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  1. Oh! There's also Burt from That '70s Show and Burt, the geologist from Big Bang!
  2. Actually, "I stated it outright". I know very well the similarities it has to Friends - a blond waitress dates the dark-haired scientist who lives across the hall from her. He wears glasses and seduces her in his lab. Their relationship is filled with drama and jealousy but they end up together. But if you really read what I wrote, it's undeniable that The Big Bang Theory and That '70s Show have much more in common. In fact it seems like Big Bang actually ripped off That '70s Show.
  3. Did it ever occur to you how unoriginal The Big Bang Theory is? Yes, it has a very generous fan base; you can include me on that. But sometimes their material was, shall we say, copied from another designer. The shows I will be comparing are The Big Bang Theory to That '70s Show. To begin, Donna and Penny are both sassy, tough girls who dye their hair blond. They both have green eyes, and they both date a nerd who read their journals. Penny currently resides in Pasadena, California and Donna went there. (They should have met. Fez and Howard would most likely meet in the dirty store. I can totally imagine a Big Bang circle.) Donna hits Kelso upside the head when she learns about his erotic fantasy including all the girls; and Penny punches Howard when he tries to kiss her. While attempting to keep Penny's community college secret, Sheldon shamelessly quotes Fez: "Good day, Leonard! I said good day!" Penny and Leonard take Sheldon to Disneyland to make up for their frequent fights, act like they're one big unhappy family, and Penny complains that Sheldon won't want his dinner, because he ate so much junk food. And the exact same thing happened to Donna and Eric - when Fez spoiled his dinner with the ice cream he got on his face. Raj and Fez both say Amedica, and Red and Leslie both say dumbass. While teasing Eric about his future, Hyde pictures Eric in a complete Spock outfit, coming home from a convention; and I know they're two different shows, but the Nerds all dress up like Star Trek characters. Both shows feature Special Brownies. And, in the episode The Deception Verification, Sheldon walks by a pizza man who smells of marijuana and says his uncle used to wear that scent. How cool would it be if his uncle were portrayed by Tommy Chong? Kelso and Howard both have a daughter. A toy helicopter runs rampant in both shows. Red and Sheldon both own a train set, and don't allow their friends, or brother, to play with them. In the episode of That '70s Show, titled Prom Day, Eric imagines what his relationship with Donna would be like if they meticulously planned it out. Viola! A relationship agreement is born. And...something else itches at the back of my mind. Oh yeah! I remember a quote from Raj, in the episode called The Nerdvana Annihilation. What was it he said? Oh, right. "Stuff that in your Speedos, JACUZZI BOB." In That '70s Show Donna's father, Bob Pinciotti, has been known to lounge about in his hot tub in his Speedos. Honestly! Raj's neighbor Jacuzzi Bob SHOULD BE Bob Pinciotti, having moved to California after Midge tells him how great a time she had. It's just so perfect! The Koothrappalis and the Hofstadters are not the only couples to break up. Donna's parents, the Pinciottis, also separated. And Raj and Donna are both used as a conduit for their parents' arguments. The Nerds have Aquaman briefs and Forman has a Spiderman bed sheet. Mary and Kitty both make smiley-face pancakes for their sons. Sheldon lost his father and Howard lost his mother. Lisa Robin Kelly, the woman who portrayed Eric's sister, died of an overdose, so technically Eric lost his sister. Penny's brother is in rehab, Hyde's first father was in rehab. And you know that dude Sheldon hired to avoid hearing Penny sing? They called him Leo. In a Big Bang episode called "The Isolation Permutation", Amy reveals that her friends trapped her in a sauna with a horny otter. In a That '70s Show episode called Immigrant Song, Eric reveals Laurie trapped him in port-o-potty with a horny goat. And guess who each slept with his cousin...? Eric and Howard! Donna does yoga with her mother and Penny does yoga with Sheldon. Kitty and Raj both own a small dog. Eric sees an angel and Sheldon sees a ghost. Sheldon and Donna were both on the radio. Raj and Fez are both not from the location the show takes place, and their love lives are often inactive. Jackie and Bernadette are both short and squeaky, but Jackie would bond more with Raj because they're both rich and spoiled. Like Sheldon, Eric is a fan of Star Wars, and builds models. I can imagine them building the Starship together; Sheldon quietly correcting Eric's work. Maybe they get into a big fight over it and Donna and Penny walk in on them...They all get high and Sheldon says some uncharacteristically stupid things!) Sheldon, Kelso and Eric all try to do the Jedi mind tricks. In The Sales Call Sublimation, Penny goes to a therapist, who says she went to college during the '70s; and Penny asks her if she ever had sex with a stuffed Wookie watching. And Eric and Donna's marriage counsellor just can't shut up about Star Wars! Hyde and Chrissy...Howard and Christy. Fez and Howard both dress up as Batman. Eric dressed up as Luke Skywalker and Professor Proton wore Obi Wan Kenobi's ensemble. (You can say he was never caught alive in those clothes, but it counts.) Sheldon wears a maid's outfit, Eric wears a dress. Zack's a dumbass, Kelso's a dumbass. And oh my God! Can you imagine Red Forman and Mike Rostenkowski in the same room? Kitty Forman, Mary Cooper. They'd get along great. Big Bang Theory still needs a landlord, though, and I know just the guy. FENTON! And let's not forget...The Loop. Carol Ann Susi (Howard's mother) appeared in That '70s Show, where Mila Kunis portrayed Jackie and Ashton Kutcher portrayed Michael Kelso. Kutcher also portrayed Walden Schmidt in Two And A Half Men, after the death of character Charlie Harper, portrayed by Charlie Sheen who appeared in The Big Bang Theory; where Kaley Cuoco and Katey Sagal reunite for the mother-daughter relationship they had in 8 Simple Rules. John Ritter appeared in 8 Simple Rules; and he also appeared in Three's Company. His landlord, Mr. Roper, would later appear in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and one of the characters from that show would later find her way into The Big Bang Theory. But wait, it gets weirder. My brother wants Bob Pinciotti to portray Howard's father, because much like the character of Mrs. Wolowitz, he's big, hairy, scary, and has been known to occasionally leave his robe open. So...can you find any more similarities? Or have I pretty much covered it?
  4. I had to look up both ladies to know what you meant, and I must agree with you where Eden Sher is concerned. She would be perfect for the role of Amy's daughter. As for Lucy Hale...I suppose I could see her portray Penny's, but she would have to dial her glam down a bit. Her pictures look too Jackie Burkhart for BBT.
  5. I would like to see Nikki Payne as Marcy Grossman (or a cab driver who has a breakdown behind the wheel), Steve Spangler as Sheldon's father in a flashback episode (use makeup to age him just a little bit), and Gabriel Iglesias as a pizza delivery guy...or maybe Iglesias as himself, and the pizza delivery guy can be the same Gordon who delivers pizza in Two And A Half Men. And just throwing it out there, but imagine Claire and Alice as sisters. And maybe Kerry, from 8 Simple Rules, could just be an extra, in the store.
  6. Thank you, I'll have to watch it again. (Carefully, this time.)
  7. What?! When did this happen? I must have missed something...
  8. It wasn't an impressive date; anybody can text. I don't see the point of going to a library, if your objective is to have even a moment of romance. Watching the sun set over a lake, yes. Cuddling under the stars, yes. Sitting in a room filled with dusty books and unable to speak without people getting all hissy, no.
  9. Their relationship was doomed for failure. She kept running off. I like Emily because she made Raj a better, happier individual. They actually went on dates, they talked. All we know about Claire is that she has a job. All we know about Lucy is that she's weird, at least she was four years ago. But Emily and Raj had meaning to their relationship; and the crew dropped her like a bag of potatoes. She was there, and then she was gone; I don't even know why they broke up, do you?
  10. Spoiler Alert For Season 10 I knew this would happen! I should've put money on this. Katey Sagal is going to be cast as Penny's mom. (For those of you who don't know, Katey Sagal played the mother to Bridget Hennessey, played by yours truly, Kaley Cuoco.) I knew it! I just knew it. I had her cast as Penny's mom in a book I wrote "literally a million years ago" (in truth, it was before 2014. Way, way before). Of course, in my story Penny was still Bridget, pretending to be Penny, but you get the gist. Holy ghost. I am just mindblown right now. This truly does complete the Circle: Cuoco is in TBBT. She was also in 8 Simple Rules, alongside Sagal, who was also in That '70s Show with Ashton Kutcher, who appeared on Two And A Half Men on the set where Charlie Sheen used to work. Charlie Sheen appeared in TBBT, and now it all comes back to Sagal. Just like I said it would all those years ago. I should have put money on this.
  11. I, personally, prefer Emily. She's scary and all, but I think she's good for Raj. Whom do you prefer?
  12. Seeing as how this thread has been inactive for 21 days, I'm going to attempt to bring it back to life by saying that I would love to see Leonard's family get introduced to the show. Raj's father visited, now we need to see his mother; and if Mary Cooper and Leonard's dad are going to get married, Leonard and Sheldon would be stepbrothers and there could be all-new material to work with. In Two And A Half Men, Chuck Lorre stopped writing Chelsea and Rose into the scripts. I don't want to see that happen with Missy and Priya. No, they're not MAJOR supporting characters, but I think it would be great if Raj got to see his mother and sister at the same time. All he's got is Cinnamon...unless she died or something. Seriously, why don't we see the dog anymore? If she did die, you'd think her "soulmate" would be upset and whine about it. Long story short, the characters need to spend more time with their family members. We see most of Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Hofstadter, who for some reason I still can't figure out just so happened to at least twice visit their sons on the same day. And, if I might add, the dinner they shared was real awkward, considering the last time they saw each other they shook hands and decided to bury the hatchet.
  13. I hope I'm wrong! The writers have surprised me several times. I actually wrote a fan-fiction on Sheldon's proposal in anticipation of the event, but I know if it actually happens, it'll turn out far better than my story. Don't be! I couldn't be happier about that.
  14. If they do get engaged, I'll be happier than I've ever been. But, he was tempted to take off when Penny cut her hair. If that's too big a step, I don't see why he would propose. I think Sheldon's evolution is a good thing, but the fact that he had a ring, and the fact that they had sex, was really a big shock. It was totally out of character. That is what doesn't seem plausible, even after seeing it. Perhaps. She has changed him.
  15. Yes, all of that is plausible, because: Sheldon also believed a plastic figurine spoke to him. He's a little weird, remember? Penny was single and drunk when she slept with (or tried to sleep with) Raj. Inebriation makes you do stuff you wouldn't normally do; and Penny's the biggest alcoholic I've ever seen. Sheldon's afraid of change. They're still living with him because Sheldon agreed to Penny living there on a bi-monthly basis; and as frustrated as they get with him, he's their friend and they're taking his feelings into account. And when she discovered this, he also told her, "You just took my virginity; cool your jets."
  16. I know fans always speculate about what they think should happen; and I've read posts about a wedding involving a certain genius and a certain bespectacled neuroscientist, with hair the color of mud...But even after the Shamy engaged in coitus, a wedding doesn't seem plausible. It is, of course, one of my biggest television dreams; but I think a more suitable ending would be if Howard got his Ph.D., and became one proud father-to-be, Bernadette had a healthy baby, Raj did the honorable thing and made a choice between Emily and Claire, and Penny got to see her brother. It would be interesting if Amy carried Sheldon's baby, for real this time. He could freak out and leave again, making her very anxious about raising the little one alone. He would return, of course, because he loves her (and we him). He could agree to help raise the kid, but still be too afraid of change to propose... What are your thoughts?
  17. I have been! Thank you! Thank you! I'll have to look at that. Hi!
  18. I'm relatively new here and just thought I'd say hey! Who else is a Shamy shipper?
  19. Okay, thanks. Hope your method is helping with the spam.
  20. I see other (most) users here have edited their profiles; telling those who view them who their favorite character is, what their favorite episode is called, et cetera. How do I do that? I'm normally quick to understand a website, but this one says I'm not allowed to go to the chat rooms, I'm not allowed to edit my profile...Did I do something wrong already? Can I fix it?
  21. I just loved the part where Beverly and Alfred greeted each other. I knew she had emotions, but to finally see them expressed made it a terrific moment.
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