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  1. Jasur. Uzbek. Means "brave" in Uzbek.
  2. Hanif. Arabic, Urdu. Means "true, upright" in Arabic.
  3. Kamani. Hawaiian. Means "the beauty" in Hawaiian.
  4. Fen. Germanic. Diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element frid "peace".
  5. Dekel. Hebrew. Means "palm tree" in Hebrew.
  6. Ibtihaj. Arabic. Means "joy" in Arabic.
  7. (The) Deception Verification. Series 7, Episode 2.
  8. Rose Gold Super Fizzy Bath Dust.
  9. Valiente. Spanish for brave.
  10. Xenia Street, Corona, Queens, New York, United States.
  11. Zeitz, Saxony-Amhalt, Germany.
  12. Barnwell, Taber, Alberta, Canada.
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