bedroom. Leonard commented that he just ate, and didn't he need to wait an hour. She commented that is only for swimming. They then dashed to his bedroom. Now, what's up with that? Is there something magical about Dr Stephanie's bedroom vs Leonard's? Did Leonard forget the lasagna session? Granted it is thought that immediately after sex, a male will get sleepy, and stupid, but that would not last for the next day. I also believe the effect of wanting sleep could have survival implications. For possible propagation of a species, it would be beneficial to have the couple sleep together for a time, after the coitus. Did Leonard think Dr Stephanie spiked the lasagna with counteractive meds? Was Leonard trying to back off coitus in the second episode? Most disturbing is that we know about 'Quick as Light Leonard', and his faster than 'The Flash' delivery system. Granted, at least one time Leonard had leg cramps, and that could be more an arterial flow problem that should be further diagnosed, especially at his age. Therefore, why would Leonard ever worry about potential cramps (as in swimming), because Leonard only demonstrates the swimming equivalent of just barely dipping his 'toe' in the water, and he is done swimming. Always remember to wear your water wings for protection, even if, like Leonard, you are only quickly dipping your toe. Glasses in TV don't use lenses to avoid reflective glare, but , especially as a Neuroscientist, Mayim should have known better, and I 'see' what you mean.
  11. In an episode where Penny and Leonard tell the gang of their chopping down and bringing home a Christmas tree, they had a struggle hoisting it upstairs. I would like to hold out an olive branch, but Leonard is a physicist. He should have realized he should have turned the tree around. It is like pulling an umbrella upside down. It will catch on everything. Maybe the critter, within the tree, hindered them further by latching onto the stairs for dear life, as they pulled. Tree-mendous!
  12. In the episode where Leonard brings over someone Sheldon is playing Nintendo, and offers Leonard to come play. Leonard says I have someone with me, Sheldon says I have a third controller, "The More The Merrier". This is in contrast to the episode where Bernadette was introduced to the gang. Sheldon balks at the disruption, and Penny replies "The More The Merrier". Sheldon points out hat it is not necessarily true, and gives reasons. In both situations, it only meant one more person. Many things can be More and Merry: Robin Hood's Merry men, Merry elves, and Merry Christmas. Later in the same episode Penny tries to explain to Sheldon that "Love trumps hate". I think this might have ben an Episodic Error. We know Penny believes in Psychics, and fortune telling . Perhaps Penny was saying: "Trump hates love", or "Trump loves hate", or "Hate loves Trump", or "Love hates Trump". Perhaps, Penny was right all along by saying "Love trumps hate".
  13. Yes, that is my points. All have seen Penny, but Howard only had contact with Penny's fist.
  14. In the episode when Leonard tells Penny, "I love you", and Penny replies, "Thank you", Raj later inquires of Leonard if he put on her panties...it happens. Leonard replies no. Yet, on the Thanksgiving episode where Howard meets Elon Musk washing dishes, and shares a half eaten slice of pie found in the trash, The gang arrives to witness Leonard wearing Penny's lingerie, and shaking it in her face. In the episode where Dr Plimpton is trying to start a 4 way. Howard immediately raises his hand, only to drop it when Leonard reminds him that they would all be naked together. Yet, at Howard's Bachelor Party, Raj tells of a 3 way with Sailor Moon. I guess Sheldon was right to say more does not always mean merrier. When you think of it, Howard was the only one of the three not to be with Dr Plimpton, or Penny. Even Sheldon got a hand full and eye full of Penny. Penny makes you think of soup. The hero always peeks. Even Stewart Bloom had at least a make out session, while being called Leonard. Even Amy grabbed something during their slumber party. As Howard would say, "What the Frack". Yes, no Frack for you.
  15. Sheldon states in an episode that , along with religion, his mother has a mild Dr Pepper addiction. Yet, in another episode, where Howard is dressed like someone from 'Toy Story', Mrs Cooper asks if anyone wants something to drink. Howard has a hankering for a Lone Star beer, then a diet Yoo-Hoo, but she ultimately only offers a Coke. You would think it would be a Dr Pepper. Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too?
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