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  1. Palesa. Southern African, Sotho. Means "flower" in Sotho.
  2. Fikret. Turkish. From Arabic (fikrah) meaning "thought, idea."
  3. Direnc. Turkish. Means "resistance" in Turkish.
  4. Baraz. Persian. Means "exalted" in Persian.
  5. Velichko. Bulgarian. Derived from Slavic veliku meaning "great."
  6. Tamir. Hebrew. Means "tall" in Hebrew.
  7. Rusul. Arabic. Means "prophets, messengers" in Arabic.
  8. Pundit. Hindi, Marathi. Means "cleaned, purified" in Sanskrit.
  9. Notos. Greek mythology. Greek form of Notus.
  10. Lochan. Indian, Hindi. Means "the eye" in Sanskrit.
  11. Lawahiz. Arabic. Means "glances" in Arabic.
  12. Jalil. Arabic, Persian. Means "important, exalted" in Arabic.
  13. Vlaamse Leeuw by Volkslled.
  14. Jayashri. Indian, Marathi. Means "goddess of victory" in Sanskrit.
  15. Hasib. Arabic, Urdu. Means "noble, respected" in Arabic.
  16. Fayiz. Arabic. Means "victor" in Arabic.
  17. This Dream's On You by Gene watson.
  18. Dudda. Anglo-Saxon. Old English byname possibly meaning "round."
  19. Bambang. Javanese. Means "knight" in Jvanese.
  20. Zafar. Arabic, Urdu. Means "victory" in Arabic.
  21. Xenon. Ancient Greek. Derived grom Greek (xenos) meaning "foreigner, guest."
  22. Vien. Vietnamese. Means "round, full, complete" in Vietnamese.
  23. Rock N Roll by Tanita Tikaram.
  24. Pretty Lady by Keith Stegall.
  25. Taj. Arabic. Means "crown" in Arabic.
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