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  1. Viltautas. Lithuanian. From the Baltic elements vil "hope" and tauta "people, nation".
  2. Daisy Daisy Bath Buttercup.
  3. Tomorbaatar. Mongolian. Means "iron hero" in Mongolian.
  4. First Bloom Gentle Foaming Hand Soap.
  5. Raanan. Hebrew. Means "fresh, invigorating" in Hebrew.
  6. Pellumb. Albanian. Means "dove" in Albanian.
  7. (The) Launch Acceleration. Series 5, Episode 23.
  8. Najm. Arabic. Means "star" in Arabic.
  9. Januari. Swedish for January.
  10. Mission Deli Original Wraps.
  11. Ilan. Hebrew. Means "tree" in Hebrew.
  12. Reminder for anyone else here in Britain who might need reminding. The new series of The Big Bang Theory is back on tonight. At 8 O'clock on E4. Also, the new series of Young Sheldon is on at 8.30.
  13. Ganzorig. Mongolian. Means "steel courage" in Mongolian.
  14. Emre. Turkish. Means "friend" in Turkish.
  15. Strawberry

    A-Z Sitcoms

    We've Got Each Other.
  16. Celik. Turkish. Means "steel" in Turkish.
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