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  1. Ikaika. Hawaiian. Means "strong" in Hawaiian.
  2. Gil. Hebrew. Means "joy, happiness" in Hebrew.
  3. Cenk. Turkish. Means "battle, war" in Turkish, ultimately from Persian.
  4. Armas. Finnish. Means "beloved" in Finnish (an archaic poetic word).
  5. Yildirim. Turkish. Means "lightning" in Turkish.
  6. Happy 93rd birthday, David Attenborough.
  7. Happy Star Wars Day.
  8. Ilan. Hebrew. Means "tree" in Hebrew.
  9. Guntur. Indonesian. Means "thunder" in Indonesian.
  10. Ejder. Turkish. Means "dragon" in Turkish, of Persian origin.
  11. Celik. Turkish. Means "steel" in Turkish.
  12. Ari. Armenian. Means "brave" in Armenian.
  13. Yalcin. Turkish. Means "steep" in Turkish.
  14. Tushar. Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gijarati. Means "cold, frost, snow" in Sanskrit.
  15. Pyry. Finnish. Means "snowstorm, blizzard" in Finnish.
  16. Nirav. Indian, Gujarati, Marathi. Means "quiet, silent" in Sanskrit.
  17. Lev. Hebrew. Means "heart" in Hebrew.
  18. Jackfish, Ontario, Canada.
  19. Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada.
  20. Napier Field, Alabama, United States.
  21. Paint Rock, Alabama, United States.
  22. Ikaika. Hawaiian. Means "strong" in Hawaiian.
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