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  1. I'm sorry but Penny is nothing like Leonard i season 1,i understand Penny's p.o.v too she wants her romance ninja back but i find it ironic her saying he's taking her for granted.Isn't that how she's always been with him,and what about Leonard's p.o.v ?what things has she done for him ?maybe Leonard's stopped being that way because Penny hasn't done anything .
  2. I want to see scenes like this again so simple yet so adorable and sweet
  3. Okay first of all i want to apologise for bringing up the last taping report,but i've only just gotten the courage to read it.Well i'm not happy and i can understand every Lennies frustration with it i hated everything about it.It felt like i was reading a representation of how they have been treated in the show.You have the other couple that have been getting all the attention from tptb and getting good stories and screentime,and here getting sweet and lovey dovey scenes.Then you have the Lenny who tptb can't be bothered doing anything for,get very little screentime and minimal story,and here they are with angst.On top of this we have the other couple making out,mutual i miss yous and flirting in front of the Lenny.They have never done anything like that infront of Lenny yet here they are,like the tptb are trying to drive home the point they're a better couple.Now the RA well again we have the other couple moving beyond needing it yet we have the Hofstadter's relationship devolve into needing one. Also i might of missed it but it didn't say if Leonard & Penny had any input in it or did Sheldon just decide what to put in.Now while i don't agree with them having a RA if it brings us more Lenny stories and goodness.The optimist in me would like to see it bring a return of the Lenny from the latter half of season 6.However the pessimist in me thinks they'll just sweep this under the rug and Lenny will continue to be the way they have been written so far these past few seasons. I apologise for the long post but i needed to get it out of my system,i may of misconstrued what i read i guess i'll find out when i see it.
  4. I'm sorry but i have to disagree with this as i don't think Penny was ever snarky with Leonard of those episodes and she is definitely worse now than then,unless we both have different definitions of what snark is.
  5. I love this hug from Penny,you could feel that she was using it to express how she felt about Leonard leaving for 3months
  6. It was a okay episode nothing great but quite enjoyable,but just seemed to be about fighting you had Leonard & Sheldon fighting over stuff and Raj & Stewart about who was the third wheel.I did find Leonard wearing apartment flag as a toga quite funny,didn't like Sheldon's revenge like Penny said he went over the line.I was kind of hoping that we where going to see 4A become a amalgamation of Leonard & Penny's stuff but all we got was that awful painting,i forgot how bad that looked.Also i noticed Penny's photos have gone from the fridge in 4B but aren't on the fridge in 4A curious to know if we'll see them again.As for Bernie going into labour will that be the story for the next episode or will the baby be already born i guess i'll have to wait and see
  7. I actually liked this episode wasn't the funniest but still quite entertaining i'll admit i found the remote control Steven Hawking funny.In this episode i think Penny got most of the best lines in it,like others have said her putting her hand to answer was the best .Sheldon being jealous of someone elses success not new but he did learn something this time,and no one in the gang liking Penny's short hair was a surprise,all in all a decent episode
  8. Well not much i can say about this episode other than i was quite bored with it,it was nice to see Raj have his own plot but i can't see that going anywhere.Sheldon and Amy was awkward Sheldon wanted a baby with Amy for the wrong reason,but his attempts to seduced her where sort of entertaining in a way.As for Sheldon's question to the Hofstadter's the look on the faces says no they weren't
  9. Okay i enjoyed this episode alot more than the last two,the FwF in 4B was different but it worked also Howard and Raj's song for fwf was actually quite good.Its was nice to see the entire gang together again it's been awhile,the two conversations in languages that the others didn't know was funny to watch.Penny moving Leonard's stuff without his permission wasn't nice but Leonard ended up not being to bothered by it just wanting Penny to feel at home.It was nice to see Sheldon seems to have decided to live with Amy permanently we just don't know where yet,well except it won't be 4A looks like that is now Leonard & Penny's home.I liked that Leonard had a couple of pictures in his bedroom from their wedding redo,Penny's redesign wasn't that bad except for all the pink but i suspect it'll be different the next time we see it.Finally my favourite seen of the episode had to Sheldon's nightmare that Leonard & Penny had turned his bedroom into a sex dungeon.
  10. I don't think it is believable that Leonard wore her down maybe if was to do with the multiple proposals then you have something but she proposed him as many times.The problem is that they imply that they're in a relationship only because he wore her down,which i just think comes across as being alittle farfetched.For the first 7 seasons they never mentioned anything about him wearing her down as a reason for them being together it only started to be implied or said after they got engaged. I might be wrong but that is how i see it
  11. Okay i liked this episode more than the previous one and i would of said i enjoyed all three stories,but that changed after Leonard's line about punching the guy.After that the Lenny story went downhill and the scene with the guy not believing they where married just wasn't funny to me.Then seriously another joke about Leonard wearing her down,it's like the writers forget people have watched the show since the beginning and know their was no wearing her down involved.Then it just got alittle weird plus inconsistent Leonard only proposed three times on the third she said yes no sky writing involved.Penny didn't propose once she did it technically three times aswell,sorry about the rant.The Howardette story was quite entertaining some of Bernadette's lines where funny.Now the Shamy i actually really liked their story probably the best of the episode.It was nice to see that their experiment living together is going so well,maybe they'll end permantly living together.Also it was nice of Sheldon to arrange brunch as a surprise for Amy after she suggested having company over.Anyway good episode overall would of liked it more if the the Lenny part didn't iritate me so much.
  12. I'm not sure how i feel about this episode wasn't memorable enough,i liked the Howardette part the Lenny stuff was good too.Didn't think much of the Car seen between Sheldon & Penny complaining about stuff that in Penny's case probably does herself.It was good that Sheldon was willing to compromise for Amy that's some more forward movement for him.Also the reason for his triple knock i would have believed had i not watch the show since the beginning he used to knock normally his first triple knock was in 1x10 on Leonard's bedroom door.
  13. I really enjoyed this episode having Amy's apartment water damaged was a good catalyst for them to live together.As i've not been reading spoilers i was surprised that Sheldon would want to live together in a neutral enviroment 4B made sense.I am hoping that in the next episode they're still living together but you never know.Leonard's dance with his pants round his ankles was funny, i did like the fact that Penny joined after a while and clearly enjoyed it.Amy's falling out of bed would of been alot funnier had it not been so obvious it was going to happen.Anyways great episode looking forward to next and hope things progress.
  14. This was a okay episode wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again but i didn't hate either it just seemed i don't boring.The whole Penny,Amy and Bert part was just weird oh look another joke about how Leonard and Penny are together because Leonard wore her down.All in all my least favourite episode of the season so far i hope quality of the episodes picks up.
  15. This was in my opinion the best season opener for few years if not one of the best overall the Leonard&Penny wedding redo was good not amazing . It was about the best we could hope for and took away some of the bad taste left by the Vegas wedding.I think that the writers are saving the best wedding stuff for when the Shamy gets married.Anyway great episode looking forward to the rest of the season has instore.
  16. Favourite season i'll go with season 6 favourite episode is tough probably The Egg Salad Equivalency. It would be easier if we could choose favourite episode per season aswell
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