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  1. Actually the bed of Penny's that the Shamy are using hasn't had lots of males guests only Leonard and probably Zack, because it's not her original bed she broke that one with Leonard in season 3.
  2. I completely agree with you and i think imo that Johnny and Kaley are best at showing the hurt they are feeling, no need for words, like when Leonard watches Penny go off with DU.Of course the most noticeable one is when he has to witness Zack kissing Penny at New Years the look on his his face he looks devastated and Penny's return look said more than any words could.
  3. Exactly i agree completely, this is the point i was trying to make, it would of ruined the narrative to have her in a long term relationship during seasons 4 and 5. Because all those episodes we got scenes where Penny showed how much Leonard meant to her wouldn't of happened, so them getting back together after her being in another relationship wouldn't of had the same impact.Think about it if we had she been dating early on in season 4 we would never of gotten her truth or dare reaction,we'd of probably never got the New Years scene, we wouldn't of gotten her getting upset that Leonard had started dating Priya.We wouldn't of gotten her revelation to Raj that she screwed up in breaking up with Leonard, having none of this and just having her date another guy long term before going back to Leonard would of been awful., imo. I really hope that's not the case it will be a huge let down if the finale is all about Sheldon As for the smart and beautiful babies i'm still optimistic we'll get them maybe not actually watching Penny going through her pregnancy which i think could be very entertaining if they did.But i do think she'll tell Leonard that she's pregnant but i suspect it will be probably in the last episode ever, it could still be done quite well .The last scene of the show has Leonard and Penny in bed making out , then Penny says she has something to tell him, Leonard asks her what it is she tells him shes pregnant. He is ecstatic telling her she's amazing and then she says the our babies will be smart and beautiful and Leonard replies with also not imaginary.
  4. I can understand people wanting Penny to have dated someone nice and impressive, however i disagree with her doing it before getting back with Leonard.Having her date someone like that in S4 & 5, would of changed the story they where telling, had Penny been dating someone like that whilst Leonard was dating Priya . She wouldn't have realised how much Leonard meant to her it was her jealousy over Priya that brought to that conclusion, so dating some other guy she might not have gotten back together with Leonard.
  5. Sheldon's life changed when Leonard moved in because he got probably his first friend and through Leonard got Howard and Raj, giving him group activities.Then Penny moved in and Sheldon's life changed again having to get used to the presence of a uneducated woman in his apartment who was messy and had no respect for his intelligence.Then Amy came along and his life changed again having a romantic relationship was new for him as was the intimacy,so yes Sheldon's life did change but not just because of Amy.
  6. For season eleven I want to see far more comedy and less drama, I want more balance between the characters and pairings and more ensemble episodes. As a Lenny I want them to have plots that are entertaining, funny and maybe even fluffy, I don't want another season with there plots having them argue and then not get resolved. I don't want to see anymore stupid jokes about how Leonard wore her down and begged, grovelled and badgered her, they are not funny and also not true.
  7. Ship Zone

    Okay in season 11 I want more than anything more Lenny screen time and plots and not plots that have them arguing all the time but fun and entertaining plots maybe even fluffy. Others things i'd like to see 1, A Halloween party it will be five years since the last which incidentally was five years after the first which means it's been ten years since the first one, i'd like to see Penny either wear the outfit from the first one or something similar. 2, A Thanks giving episode could be done not bothered who hosts it 3, It's about time Penny had her birthday celebrated, you could have Leonard trying to arrange a surprise party for her. 4, A Christmas or New Year episode, i'd prefer New Year because we could get to see a New Years kiss for Lenny 5, A Valentines episode where Leonard and Penny actually have a happy one 6, Now it will be a complete travesty imo if they don't have Leonard and Penny celebrate the 10 year anniversary of there first official date and maybe while on the date Penny could tell Leonard not only when she first realised she had feelings for him but when she actually fell in love with him. Others things i'd like to see are Penny standing up for Leonard, more of the touches they used to give each other, more terms of endearment between them, i'd like to see Penny say Hey You again to Leonard. Also i'd like to see them have meals together at home by themselves last time they did that was S8, more bed scenes they only had one last season, I think they had more in S3 than all the seasons since combined.
  8. Well the detriment of Lenny has been going on since season 8, and i can't see it changing in the next two seasons either, which will be a travesty because they have so much they can do with them but seem not to want too.Howard & Bernadette are getting more screen time because they have a story to tell in learning how to be parents and where probably going to see alot of that again this season coming.
  9. Okay i'm sorry but i don't how Penny saying"Maybe this a new better boring kind of love"she never actually said it was boring just maybe, has no bearing on whether or not she craves adventure.Finding every day life boring and needing the thrill of being outdoors do exciting activities like you listed,wouldn't make Penny think her love for Leonard was boring just because Leonard doesn't like doing that sort of stuff.
  10. Already read it and loved it and was first to review it(Yay me) i suggest anyone who reads fanfic to read this story is has great potential
  11. I agree especially about the last part the last 3 season have had a different feel to them compared to the previous seven especially in regards to Leonard and Penny.I think part of it is during these last 3 seasons they put most of the shows focus on Sheldon/Shamy and we where left with Lenny sort of stuck with nothing much for them.It was in these same three seasons that the jokes about how Leonard begged,badgered and made her feel sorry for him appeared and in the last season they added he grovelled and apparently wore her down.I think Tensor pointed it out were supposed to forget what happened in the first seven and just believe whats being said in the last three, thats something i'll never do. I always got the impression that the whole DU thing was for Penny to learn a lesson, and that was when it comes to relationships even geniuses can be cheating jerks just like the dumb guys from the gym.
  12. No Penny was interested in him because like i said he was like the guys she normally dated back then , it had nothing to do with him not been indoorsy and she was just making a point that the physicist she knew where.He didn't have the appearance that she was used seeing when it came to meeting physicist because her only exposure was to the nerdy guys across the hall. That is quite the assumption you have there just because he rides a motorcycle doesn't mean he was into sports and outside activities, for all we know he might like to sit in a comfy chair and read a novel.
  13. We know very little about the Dave Underhill character besides him being built like the guys she used to date is a genius like Leonard and rides a motorcycle oh and happily cheats on his wife.What interests and abilities does Dave Underhill apparently have that Leonard lacks?
  14. I never liked that episode,having Penny avoid answering the question about marrying Leonard i could understand because it wasn't long ago that he proposed in bed to her.I think just like his ILY in S3 he scared her, but this time she hung in there instead of breaking up with,but things where now awkward between them because of it.At least she admitted that she loved him to the girls, but they didn't think she did but she insists she does, but won't tell because he'll take it the wrong way.Also the whole "It's a new better boring kind of love"i don't think she meant it the way it came out, it's was a case of her love for Leonard was just more mature.Yes it might lack the excitement she had experienced before, but that was because she was younger then and being in love for the first is bound to exciting for her.It doesn't mean her teenage infatuation love with Kurt was stronger than her love for Leonard,it's just with Leonard it wasn't new to her so felt less exciting.Also maybe she knew the guys who she said she loved when younger would cheat on her and at the time she thought Leonard never would,so maybe her feeling more secure and safe with Leonard added to her feeling of boredom.But the whole wanting to break up with him might have been her being scared that if they stay together he might propose again and as we found out she wasn't ready for due to commitment issues.As for the girls not reminding her of how miserable she was with Leonard dating Priya, was deliberate the girls purpose in the episode was to make Penny question her commitment to Leonard.Think about it if they hadn't asked her if she would marry Leonard then she would probably never would of thought about ended there relationship.
  15. I'm not sure she saw it as a date, but i do believe that she saw it as a chance for her to do something date like with Leonard and if it went well then maybe she would ask him if he'd like to date her again.I think she expected Leonard to pay for the movie and even let her choose because that was what he always did and she didn't expect anything different.If there evening had gone well then they maybe could of tried dating again, but when she ditched him for Kevin that's when it went down hill for them.She did say that she liked cocky take charge Leonard so without the last part things could of gone so much better for them, but this is all just opinion.