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  1. Elephant by Tanita Tikaram.
  2. The locals in the Atlas Mountains brush their teeth with the bark of the walnut tree.
  3. Ikaika. Hawaiian. Means "strong" in Hawaiian.
  4. Any Reason by Tanita Tikaram.
  5. Ganbaatar. Mongolian. Means "steel hero" in Mongolian.
  6. Ejder. Turkish. Means "dragon" in Turkish, of Persian origin.
  7. Cenk. Turkish. Means "battle, war" in Turkish, ultimately from Persian.
  8. Abhilash. Indian, Malayalam, Hindi. Means "desire, wish" in Sanskrit.
  9. Yalcin. Turkish. Means "steep" in Turkish.
  10. Vahan. Armenian. Means "shield" in Armenian.
  11. Legends of the Superheroes.
  12. Va Koram De Rex Satan V by Necros Christos.
  13. Rajko. Croatian. Derived from Croatian raj meaning "paradise".
  14. Payam. Male. Persian. Means "message" in Persian.
  15. Nanuq. Native American, Inuit. Means "polar bear" in Inuktitut.
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