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  1. Zephon75

    [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    Well I agree Penny has been a lot less snarky in season 11, but I have to disagree about the affection, while I hated the second half of season 10. In my opinion season 10 had a lot more affectionate moments between Leonard and Penny than we got in season 11.
  2. Zephon75

    Lenny Wish List

    Great list the only things I can think besides these are. Leonard arranges a surprise birthday party for Penny. Leonard & Penny , find a hobby or interest that they enjoy doing together. I'd like to see Penny's locket again. I'd also like to see the snowflake one last time before the show ends.
  3. Zephon75

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Well first off i thought the episode on a whole was nice , i'm going to say i'm happy for all the Shamy fans on this forum you got to see them get married and you'll get atleast a season of them being married on the show. Now onto my opinion of this season, as a Lenny fan i didn't think this season was any better or worse the the last three, i was left disappointed though. This was made more so by the last three episodes two of which Lenny had no scenes and the last one they did but didn't have and dialogue with each other . I can't think of a single season where they didn't talk for three episodes in a row whilst in a relationship or at all for that matter . I know some of my fellow Lennies feel this season is better due to the fact that Leonard and Penny haven't had any arguments on the scale they had last season. And how the snarky mean comments between them especially from Penny have been vastly reduced, and we didn't get any stupid jokes about how he wore her down or begged her . These are great and i was glad that we didn't get any of the arguments we've seen them have before same with the mean comments or stupid jokes about their relationship . However these positives for me are outweighed by my overall disappointment with things that where missing like the lack of anything i would consider a Lenny main story plot or and plots we did get where little sub plots . The fact we didn't get to see any beds scenes between them , yet the writers where able to write quite a few for the Shamy yet not even one for Lenny. But that was nothing compared to what to me was a reduction in affection and intimacy between them , compared to even last year it's been quite scarce. But my biggest issues are the fact that Leonard and Penny never hugged , the last season that they never shared a hug i think was season 4 which say a lot, . However even this isn't as bad as my shock at the fact that this was the first season of the show ever EVER! without Leonard and Penny sharing a kiss , it felt just wrong with that not happening. i have no idea why this season they chose not have them share a kiss. Of course all of this is just my personal opinion of how i felt about this season , and i know alot of you will disagree and that's fine after all where all entitled to our views of what we thought of this season. Oh I don't know if this has been mentioned before , so if it has I apologise , Leonard & Penny met in the first episode of the show and got married in the first in the first episode of season nine. Sheldon & Amy met in the last episode of season three and got married in the last episode of season eleven, so both couples from meeting to getting married took eight years .
  4. Zephon75

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Well i don't post this discussion thread as Shamy aren't my thing, however I am happy for you guys that you got to see them get married. Also you're going to get at least a season of them being married on the show before it ends. Oh and Amy's vows where wonderful.
  5. Zephon75

    1123 'The Sibling Realignment' (May 3)

    Well I actually liked this episode I enjoyed it more than last weeks, the pinkeye plot was the more entertaining one. It was funny how everyone got it but Penny, and Amy's reaction to Penny not getting it was great. It was good that Leonard helped Sheldon with his brother even though he didn't want to be there. As for Leonard's implying Penny was a bully doesn't fit mean yes but not a bully, it should of been his mother he said was the bully.Although I liked this episode I didn't like the fact that this was the second episode in a row where there was no Lenny, not even a scene where they where both in which was disappointing.
  6. Zephon75

    1122 'The Monetary Insufficiency' (April 26)

    Well my expectations are so low these days that i'm never surprised by what they consider good writing in this show. It was good to see President Siebert again. The girls plot was the better of the two , but that's not saying much as the guys plot just fell flat in it's delivery. That dress was awful but something Amy would definitely pick, but I doubt she'll be wearing that at the wedding. I'd like to add Penny's line about having a push up bra she uses to get free drinks , felt wrong especially as it safe to say that Leonard doesn't know she does that, and I doubt he'd be pleased if he ever found out . I found Amy's ew rude when Penny asked would she marry Leonard , especially considering who she's marrying. I was also disappointed we didn't get any scenes between Leonard and Penny but oh well . 😑
  7. Zephon75

    1121 'The Comet Polarization' (April 19)

    This wasn't that great a episode , none of the plots was really good and if that was the best they could come up with for a main plot for Penny then that's disappointing although atleat she's gotten a main plot. Leonard and Penny together haven't had anything that i would call a main plot this season, and with only three episodes left it looks like they never will. . Raj in this episode was being a opportunist douche , he knew that the comet discovery was Penny's but was being a ass claiming it was his because it was his telescope it doesn't work like that. . I have to say i was surprised Penny was so upset by Raj stealing her discovery, although i didn't like she accused Leonard of not being on her side just because he didn't want to make anyone angry. I would of prefered if Leonard had been on her side more though instead of trying to keep the peace , Penny's feelings about it should of mattered more to him than Raj's. Although he did have apoimt Penny has always been able to fight her own battles and this is something he knew she could solve herself. As for Penny confronting Raj I actually liked that unlike Leonard Raj couldn't make Penny feel sorry for him and let him keep the discovery for himself. Also Amy's reaction to Sheldon's not wanting to talk about comics in the tag scene was amusing.
  8. Zephon75

    1120 'The Reclusive Potential' (April 12)

    Well that was a disappointing episode they could of done so much more with both plots , out of the two plots the girls had the better plot . Out of all the bachelor/bachelorette stories Howard was the best bachelor and Penny's was the best bachelorette but that isn't saying much as all of them haven't been that good. It was nice that Penny thought of something Amy likes to do instead of just doing something she likes although it turns out that Amy would rather have done something more Penny like. I did find the tea scene odd, but the photos of the girls from the night where amusing . Also me personally I could of done without another Shamy bed scene they've had quite few this season, and it bothers me. They are able to write a bed scene for Shamy all the time but for Lenny they can't even write just one bed scene which is disappointing.
  9. Zephon75

    1119 'The Tenant Disassociation' (April 5)

    Well it was a good episode however for a milestone episode it wasn't that great but it , if i had to list the milestone episode in favourite to least then i'd have them in this order 100th The Recombination Hypothesis, 50th The Gorilla Experiment, . The 150th The Locomotive Manipulation,250th The Tenant Disassociation and the 200th The Celebration Experimentation. The best line in the episode was from Penny when she said " I would of gone the other way but it would of gotten to his throat". Also seeing the 5th floor has always bugged me because in the building lobby there is no mail boxes for the 5th floor, it would of made more sense to have the two tenants they talked to on the 5th floor be on the 1st floor instead. Also Sheldon's sign for hallway rules, No Hoodies Leonard rarely wears them now, No Inhalers well that only effects Leonard, however No Glasses that would mean Bernadette and Amy besides Leonard. It's the same with his other sign on tenants parking No Guests, No Mobiles Homes and No Exceptions , As for the other story line it would be nice if somethings happens between Raj and Cynthia but that didn't go the way he hoped.As for Leonard i feel sorry for him he's now going to have Sheldon moaning about all sorts of things to him besides what he normally moans about.
  10. Zephon75

    1118 'The Gates Excitation' (March 29)

    Well I have to say I was surprised how much I liked this episode it was light hearted comedy which I enjoyed a lot, it was nice to see Penny showing care for what she believed to be her sick husband. Actually I believe this episode was the most affectionate Penny has been to Leonard all season he got a honey a sweetie and a I love you from her all in one episode. Sheldon getting April fooled was funny, now as for Penny's chance at a new job I don't think what Leonard did will effect that, whilst he did mess up it wasn't on purpose as he was under the impression he wasn't going to get to meet Bill Gates. I really hope Penny does get the PR job it'll be interesting to see how that plays out in the show. As for what Penny will do when she gets home I don't think anything will happen well I hope nothing happens anyway.
  11. Zephon75

    1116 'The Neonatal Nomenclature' (March 1)

    Well it wasn't a good or bad episode but it was a forgettable episode one those you won't miss if you never see it again. Penny and Leonard's reaction was perfect when the Shamy looked at Penny after Sheldon told Amy she wouldn't carry all his children. I was surprised when Penny asked Leonard when he had picked out their kids names and he told her it was a none creepy amount of time after he first met her. She actually smiled about it , she wasn't at all bothered that he had thought of something like that not long after meeting her .
  12. Zephon75

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Well said, it's amazing how all the people who say Leonard cheated on Penny with Mandy seem to forget that Leonard was drunk and feeling seasick. Which means he was in no condition to want to try and kiss Mandy, however he still could of been kissed by her which is what I think happened. Mandy kissed Leonard he was in no condition to stop it straight away but he did eventually. Leonard's only crime was keeping it a secret from Penny for two years , but I think he did that out of fear of losing her.
  13. Zephon75

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Okay just watched the new episode and it wasn't that great I was hoping for more from Leonard and Amy finally having a some screen time together only for it to be just end up being what happened with Raj and Penny last season. Instead of Leonard feeling left out it was Penny instead, although unlike Penny and Raj Leonard noticed Penny wasn't really interested in what they where doing and offered to do something they all would like. Also it wasn't very nice of Penny to say she was going to get dinner then instead of bringing it home took it to Sheldon and shared it with him. But to top it off Penny only went over to Sheldon because she didn't want to watch Leonard and Amy do experiments yet quite happily sat there with Sheldon as he explained what he was doing. It just came across as strange her not wanting to watch her husband do experiments but happy to watch Sheldon write on his board. Not to mention when she came back and Leonard said ' I thought you where getting dinner?' she just told them she had to stop at Sheldon's to help him solve string theory. She didn't tell them that she had got dinner first and shared it with Sheldon I mean she could of gone and gotten another pizza for them before coming home, but no she just goes off to bed. To me that was kind of rude of her ,saying she was getting dinner but coming back with nothing and going to bed having had something to eat and ignoring that Leonard hadn't as he was waiting for her to bring it.
  14. Zephon75

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    I really hope Leonard's book continues to be mentioned from time to time and isn't just a one off time. I think it would be nice if the brilliant physicist in the book is a female character based on his wife Penny. Then when Penny reads the book she notices how the character is so like her in it's personality, or have the character based on himself and give the character a love interest based on Penny.
  15. Zephon75

    1112 'The Matrimonial Metric' (January 4)

    Well I thought the episode wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, the test though just wouldn't of worked in picking the right best man and maid of honour. I am curious as to why Leonard was last though how could George who wasn't there score higher?. Also Penny coming to the realisation that Amy was her best friend I found odd, because I thought Leonard was her best friend like she told him at their wedding, so how can Amy be her best friend ?. Also I like the idea of Leonard writing a book and Penny seemed to be enthusiastic about too, it would be good it get mentioned from time to time with it eventually getting published and being a success.