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  1. Wen

    Carrie Fisher RIP

    She is at one with the force now...
  2. *heart eyes* You guys speak Welsh!!??
  3. Aww what a beautiful drawing
  4. It's from a TV show called LAX (2004 if I'm not mistaken)
  5. 5Mississipis, Strawberry here ya go....
  6. Down the rabbit hole we go. Happy shipping!
  7. Hoo! What an amazing (and slightly kinky) drawing.
  8. 7,5,1,8,4,2,9,6,3 There isn't a season I don't like per say, but there are some I like more than others. Also I might be one of the only people who liked Season 8. Ah well each to their own.
  9. Wow luminous! This is beautiful (as always)
  10. Just wanted to say hello. My name is Wen and I'm a huge Shelnard and Lamy shipper (with a love for Lenny as well) I hope to enjoy discussing the show with you guys. So erm.. Hi!
  11. Just wanted to say thank you to all the lovely people who have replied to my first post, Lenny are one of my favourite ships (although my OTPs are Shelnard and Lamy) and I hope to enjoy discussing and sharing my love of them with you guys. I hope everyone has a peaceful night. xx
  12. Erm...hi I noticed a few people have joined the forum recently so I thought now might be a good time to just say hello. Hi!
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