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  1. Payam. Persian. Means "message" in Persian.
  2. Waltraud. German. From the Germanic element wald "power, ruler" or walha "foreign" combined with thrud "strength".
  3. G vs E/ Good vs Evil.
  4. Gotta Be You by Sugababes.
  5. Everybody Needs Love by The Temptations.
  6. Ubon. Thai. Means "lotus" in Thai.
  7. Nabil. Arabic. Means "noble" in Arabic.
  8. Lavi. Hebrew. Means "lion" in Hebrew.
  9. Sakineh. Persian. Persian form of Sakina.
  10. California by Joni Mitchell.
  11. (The) Andromeda Breakthrough.
  12. Quetzalli. Native American, Mahuatl. Means "feather, precious thing" in Mahuatl.
  13. Jalil. Arabic, Persian. Means "important, exalted" in Arabic.
  14. Ain't Too Proud to Beg by The Temptations.
  15. Hanif. Arabic, Urdu. Means "true, upright" in Arabic.
  16. Odtsetseg. Mongolian. Means "star flower" in Mongolian.
  17. Fen. Germanic. Diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element frid "peace".
  18. Where Did Our Love Go by The Supremes.
  19. Dov. Hebrew. Means "bear" in Hebrew.
  20. Mahtab. Persian. Means "moonlight" in Persian.
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