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  1. Gil. Hebrew. Means "joy, happiness" in Hebrew.
  2. Eyal. Hebrew. Means "might, strength" in Hebrew.
  3. Caua. Native American, Tupi. Means "hawk" in Tupi.
  4. Anbu. Tamil. Means "love" in Tamil.
  5. Check Yourself by The Temptations.
  6. Yagit. Turkish. Turkish for "brave".
  7. Noviembre. Spanish for November.
  8. Vahan. Armenian. Means "shield" in Armenian.
  9. Ikaika. Hawaiian. Means "strong" in Hawaiian.
  10. Rwaning. Javanese for leaf.
  11. Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  12. Set On You by Bananarama.
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