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  1. Moonlight Path Shower Gel.
  2. Frances Sternhagen.
  3. Vipin. Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam. Means "forest" in Sanskrit.
  4. Barbara Hancock.
  5. Tsvetan. Bulgarian. Derived from Bulgarian (tsvet) meaning "flower, blossom".
  6. Quebec Gardens, Camberley, Surrey, GU17-9DE, South-East England.
  7. Ratimir. Croatian, Medieval Slavic. Derived from the Slavic elements rati meaning "war, battle" and miru meaning "peace, world".
  8. Prasenjit. Bengali. Means "conqueror of an expert" army in Sanskrit.
  9. Nanuq. Native American, Inuit. Means "polar bear" in Inuktitut.
  10. Under Road, Gunnislake, Calstock, Cornwall, PL18-9JL, South-West England.
  11. Waitrose Chocolate mousse.
  12. Barbara Bel Geddes.
  13. Into. Finnish. Means "enthusiasm" in Finnish.
  14. Geghard. Armenian. Means "lance, spear" in Armenian.
  15. Yew Tree Close, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11-0JP, South-West England.
  16. Eyal. Hebrew. Means "might, strength" in Hebrew.
  17. Cenk. Turkish. Means "battle, war" in Turkish.
  18. Yuda. Indonesian. Means "war" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit (yuddha).
  19. (The) Spoiler Alert Segmentation. Series 6, Episode 11.
  20. Blasigt. Swedish for windy.
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