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  1. Stephen Hawking would have been 79 today.
  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  3. I was in Tesco today and the man at the till was wearing a Captain America Christmas jumper.
  4. Reminder for anyone else here in the United Kingdom that might need reminding: clocks go forward tonight at 1am.
  5. Reminder for anyone else here in Britain that might need reminding: Young Sheldon is back tonight. It's on E4 at 8 O'clock.
  6. Today on E4/ a TV channel that we have here in Britain, they are showing 6 Star Trek-themed The Big Bang Theory episodes. And they are using the title Beam Me Up, Sheldon, to refer to the episodes. The episodes are as follows: The Hot Troll Deviation/ Series 4, Episode 24, at 2.35 pm. The Russian Rocket Reaction/ Series 5, Episode 5, at 3.05 pm. The Transporter Malfunction/ Series 5, Episode 20, at 3.35 pm. The Habitation Configuration/ Series 6, Episode 7, at 4.05 pm. The Spock Resonance/ Series 9, Episode 7, at 4.30 pm. The Confirmation Polarisation/ Series 12, Episode 13, at 5 pm.
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