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  1. Smadar. Hebrew. Means "blossom" in Hebrew.
  2. Quetzalli. Indigenous American, Nahuatl. Means "feather, precious thing" in Hahuatl.
  3. Zuberi. Eastern African, Swahili. Means "strong" in Swahili.
  4. Xenagoras. Ancient Greek. Derived from (xenos) meaning "foreign, strange" and (agora) meaning "assembly, marketplace."
  5. Odtsetseg. Mongolian. Means "star flower" in Mongolian.
  6. Vien. Vietnamese. Means "round, full, complete" in Vietnamese.
  7. Malia. Thai. Means "garland of flowers" in Thai.
  8. Kirtida. Indian, Hindi. Means "one who bestows fame" in Sanskrit.
  9. Ikaika. Hawaiian. Means "strong" in Hawaiian.
  10. Taylan. Turkish. Means "tall" in Turkish.
  11. Gittel. Yiddish. From Yiddish (gut) meaning "good."
  12. Rasul. Arabic, Avar. Means "prophet, messenger" in Arabic.
  13. Prasert. Thai. Means "excellent, superb" in Thai.
  14. Eda. Turkish. Means "well-mannered" in Turkish.
  15. Cigden. Turkish. Means "crocus" in Turkish.
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