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  1. I'd like to suggest not a whole episode, but simply one topic to be covered within an episode. Sheldon often makes pointed, but accurate, comments about the silliness of various social trends. One of my pet peeves is the growing practice of saying "sorry" for just about everything: if you lightly brush another person in line at the movie theatre, if you cut somebody off in traffic, etc. The response to almost every inconsiderate act is to reply with "Sorry!" Even something as sublime as farting. In so many situations where another expression would be more appropriate, "sorry" is said instead. I'd like to see Sheldon apply his sharp wit to point out how inappropriate it is to say "sorry" for everything. Following is a situation I am sure many viewers can relate to, and it gets the gist of my message across (I am sure the writers of "The Big Bang Theory" can do a much better job than me.) - - - SETTING: A supermarket. Sheldon and Leonard are shopping for groceries. Leonard is wearing a hoodie, with the hood on. They are each pushing a shopping cart, are walking parallel down the same aisle, going in the same direction, with Leonard somewhat ahead of Sheldon. Suddenly, Leonard cuts in front of Sheldon without looking, causing Sheldon to stop quickly to avoid running into Leonard. Leonard browses the shelves without realizing he almost caused a shopping cart collision. Sheldon: Leonard! Why did you abruptly cut in front of me without looking first? I almost ran into you! Leonard: Sorry. I didn't see you. When I am wearing a hoodie, I have almost no peripheral vision and lost track of where you were. Sheldon: Well, if you know a hoodie reduces your peripheral vision, why wouldn't you take that into account and make the extra effort to look before you make sudden lane changes? When you are driving your car, you don't abruptly change lanes without doing a shoulder check, do you? Leonard: No, I don't. But we are in a supermarket and I just didn't think about it. Sorry. Leonard takes the hood off, so he gets his peripheral vision back. Sheldon, just shakes his head. They both continue walking down the aisle, browsing the shelves, but now Leonard is directly in front of Sheldon. Suddenly, Leonard comes to stop. Something has caught his eye. This time, Sheldon cannot stop in time, and he runs into Leonard's butt--gently. Leonard turns around, and says, "Sorry." Then he turns back to further investigate the product that caught his eye. Sheldon: Leonard, you know I am right behind you, but you still stopped without warning. Why would you do that? What if I had stacked my eggs cartons? I'd have a mess of broken eggs in my shopping cart now. Leonard: Sorry. I did know you were behind me, but when I saw this (referring to the product in his hand), my mind focussed on it and I forgot about you. Sheldon: Please be more careful. Again, Sheldon just shakes his head and then they continue walking down the aisle. This time, Sheldon gives Leonard more room. Leonard is a few paces in front of Sheldon. Then he sees something on the opposite side of the aisle, so he swings his shopping cart in that direction, takes a few steps toward it, but then leaves his shopping cart parked sideways across the aisle, as he walks up to the product, takes it off the shelf, and reads its packaging. Sheldon makes a slight effort to get around Leonard`s shopping cart, but cannot; there is not enough room. Sheldon: Excuse me! Leonard you have blocked the aisle by parking your cart sideways across the aisle and I would like to get by. Again with a car reference, you don`t park your car sideways across a street, do you? You park it nicely along a side, so other people can get by. Leonard: Sorry. Leonard moves his cart out of the way, parking it nicely along the side. He is clearly preoccupied. Then he goes back to investigating the product. Sheldon: Excuse me, Leonard. That is the fifth time you have said "sorry." But I don`t think you are sorry. To me, when somebody says "sorry" it indicates a sincere regret on the part of the person saying it, as well as a genuine desire to learn from the experience so as not to do it again. You, on the other hand, are casually throwing the word out there like it has no meaning. You have continued to behave without consideration of people around you--in the present case, me--and seem to say "sorry" only as a means to placate me as you continue to do it. Stop it! Stop saying sorry if you don't mean it. AND THE SHOW CONTINUES ...
  2. I see movies in the theater once a year--maybe. It is pretty expensive to go often and, if the movies doesn't live up to expectations, it can be disappointing spending the money on a flop. I usually wait until they come out on DVD and then borrow them or buy them if they are good. I only go to the theater for the biggest shows, or ones that I especially want to see. That works out to about once per year. I don't go to the theater regularly just because it is simply a form of entertainment that fits into my schedule once a month. The last movie I saw in a theater was "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."
  3. Hello, everybody. My name is David and I live in a suburb of Vancouver. I have enjoyed watching "The Big Bang Theory" for many years. It is refreshing to see several different characters come together and interact like they do. Every now and then, one of the characters surprises me with a comment that is true, but you wouldn't expect to hear said out loud. I suppose the success of the show relies on the same factor as most other successful shows: people like watching people. Anyhow, I hope more good things come from this show.
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