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  1. Rais. Arabic. Means "leader, chief" in Arabic.
  2. Nanton, Alberta, Canada.
  3. Moonlight And Kisses by The Supremes.
  4. Prashanth. Tamil. Tamil form of Prashant.
  5. Nahuel. Native American, Mapuche. Means "jaguar" in Mapuche.
  6. Tales from the Darkside.
  7. Hey Young London by Bananarama.
  8. Ruby, Alaska, United States.
  9. Unalakleet, Nome Census Area, Alaska, United States.
  10. Jalal. Arabic, Persian. Means "greatness" in Arabic.
  11. Westoning, Bedfordshire, England.
  12. Hartmann. German. Means "brave man", derived from the Germanic element hard "brave, hardy" combined with man.
  13. Yeolmbridge, Cornwall, South-West England.
  14. Fahd. Arabic. Means "panther" in Arabic.
  15. Damir. Croatian, Serbian, Slovene. Possibly derived from the Slavic elements dan "given" and miru "peace, world". Otherwise, it might be of Turkic origin.
  16. Balam. Native American, Mayan. Means "jaguar" in Mayan.
  17. English Summer by Eurythmics.
  18. Zeev. Hebrew. Means "wolf" in Hebrew.
  19. Xolani. Southern African, Zulu. Means "peace" in Zulu.
  20. Vahan. Armenian. Means "shield" in Armenian.
  21. Taisto. Finnish. Means "battle" in Finnish.
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