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  1. I had three confirmed miscarriages, and possibly a fourth lost pregnancy. Believe me, I did NOT tell my employer about them. And, there is nothing like the joyous birth of a healthy baby, and all the demands of caring for them, to help put the sadness of miscarriage into the past. Congratulations to Melissa and her husband.
  2. I also live in a non-REAL ID-compliant state, and I recently obtained an "enhanced" drivers license that will be allowed in place of a passport for domestic air travel.
  3. You have always needed a government issued i.d. (unless it is your minor child) to fly domestically within the United States. Most people always carry their drivers license with them, and that is usually sufficient to board a domestic flight. I expect Sheldon would have identification on him. More interesting is if he actually carries the ring in his pocket at all times? My guess is that was at home in the safe.
  4. I remember a very early interview with Jim Parsons where he said that the writers had asked if he knew how to ride the unicycle. He didn't, so they abandoned that story line, although when he told them he was allergic to cats, they said tough, take some Zirtec. I was delighted to see the unicycle, and glad they let Jim hang on to a rope so he didn't get hurt.
  5. Called it. For "The Waltons" adult John-Boy narrated at the start of each episode about his childhood. That's what this reminds me of, probably because I never watched "Malcolm in the Middle".
  6. Ha! I was saying that Laurie Metcalf is the perfect age to play young Sheldon's Meemaw in the prequel. How delightful that her daughter has been cast as Sheldon's mother. Keeping it all in the family, in a way.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that we have seen Bob Newhart this season. Maybe Sheldon needs Professor Proton to show up and give him that final nudge towards a proposal?
  8. Penny can't visit the lab in Season 10 (and neither can Amy, Bernadette, or Raj), because the guidance system is classified and the lab is secure. I mentioned at the end of last season, before they signed the Air Force contract, that guidance system technology is export controlled, and just having Raj in the lab was in violation of export control laws. They can probably get away taking the white board with Sheldon's equations into 4B because no one else was around to see it. But, this work needs to stay in the lab with only those working on the project allowed in. And, because this is the Lenny thread, I'll add that Lenny are free to have sex in many, many other places.
  9. I just watched the episode tonight on CBS all access, and I thought the ending was quite abrupt. Sheldon realizing that Amy was mortified by what he was telling people about them. Quite a downer and he looked pretty sad. This fight between them made a lot more sense than the shopping fight last year that sounded quite contrived. Of course, the annual sex business is pretty contrived in the first place, but this is something that apparently the writers have chosen to play with in these characters. The cold open was awesome. Anyone else find themselves trying to hold their breath?
  10. The taping reports are accurate. But they can never bring events to life the way these marvelous actors can.
  11. I enjoyed it. Laughed out loud a number of times. The RA was clearly put in for laughs, and Lenny were smiling at seeing a number of their issues now that they were written on paper. It's always fun when Simon can do some of his physical comedy. And, the Amy/Sheldon good-byes, the kiss, the one upmanship one who will miss who more, I found this a lot of fun.
  12. I saw the movie yesterday evening and it is excellent. Jim's character could easily be one dimensional, but he doesn't play him that way. He projects a man who is concerned about procedures and getting the numbers right, and not simply a mean guy to the "colored computer". Lots of complex layers to his acting as usual. Nice job.
  13. Agreed, the character of Amy became more permanent during season four. In fact, there is an interview with Jim Parsons that was done right after the last taping of season three, and the interviewer asked him if Sheldon had a girlfriend now. Parsons frankly had no idea, and he said that the scene is taped and in the can, and he still had no idea where this was going to lead in the coming season. (See the May 4, 2010 Paley Center interview.) Below is a link to the Wall Street Journal interview published two days later. The relevant passage: Wall Street Journal: Both Judy Greer and Mayim Bialik (of “Blossom” fame) will be guest-starring as female eggheads this month. Are the writers determined to give Sheldon a girlfriend? Judy plays a scientist that Sheldon’s invited to stay at the apartment, and she’s very similar to him on first blush. However, he quickly realizes she’s much more in touch with using her sexuality than he is, and his opinion of her drops from peer to just ordinary. Mayim’s character is much closer to matching Sheldon’s personality. They’re not mirror images, but they’re certainly talking at each other. I say this – because their meeting in the finale episode is so brief — I literally do not know where that scene is going. It’s the final scene and we only exchange four lines, so I guess it’s our version of a cliffhanger. The intent, I think is to carry over the story to next year, but your guess is as good as mine. http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2010/05/06/the-big-bang-theorys-jim-parsons-on-parakeets/
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