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  1. Zayn. Arabic. Means "beauty, grace" in Arabic.
  2. Jack Bell's Grove, Oulton, Norfolk, England.
  3. Lampsoldshausen, Harthausen Forest, Mockmuhl, Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany.
  4. Xacobe. Galician. Galician form of Jacob (or James).
  5. Enkhtuya. Mongolian. Means "ray of peace" in Mongolian.
  6. You Owe Me One by ABBA.
  7. World of You, Love, and Music by The Temptations.
  8. Chantrea. Khmer. Means "moonlight" in Khmer.
  9. Vahan. Armenian. Means "shield" in Armenian.
  10. Taj. Arabic. Means "crown" in Arabic.
  11. Adara, Hebrew. Means "noble" in Hebrew.
  12. Under Attack by ABBA.
  13. State I'm In by Bananarama.
  14. Yen. Vietnamese. From Sino-Vietnamese meaning "calm, peaceful".
  15. Raanan. Hebrew. Means "fresh, invigorating" in Hebrew.
  16. Prasert. Thai. Means "excellent, superb" in Thai.
  17. Widad. Arabic. Means "love" in Arabic.
  18. Quality Shoe by Mark Knopfler.
  19. Inspector Gadget.
  20. Ohm Sweet Ohm by Kraftwerk.
  21. Ubon. Thai. Means "lotus" in Thai.
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