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  1. FYI: 12-1-2021 PBS 1 hour, 10 pm, Stephen Hawking in his own words, his life story.
  2. This one may warm your heart, and It will burn Sheldon. (I may have written this one before) In season 8 episode 9, Sheldon states "You know who else said that? Every cocky T. Rex currently swimming around in the gas tank of your car". The misnomers of 'fossil' fuel, and Sinclair gasoline still exist. Just ask Bert. Fossil fuel never came from fossils. Just go to the La Brea tar pits. The only parking lot with tar oozing from below creating and simultaneously filling the cracks made. Yes, fossils have been pulled from the tar pits, because creatures fell in. Hence the pits existed before the dinosaurs, or there would be nothing in which to fall. It's more like the dino fell into the dipping sauce, but they did not make it. Crude oil came from plant life under pressure, like peat bogs. Then, "It's gonna take time, A whole lot of precious time. It's gonna take patience and time, mmm. To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it To do it right, child. Also, why were the dino bones left? Burn! Fun Fact: Both living creatures and plants expel some carbon dioxide, but plants expel a net positive amount of oxygen. Phew, that was a close one. I have to catch my breath. Plants need living creatures. They need a constant supply of carbon dioxide gas. Otherwise, plants would suffocate: all oxygen, and no carbon dioxide. Oxygen is a plant's waste product, and carbon dioxide is one of ours. Neat how this works out! Now let's fix global warming.
  3. Correct! Saved, as in saved from poisoning. I never wrote death. Correct! Saved, as in saved from poisoning. I never wrote death. Still Confused?
  4. If you already knew the answer, then why ask the question? Oh, I know.
  5. Th is isho w my keybo ard works, so forgie some errors, n/ow an/d then.
  6. My brain does not work well with numbers, like dates. Penny was with Kurt for 4 years. Pre-Leonard, Penny was with Kurt, so she may have not even been working. Yet if Kurt was the sole income source, then why did Penny have to lend Kurt. The prehistoric era is difficult to discern. We'd need to search for Kurt's primitive cave drawings, and try to decipher them for answers.
  7. Great point! It seems there is a legal procedure to request getting off the no-fly list. Perhaps, your point creates an additional episodic error. I am going to use that.
  8. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but first get to Vegas? River Stay Away From My Door! In season 6 episode 23, we learn that Amy was put on the no- fly list for possibly breaking the airport TSA agent's nose for getting too handsy, and the 3 women busted on their Vegas hand play. Yet, in season 8, the 3 women went to Vegas. Amy got so excited at the news, that she needed to check her underwear to see if she peed, but earlier in the series we learn at the Cheesecake Factory that Sheldon and Amy were arriving late, because Sheldon stated Amy needed supplies for experiencing her menses. Luckily, none of the guys were ordering, or sipping tomato juice at the time. Better, what if at that moment, Penny came by and asked who ordered the tomato juice(or the Bloody Mary), and all the guys point to Amy. We learn Amy is always packing, so she has no surprises. So, why did Amy need to check her drawers, she got this. Why check for leaks when you wrapped the damn? Anyway, how did the women get to Vegas? Penny was checking flight schedules, and no one corrected her. Yet, even though a person may legally be removed from a no-fly list, I doubt a person committing assault and battery on a federal agent would be removed. The car drive is a b!t(h, I've done it. It took about 6 hours with traffic. A maybe 12 hour round trip for just a weekend? On the way you may pass a 'ghost town', and a Greek restaurant (they're everywhere), probably Mars, at least a hotdog stand. Further, Amy was custom made for Sheldon since season 6. They will go by train everywhere. As Sheldon and Amy would say, "Woo Woo" and, "Whoo Hoo!" Regardless the liquid, Amy has troubles.
  9. Alright, Then. Cutting edge. As Dr Lorvis, Billy Bob Thornton nearly exactly reprieves his Slingblade catch phrase thrice, while walking upstairs with Sheldon at the episode's opening. Three nods with no one loosing their head by way of a Kaiser Blade. Sharp!
  10. Dude, I think we respect each other. It would be a pointless 'forum' if we all just agreed on everything. Much respect. Why I believe. I had the most fun failing a test in the halter topped seventies. I was perfectly positioned. She was kissed by filtered moaning sunlight. Every time she leaned forward to write an answer, her flag was unfurled, and I did all I could to not salute at attention. Everyone should have such a defining moment. Everyone should smile remembering a similar test of will.
  11. Yes. Sheldon has an eidetic memory. All seen is a vivid permanent mental image.
  12. COME ON PENNY I believe Penny initially sparked and fannied the libidinous flames in Sheldon, like hot Chinese soup. Even Penny's tattoo artist thought Penny's 'backside' was hot. Again, even Cookie Monster was attracted to Penny's 'backside', or Cookie Monster also had a high devotion to soup: it's the soup that eats like a meal. Plus, we may all agree Cookie is the expert when it comes to the best 'cookie'. Penny has a Cookie seal of approval. As Dexter's Midnight Runners sang, "You in that dress, my thoughts I confess Verge on dirty, ah, come on Eileen". I have a stuffed plush Cookie Monster, and am still trying to place a Penny 'tattoo' on Cookie's 'backside'. That would solve that mystery. Charly "thatthatisisthatthatisnotisnotisthatititis".
  13. True. I believe Penny was the instrumental catalyst for Sheldon's emotional awakenings. A catalyst (inorganic, like Magnetite), or enzyme (organic, like Catalase), does not actively expend energy to cause a reaction. A catalyst, or enzyme, is unaltered in its function. A catalyst simply lowers the energy of activation needed to cause the reaction to occur. A great example is Magnetite, it contains Magnesium and Iron. The mineral surface lowers the energy for peroxide, H2O2, to spontaneously split into oxygen gas bubbles, and liquid water. Also, it is magnetic. Catalase is in most living matter, and enzymatically causes the same peroxide reaction of Magnetite. Penny did not force Sheldon , and visa-versa. Their mutual proximity freed up what always existed in each other, just not as freely expressed. So, Penny, in many ways, was the antithesis of Sheldon. Over the series Sheldon became more like Penny, and visa-versa. They were symbiotic. They had true 'chemistry'. I believe Sheldon's first (mistaken?) Penny breast fondle was an awakening. Sheldon's soup tattoo quip is BS. Sheldon has read countless comic books. I am no expert, but what hero always peeks? Buttman? Assman? The Campbell's soup kids? (MMM, MMM good?) Who does not remember that first? Even Forrest, Forrest Gump remembered that.
  14. In Sheldon's world, for most of the series, Sheldon has emotional disconnections. Even physical demonstrations of affection are foreign to Sheldon. Quite the opposite, Sheldon sees emotional connections as odd. To understand Sheldon, you need to think like Sheldon. Yet, be careful, trespassing onto Sheldon's flatland could leave you dimensionally void. To Sheldon, emotions are not part of his equation. He can not miss what does not exist in his world. In Sheldon's world everyone else is misguided. What's love got to do, got to do, with it?
  15. DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? In the episode where Sheldon is retrieved from his run away train excursions, in the car scenes, with passenger Raj, and later, in the same episode, passenger Amy, and even later passenger Sheldon, they each seem at moments to be traveling faster than the drivers, Howard and Leonard, respectively. The passenger's windowed backgrounds, at times, appeared to roll past at a more accelerated pace than the driver's. Apparently, they not only play physicists, but are also capable of bending the physical laws of space/time. Where is the late great Dr Stephen Hawking, when you need the man to further explain the universe? The cars remained in one piece. Plus, sound is not warped between the occupant's speech. The physicists warp space/time, but not the speed of sound, not even a doppler effect. Sheldon's Halloween doppler effect costume would simply appear as equidistant vertical stripes, like an old time prisoner outfit pattern cut at 90 degrees off. In their universe, sound is not malleable, but you can still fit a 12 foot pole in an 8 foot garage: the speed of sound is not effected, nor the speed of light. The cars don't even do a Candid Camera car split.
  16. NOW HEAR THIS Funnest Fact: In a first season episode, Sheldon is found by Leonard, tidying up Penny's apartment. Leonard speaks loudly and at a higher vocal register, admonishing Sheldon. Sheldon cautions Leonard to lower his volume and sound, because women are attuned to awaken to a baby's cry. In a PBS show, on prehistoric women, an ancient skull was imaged in great boney detail. The boney cavity where the cochlea, the snail like spiral organ of sound reception, was located, and shows a female gender difference vs males. It is better constructed to pick up high pitched sounds, like a crying baby, so the female is more likely alerted to then pick up the baby.
  17. Agreed. I never wrote 'die'. I wrote 'saved', as in saved from a near lethal end. Chocolate can be lethal to dogs. The vet had to use charcoal to adsorb the doggy toxic chocolate swallowed. If Cinnamon was the audience for Penny and Leonard's sexual exploits, as Raj suggested, then Cinnamon would not have been able to attack the chocolate. Funny, I always thought Cinnamon and chocolate mix well together. Ultimately, 'fast as lightening' Leonard ended quickly enough for Cinnamon's benefit (less exposure time to the ingested chocolate), but to Penny's unsatisfactory conclusion. Lucky for Cinnamon, Sheldon and Amy weren't involved. Otherwise, by that conclusion, Cinnamon would be dead, and, at least, partially mummified, as well: A doggy cinnamon stick.
  18. Sheldon's Train Went Through Tunnels, But Sheldon's 'Train' Could Not Leave The Station Sheldon, upon returning from his train escape, related taking Imodium to deliberately constipate himself. This is a wrong, and dangerous example. In recent years people use dangerous amounts of Imodium to try to get high. perhaps Sheldon was getting high on his train trip: Sheldon was tripping on his train--Woo Woo! Fun Facts: Imodium is an anti-diarrheal. Imodium (aka 'Liquid Cork'), Narcan, Heroin, Fentanyl, and poppy seeds are all opium based chemicals. They each vary by minor chemical structural elements. Central nervous system pain killers, like Heroin and Fentanyl, have a side effect of possible constipation. Imodium's chemical structure normally has a minimal pain killing effect, but has an exaggerated constipation effect. Narcan has no pain killing effect, but its structure binds better to the body's cells, and displaces the pain killing opiates in a drug overdose. Poppy seeds commonly have no pain killing effect, but poppy seed food may cause you to test positive for opiate use, plus, if allergic to opiates, poppy seeds can put you in an anaphylactic shock reaction, as well. Any way you take it opiates can be bad news. One further major caveat. Addicts can 'relapse'. To any opiate addict, if you are detoxed, and relapse, save your life, and spare the ones who love you. If you relapse, NEVER go back to the same dose you took when you stopped using. Your body can not handle the same dose. It is likely how many relapsed addicts die. Take a tiny dose, if you must, your 'clean body has reset, and you will overdose if the same dose is taken, at your maximum final pre-detox level. A family friend died, likely in this manor. Someone else overdosed, was revived, escaped the hospital and overdosed again. He was again saved, and was planning another escape. Don't be a Sheldon! In this instance, Sheldon was literally full of S#!T. Did you hear about constipated Sheldon? He tried to budget, butt finally had to work it out using a pencil.
  19. Fair warning: This is some extremely Nerdy Stuff Why Geno the Neutrino? Professor Proton (Bob Newhart) had a puppet (Nee Muppet), Gino the Neutrino. Enrico Fermi postulated the neutrino. The neutrino was detected in Italy. In a form of radioactive emission, called beta emission, a near massless electron is emitted, but more mass was lost during this decay. The neutrino was postulated. An early detection of this hypothesized particle only detected 1/3 the expected particles, by bombarding a chlorine based detection cleaning fluid, which generated a detectable transformed radioactive Argon. It was proposed that neutrinos were not Catholic, because they had no mass. I mean, come on, how many Italians in Italy are not Catholic. A Russian, via Italy, proposed 2 other neutrinos. Eventually, A Japanese team used purified water detective liquid, and discovered the other 2/3 neutrinos. There were a total of 3 shifting neutrinos, called flavors, but, no, not Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. This was why initially only 1/3 the neutrinos were detected. The chloride based detection fluid could not detect the other 2 neutrinos, and was accurate all the time. The 3 neutrino flavors were constantly oscillating between each other on their journey. Per Einstein, this oscillation may only occur if neutrinos had mass. See, neutrinos are Catholic. The neutrinos also did not travel at the speed of light, because as a particle travels near the speed of light, it can not oscillate, because at the speed of light time does not pass, and matter change stops. The speed of the phasing of the 3 possible neutrinos was altered by a 4th proposed neutrino. Neutrinos are everywhere. The sun produces them. We produce them. They are constantly passing through our bodies, and Earth. In fact, the neutrino flavor oscillation was detected by a detector on one part of planet Earth collecting neutrinos simultaneously from neutrinos passing through the atmosphere, and through the planet, on the other side, and found variations in flavors. Currently this 4th neutrino is thought to be the first particle involved with dark matter. Dark matter makes up about 95% of matter. It is involved with gravity. Neutrinos have no charge. Similar to other particles, there was a time when their existence was unknown. For example there was a time where all atoms had only electrons and protons, and were indivisible. Atom is the Greek word for indivisible. Originally, protons were accelerated spewing forth neutrinos. So, the episodic error is that Professor Proton could never hate Geno the Neutrino, because a proton gave 'birth' to the first detectable neutrino, so how could Professor Proton hate his own child. I hope this gives someone a 'par-tickle'. For further confusion and clarity, consider viewing on the web Nova: Particles Unknown.
  20. Now You See It, and Now You See It In the Dr Oliver Lorvis (Billy Bob Thornton), Urologist to the Stars episode, both Sheldon and Dr Lorvis make a slip of a blade, and slip of the tongue, concerning Gene Roddenberry. Although the procedure is called a vasectomy, you do not snip the vas deferens. For a successful vasectomy, you must sever the 2 vasa deferentia (or ductus deferentes), the plural forms. For those equivocal men, you can have a shut off valve installed for a change of mind. Talk about thinking with your little head and his two buddies. Truly taking matters into your own hands. No utility company can shut you down without your ultimate control. Severing only one is like only shutting one French door: Exit is still free. As George Carlin said: an iffy birth control method at best...'Baby Maybe'. Hence, Gene Roddenberry could still boldly go.
  21. Nice insight! Your observation blows a hole in that episode plot akin to a swiss cheese slice. It is strange that Sheldon would so freely loan money to Penny, yet be so obsessive-compulsive to never throw anything away. Plus, being such a germaphobe, yet retaining the nose wiped stuffed bear, and old tooth brushes, Sheldon could have at least used his old tooth brushes to help comb out the snot laden bear. Aaa-choo!
  22. The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowing In The Wind Fun Fact: In all the episodes with Howard on the international space station the simplest item between life and death on the space station is a fan (air flow). Time for a cool change. In the same way no gravity causes liquids to hang as suspended floating spheres, so too does expelled carbon dioxide. While sleeping weightless, the expelled gas remains in place, and will kill by robbing the body of oxygen. Fans push the carbon dioxide away, replacing with oxygen. Breath easy. Waiting to exhale.
  23. May he ride off into the sunset in peace.
  24. A Poke at a Poop in a Pig (A Completer) In the season 4 episode where Penny's daddy, Wyatt, is driving Penny and Leonard back from a steak dinner, Wyatt was recounting Penny's past boyfriends. He tells of Donnie, 'who was gonna make millions turning farm waste into biofuel and selling it to the government. All Donnie did was mix pig poop with a little water and pump it into his mom's Camry.' Leonard should have retorted, 'So, Donnie tried to go Wee, Wee, Wee all the way home'.
  25. Oil and Water Don't Mix - Oil and Condoms Do Caveat: I may have written this before, or I may have just been censored before. In the 4th season episode involving Leonard and perk seeking philanthropist , Mrs Leathem, Sheldon offers Leonard a pre 'date' swag bag, including baby oil and condoms. Granted , as Penny points out, Sheldon needs to read the book they gave him, to understand the phrase 'stiffing', still any basic chemistry course would point out that petroleum products degrade the chemical bonds in latex rubber. You are not safe , even if the condom does not break. Apparently within 60 seconds, microscopic holes occur, like a subway broken turnstile. viruses, like HIV, and bigger things, like 'baby makers', will sweep through, without visual knowledge. Any petroleum product is dangerous, even pre-applied skin lotion, or edible butter fat products, like whipped cream. You wouldn't wear a rain coat that will not keep out the rain. It defeats the purpose. This is a major public disservice that perpetuates in reruns. A disclaimer would be prudent. How many people could have been infected, or pregnant, due to Sheldon, the genius, or Jim Parsons, the openly gay actor, not catching this threat. Shame on Shamy.
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