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  1. I enjoyed both episodes quite alot, Penny being pregnant was the highlight of the season. I also really liked the final scene where they were all sat in the positions they do in the opening credits.It was made better by Penny wearing that blue top and even better she was wearing her locket, then, of course, the kiss. After watching them like that in opening credits for twelve years, It felt like the perfect way to end it, with them doing what we've seen them do at the start of every episode.
  2. First i have to say that this season was for the worst season of the show's history, so my expectations for the final two episodes were extremely low. However after watching them i have to say that i enjoyed them immensely even though they were mostly about Shamy they are my favourite episodes of the season. I enjoyed the opening montage of scenes from previous episodes, i enjoyed them arguing who should slap Sheldon, i really enjoyed Leonard getting to do it. I liked how when Leonard & Sheldon were in the hall they surprised us with the elevator being fixed. As i Lenny, of course, my favourite scene was when they surprised us with Penny being pregnant. I was really surprised we finally got to see Howardette's kids ,Raj's friend Being Sarah Michelle Gellar while a surprise wasn't that good. However i also surprised by Sheldon's speech acknowledging all his friends and what they did for him, that was a very heartfelt speech. As for the final scene, that was beautifully perfect in its simplicity.
  3. Wouldn't that be a slap in the face to Lenny fans, if the secret they are trying to keep is all about Shamy. The Big Bang Theory? more like The Big Disappointment Theory.
  4. Yup , i hope Lenny fans keep writing fanfictions for them so they live on, and with having no canon to follow we can create our own futures for them. I might actually get around to finishing my stories when the show is over as i will hopefully be more motivated to continue them.
  5. Me too , i really don't want to see a Shamy pregnancy, i mean we already know they'll have children why subject us to them having them on the show. As of right now based on the little we know, i only want to know what Lenny's secret is and what their final scene is about that JG posted photos of.
  6. Ugh don't put it past them to do something like that. I know one thing i will probably have to wait a while after I've seen the last episodes. Before i comment on what i thought of them. As i suspect i will be pretty annoyed with what we get. Although i hope I'm wrong.
  7. I've been thinking about the last two episodes and what might happen. I believe they might end ep23 with Shamy finding out they have not won or been nominated for the Nobel Prize. This could explain the sticking together in the final episode. However, the finale will be set at some point in the future and Shamy get a surprise phone call or something with them finding out they have in fact won a Nobel Prize. This would explain why Howardette are nervous about leaving their kids for so long as they are travelling with everyone else to see Shamy get their Nobel Prize. As for the final scene, i wouldn't be surprised if it's Sheldon holding his newborn baby and saying how he always dreamed of winning a Nobel Prize but his child means more to him than that ever will. As for the Lenny secret well i still believe it won't be anything major, either they are moving out or maybe Leonard is getting tenure, although i would like it to a pregnancy. Afterall if there is a large enough time jump it gives Penny plenty of tie to change her mind. As for Raj's new friend, it would be quite the surprise if it was Alex, Raj liked her back in season six but couldn't talk to her now he will be able too so . This is all speculation, but by this time tomorrow, we'll know whether the finale was good or bad.
  8. Let's be honest if the secret that Lenny is keeping is in fact, a Shamy secret, well I think we as Lenny fans should be pissed at that.
  9. I think the majority of the audience will be happy with the finale. I suspect Shamy shippers will too as they are likely to see Shamy either win the Nobel Prize. Or announce a pregnancy or both. Lenny shippers well i don't know. But i think there was an interview with a showrunner were they said Lenny fans wouldn't get what they imagined. So for Lenny fans it's a guess if we'll be happy, apathetic or pissed off.
  10. Well I hope your gut feeling is right and you will be happy and moved , I just wish I could feel the same but I don't On another note , to all those who write TBBT Fanfiction I hope you all continue to do so as we need to keep the spirit of the show alive.
  11. To be honest I wouldn't go off what those pictures show, as they could be misleading. Given the title for the finale and the fact we have suffered this Super Asymmetry story arc all season , it is very unlikely they will end it without Shamy getting the Nobel Prize. As they wouldn't have spent so so so much time on this boring story arc if it was going to end in failure. Also I find it interesting that you are saying that it doesn't sound fair if they get nothing in the original show. As didn't you say Leonard should be happy that he has Penny and doesn't need anything else?. The truth is the finale will be all about Shamy just like the whole season has they are not going to change that. Sure they might give the others something but the focus will be on Shamy.
  12. Agreed , given the title of the final episode my guess is the entire gang are going to Sweden , so Howardette will be away from there kids for quite a while and they have issues with it. While I am not a fan of Raj I personally think he's a douche. However I am curious as to who this new friend he makes is.
  13. Well i actually thought this was one of the better episodes this season, much better than what we got last week. Leonard / Beverly plot was about what i expected at first, her only there to do research. I liked Penny trying to tell Beverly off , even though it didn't work, the final scene for Leonard/ Beverly surprised me . The Stuart/Denise plot would have been quite boring except for her weird room mate he was weird but also funny. So Raj is once again all alone ,i should be surprised but it was pretty obvious it would happen as the writers seem to forget about his relationship with Anu because of there over focus on the boring Super Asymmetry/Nobel Prize arc..
  14. Agreed , for me they've been screwing over Lenny fans ever since they had Penny say she doesn't want kids. But i believe this secret Lenny are keeping. Is simply that they have found a new place to live so are moving out.
  15. Agreed that is probably true, i mean it had been a while 10x01 was the last time they had a bed scene until 12x15, so they just forgot that Penny has always been on the side closest to the door. PS: I just remembered there was one other time they switched sides it was in 6x06 ,but that as probably because it was easier to have Leonard sneak out of bed on that side. Instead of having him be on his normal side and having to walk around the bed.
  16. Well, that was not a good episode quite boring in fact, it was good to have Siebert and Kripke in but that didn't help the episode. Lenny showed they are truly the best friends anyone could ask for, but it leaves me wondering would anyone go out of there way to help them as they do others?. I was disappointed we didn't get to see the TCF and maybe who this other woman was, oh well.
  17. Agreed if they are planning on giving Shamy a Nobel Prize it would make sense to do a time jump.
  18. I agree it will be too much to give Shamy a Nobel Prize and a have Amy pregnant, but you never know they might very well do that. Right now it is all speculation and we won't know till we see it , but i myself am keeping my expectations very low. I don't think they will have Penny pregnant, but they could have her say to Leonard that she wants to have his baby, i think i would be okay with that, eespecially if Penny then uses Leonards line from the pilot. Possible revelations/surprises could be, Raj proposing to Anu, Denise telling Stuart she loves him, Howard's father showing up, Amy pregnancy announcement. Lenny?
  19. I think it's a sleeveless jumper, like what cricketers wear.
  20. Well i truly hope that these unexpected surprises and the at least two revelations are just that surprises and revelations. But i have a feeling we on this forum have probably mentioned them at some point in during speculation over what might happen. But i hope i am wrong and we are all truly surprised
  21. I really hope not, i know they don't have to worry about what they do as there will be no more seasons, but it will make them look like a bunch of jerks if they do. I just thought maybe that's why Johnny was crying at the table read, he read in the script that they are giving Shamy a baby when his characters being denied.
  22. I will try and put a positive spin on this, maybe JG posted a photo of 4B because he associates it with were he and KC characters had a lot of memories in? Okay i tried even i don't believe that. If they do give Shamy a baby it will the final insult to those fans who wanted Lenny to have a child.
  23. I probably will but purely due to the fact I like Johnny & Kaley's interactions during interviews. I expect them both just to talk about there favourite moments on the show. We won't really get much unless it's been scripted.
  24. Not even remotely true. Maybe Brits just prefer Lenny to Shamy simple as that.
  25. Does it matter who is doing the poll? They won it and that's that. It's not the first time Lenny have been voted a more popular pairing from the show either.
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