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  1. Tanana, Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska, United States.
  2. Geghard. Armenian. Means "lance, spear" in Armenian.
  3. Valdez, Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Alaska, United States.
  4. Erkan. Turkish. From Turkish er "brave man" and kan "blood".
  5. (The) Man from U.N.C.L.E..
  6. Cyneheard. Anglo Saxon. Derived from Old English cyne "royal" and heard "brave, hardy".
  7. Xanthophobia. Fear of the colour yellow.
  8. Altan. Turkish. Means "red dawn" in Turkish.
  9. Zakho, Zakho District, Iraq.
  10. Yalcin. Turkish. Means "steep" in Turkish.
  11. (The) Jim Backus Show.
  12. (The) Hank McCune Show.
  13. (The) Family Genius.
  14. Vuk. Serbian. Means "wolf" in Serbian.
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