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  1. I can't sense the characters' friendships anymore. There is always a fight going on and they're hardly ever all in one room. And would it kill them to leave the house?
  2. I had forgotten about this site. I'm baaaaack!

  3. 1.) Raj and Fez both say "Screw you, that's funny!" 2.) Bob and Howard both spill milk out of a pitcher during a magic trick. 3.) Howard puts a wig on a skeleton sitting in a rocker, while dreaming of his mother's demise. In Donna's Story, Red assumes Bob will be sitting in a rocker with a lady's wig on his head. 4.) Donna and Amy both write stories about themselves as medieval women, incorporating their boyfriends into the plots. (That's my favorite similarity!) 5.) They both dressed up as Justice League! 6.) In both shows, the word touche is used literally, during the conversation or event of fencing. 7.) Red wants to watch Bob Newhart on Carson!!! 8.) Kitty and Penny both drink Peppermint Schnops. 9.) Red and Sheldon both hate when people whistle. 10.) Kelso competes for a van, and the nerds of BBT compete for a ring. In both shows, the winner is the last one holding on. 11.) Raj eats Funions, too. 12.) Jackie tells Kelso to restore the balance of their relationship by kissing another girl. Leonard dreams Penny kisses Sheldon to restore the balance after he cheats on her during his North Sea expedition. (Not like the balance was out of whack; she was always loose.) 13.) Eric and Raj are both afraid of butterflies.
  4. Four more, just since last night. The Big Bang Theory has Stuart Bloom, whereas That '70s Show has Stew Bailey. There's a Mrs. Riley in both shows. Both shows include mention of at least two characters going to see a performance by Barry Manilow. And they both include a rude Santa. I'm not even trying anymore to find similarities; they're just all over the place. I don't even know if I mentioned this one, but Hyde and Amy both watch Little House On The Prairie, and Randall and Leonard both want candy and flowers from a girl.
  5. The worst thing about Leonard and Penny's relationship? We can't go three consecutive episodes without a fight. This show is supposed to be intellectually superior and they're Ross-Racheling the crap out of it. Okay, point made, all couples fight. Now getting back to what matters; will Sheldon ever say Bazinga again? How long has it been?

  6. At this point in time, Halley is only 7 months old. By the time her sibling is born, she'll just be one year. They're still very dependent at that age. They're babbling things like glurble and hooby.
  7. Two more! Sheldon uses a Red Vine to drink his Kool-Aid and Eric uses a Twizzler to drink his...whatever. Also, Sheldon breaks Leonard's transporter and Red breaks Eric's Evel Knievel.
  8. I heard that we are NEVER going to see Halley. And since we haven't yet, I don't think we will. Isn't that wrong? They say it's a tribute to Carol Ann Susi and her character Mrs. Wolowitz, but don't you think actually seeing her granddaughter would be a much better one? Howard could celebrate her life on her birthday each year, that would be a wonderful tribute; but I think making her granddaughter a ghost is rather disrespectful. I think they made her a cameo because Mrs. Wolowitz was a cameo, but there are better ways to pay respects. And I'm really hoping their second baby doesn't cry the same.
  9. Donna sprays Hyde and Jackie with a water bottle (Magic Bus) just like Sheldon does to Leonard (Gothowitz Deviation). And WOW! I already mentioned Leonard's cousin "Leo". Season 10, there's a Theodore! Just like in that episode of That '70s Show with the contractors, Leo and Theo. Also what kind of name is Theodore? It sounds like a Christmas elf.
  10. Donna and Amy both wear Catholic schoolgirl uniforms (although for very different reasons).
  11. In the episode I Can't Quit You Babe, Eric calls Hyde Yoko. Amy and Sheldon were referred to as Jon and Yoko (as well as Yoko and Yoko) in The Zazzy Substitution.
  12. I'm hurting no one; I'm not blowing things up, or stealing children. I'm doing this because I "see evidence." I'm doing this because it's fun. I've read all my books, played all my games, learned the piano. I'm just trying to pass the time. True. But that doesn't bother me as much as when the Harper brothers pretended to be a gay couple. I mean...they're brothers. Ick.
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