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  1. Jalal. Arabic, Persian. Means "greatness" in Arabic.
  2. Lawan. Thai. Means "beautiful" in Thai.
  3. Adstock, Buckinghamshire, England.
  4. Jyotsna. Indian, Hindi. Means "moonlight" in Sanskrit.
  5. Hamid. Farsi. Praiseworthy.
  6. Fa'iq. Arabic. Surpassing, excellent.
  7. Hadera. Hebrew. Means "adorned with beauty".
  8. Faria. Hebrew. Means "pharaoh" in Hebrew.
  9. Damir. Croatian, Serbian, Slovene. Possibly derived from the Slavic elements dan "given" and miru "peace, world". Otherwise, it might be of Turkic origin.
  10. Hasna. Arabic. Means "beauty" in Arabic.
  11. Baha. Arabic, Turkish. Means "splendour, glory" in Arabic.
  12. Zahi. Arabic. Means "beautiful, brilliant" in Arabic.
  13. Florinda. Spanish, Portugese. Elaborated form of Spanish or Portugese flor meaning "novel".
  14. Derin. Turkish. Means "deep, profound" in Turkish.
  15. Xacobe. Galician. Galician form of Jacob (or James).
  16. Vahan. Armenian. Means "shield" in Armenian.
  17. Taj. Arabic. Means "crown" in Arabic.
  18. Bibigul. Kazakh. Means "nightingale" in Kazakh.
  19. Ramiz. Arabic, Albanian. Means "symbolise, sign" in Arabic.
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