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  1. Caua. Native American, Tupi. Means "hawk" in Tupi.
  2. Atuf. Arabic. Means "loving" in Arabic.
  3. Wafai. Means "loyalty" in Arabic.
  4. Sea Salt Giant Bombshell.
  5. Ilan. Hebrew. Means "tree" in Hebrew.
  6. Cinar. Turkish (Modern). Means "plane tree" in Turkish (genus Platanus), derived from Persian (chenar).
  7. Atif. Arabic. Means "affection, kindness" in Arabic.
  8. Flower Power Bath Bomb.
  9. Edit: Wrong thread.
  10. Velibor. Serbian, Croatian. Derived from the Slavic elements veli "great and borti "battle".
  11. Taisto. Finnish. Means "battle" in Finnish.
  12. Rahmi. Turkish. Means "merciful" in Turkish, ultimately from Arabic.
  13. Prabodh. Indian, Hindi. Means "awakening" in Sanskrit.
  14. Na'im. Arabic. Means "tranquil, happy, at ease" in Arabic.
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