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  1. Ikaika. Hawaiian. Means "strong" in Hawaiian.
  2. Gintaras. Lithuanian. Means "amber" in Lithuanian.
  3. Engin. Turkish. Means "vast" in Turkish.
  4. Aatos. Finnish. Means "thought" in Finnish.
  5. Yigit. Turkish. Means "brave" in Turkish.
  6. Velichko. Bulgarian. Derived from Slavic veliku meaning "great".
  7. Caua. Native American, Tupi. Means "hawk" in Tupi.
  8. Atuf. Arabic. Means "loving" in Arabic.
  9. Wafai. Means "loyalty" in Arabic.
  10. Sea Salt Giant Bombshell.
  11. Ilan. Hebrew. Means "tree" in Hebrew.
  12. Cinar. Turkish (Modern). Means "plane tree" in Turkish (genus Platanus), derived from Persian (chenar).
  13. Atif. Arabic. Means "affection, kindness" in Arabic.
  14. Flower Power Bath Bomb.
  15. Edit: Wrong thread.
  16. Velibor. Serbian, Croatian. Derived from the Slavic elements veli "great and borti "battle".
  17. Taisto. Finnish. Means "battle" in Finnish.
  18. Rahmi. Turkish. Means "merciful" in Turkish, ultimately from Arabic.
  19. Prabodh. Indian, Hindi. Means "awakening" in Sanskrit.
  20. Na'im. Arabic. Means "tranquil, happy, at ease" in Arabic.
  21. Lieber. Yiddish. From Yiddish (libe) meaning "love".
  22. Emre. Turkish. Means "friend" in Turkish.
  23. Reminder for anyone else here in Britain that might need reminding. Starting from 1pm today and finishing at 7pm, E4 are doing something called Big Bang Theory: The Final Countdown. They are showing 12 popular episodes, one from each series. Then at 7pm, E4 are showing Unravelling The Mystery: A Big Bang Farewell. According to the programme description, fans will get a tour of the set, hear the show's best-kept secret and watch the cast share stories. Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco host. The Change Constant/ Series 12, Episode 23 is on at 8 pm. And The Stockholm Syndrome/ Series 12, Episode 24, is on at 8.30 pm. Edit: At 9 pm, there is something called Big Bang Theory of Everything. With comments from famous fans, behind-the-scenes and red carpet footage and classic clips.
  24. Yuda. Indonesian. Means "war" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit.
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