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  1. Great point! It seems there is a legal procedure to request getting off the no-fly list. Perhaps, your point creates an additional episodic error. I am going to use that.
  2. Yes. Sheldon has an eidetic memory. All seen is a vivid permanent mental image.
  3. May he ride off into the sunset in peace.
  4. This is short, and, hopefully, event-ualy, fruitful and sweet. As with Star Trek, Grass root efforts and fan enthusiasm, launched conventions, etc. I suggest listing your view 'clicks', and perhaps show any powers that be, that we, the show's fans, would like a Big Bang Theory Convention.
  5. Sharing. If some one can 'morph' the pair of pencil drawings, it might be swell. Imagine that, as a kid Penny was in love with Ernie, 'the heart wants what the heart wants'. Penny rightly ends up with Ernie, and now we all know why.
  6. I know you are an Amy devotee. It appears she does have early upper spine deformity. I could be wrong. Time will tell. No offense intended. Res ipsa loquitur.
  7. Dude, If you can't safely be excessively nerdy on a BBT fan forum, then where?
  8. As Bernadette might say, A lot of what I write is intended as humor. In my state ,masks are needed in all supermarkets by all.
  9. On a related topic, I believe Trump refuses using a mask for 2 reasons. 1) He defies science and logic. Examples: by staring at an eclipse, and staring at us sans mask. 2) Trump is vain. A mask would mess his hair, and cause his orange tan lotion to rub off on the mask, like a bag of Cheetos, and reveal a rectangular white patch when removed. A narcissus narcissist.
  10. Here's a timely thought. I can't do anything with it for now. So, if needed, I may repurpose it as 2 respirator masks. What a way to go!
  11. Understood. Plus, the time of month is a factor, as well. It is just Hollywood Prop Supply's tag stated a Victoria's Secrete padded push up bra. I just thought a bit more info might help. For all I know, it may have been in the Victoria's Secrete bag that Penny used to lure Leonard away from the Lord of the Ring's ring battle.
  12. Yes, I read that, but I think she upgraded, again. Just go to the web images, and look at side by side photos. She did not need this push-up padded bra later in this series of TBBT. Each surgery has to allow for tissue expansion, before another size upgrade is safely possible. Just ask Pamela Anderson.
  13. To me, the early episodes, especially the first episode, show less of a load, than later episodes. Just trying to give extra clues. I think?
  14. If it helps in the hunt, this is a padded bra, so I am thinking it was used before she had enhancement surgery. It may have been used in earlier episodes. Perhaps only the bra straps were seen on TV.I am grateful, and encouraged by all the responses. As with Penny, my cup runeth over.
  15. Thanks for all the efforts. It is not PC, but this search almost gives permission to stare a a woman's bra. It is not staring, if you are trying to solve a riddle. It is hopefully for an ultimate good cause. FYI, this bra was apparently never washed, per Hollywood Prop Supply, and contrary to Howard's comment, Penny does not smell like a cheese cake scented goddess, but more like cinnamon (and I do not mean Raj's dog). Forgive me, if I offended anyone, as Bernadette might state about Howard, much of what I write is intended to be humorous.
  16. The reason for a paucity of replies to this topic has just dawned on me. First, I am a nerd, and have always been so. I have the requisite collection of sci-fi collectibles, ad nauseam. As nerds, things like a woman's bra are not often in our vocabulary. I am convinced that my fellow nerds and are too shy to respond, especially if they knew the episode in which it was used. It would have been easier for early Raj to tell Penny something. Plus Raj would have more likely worn it.
  17. Molecules

    Penny's Bra

    TBBT fandom please help. I obtained a bra utilized by Kaley Kuoco (Penny), in an episode of TBBT. The bra came with a detailed label, and a Certificate of Authenticity from Hollywood Prop Supply, off e-bay. Hollywood Prop Supply is not sure in which episode the garment was used. My plan is to hopefully eventually have it processed into TBBT wardrobe cards, and auctioned off for breast cancer research. As a certified nerd, I have limited experience with bras, and I have never had this much trouble with one. Knights, and ladies, please help me in my noble quest. Help me, obi-wan. You're my only hope. Thanks, Molecules P.S. I think I remember an episode where Penny had 2 similarly red/pink colored straps showing, but I can not remember the exact episode.
  18. It is not an error, but I believe Sheldon and Leonard were named for sit-com pioneer Sheldon Leonard (Dick van Dyke, etc). In an earlier episode, Sheldon moves his DNA model on wheels to get to his wall safe behind the hinged painting to get his autographed Leonard Nimoy napkin. In another episode, Leonard tries moving the same model, only to have it fall completely apart.
  19. Season 5-The Shiny Trinket Maneuver. Fun Fact Sheldon states he still has a mexican peso in his nose. Why would Sheldon allow this to continue? Perhaps it is a silver or gold peso. Metals are antibacterial, such as silver and gold. Even before the germ theory humans coveted silver and gold eating utensils. They are bactericidal.
  20. Waste your own time to your heart's content. There is none so blind, as those who will not see. Your 3rd article states diseases, not pathogens. It includes white blood cell cancer. Just way off topic. I tried to teach you, but you do not understand. Have the forensic pathologist explain it to you. I have better and more important things to do. Bye.
  21. I am not wasting any more time with this.
  22. ***PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ALL ENTRIES PROVIDED BY ME ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, AND MAY ONLY BE USED WITH MY WRITTEN PERMISSION.*** Okay, the first episode began with Leonard and Sheldon considering donating at a Sperm Bank. (Also, the first appearance of Vernee Watson). No deposits made. If the guys would not donate 12 years ago to strangers, what 'twist' or 'turn' would have made them change their minds to donate to people they know? Again the same ultimate conclusion 'reached' 12 years ago: coiti interrupti . It's like Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  23. First, it speaks poorly to 'Young Sheldon's' success , that another spinoff is discussed on a forum about 'Young Sheldon'. It's like making vegan chicken and rice. Perhaps in this particular time line/universe 'Old Sheldon' ceases to exist due to 'Young Sheldon's' cancellation. I would like to see either a prequel, or sequel, of all the characters. Situation and character chaos breeds the best humor. If situations and characters are all 'homeostatic' , then comedy nuggets are harder to excavate. Child abuse is never funny. Giving Jimmy Speckerman his own show would be 'improbable'. Perhaps, the episodes can show how Leonard survived, and flourished. Perhaps Leonard got back a Jimmy Speckerman in ways yet revealed, such as: Sheldon's Panty Pinata, or foamy vengeance against Kripki. Although, testicular stapling should be left to the professionals, such as Steve O.
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