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  1. Interesting, however, I am curious as to why it's Johnny & Kaley, I mean if Sheldon is supposedly the most popular character on the show, shouldn't it be Jim instead ? or Jim & Mayim?.
  2. I think elevenses is a drink and a light snack, so i suppose in America it could be what they call brunch, but i don't know as i have never had elevenses
  3. Probably to do with it being the final table read, however, if it is something to do with a Lenny story that would be great, but it's more like to be the former.
  4. Agreed ,and knowing Beverly and her tendency to demean Leonard, she would probably praise Penny for not having Leonard;'s child.
  5. Kaley posted a photo of her and Johnny saying they are taping something special, i wonder what it will be .
  6. Really? the two previous episodes were Shamy centric yet Leonard & Penny got very few lines in both. In this episode it was Leonard centric yet they still managed to give Sheldon/Amy / Shamy far more than Leonard & Penny got in the two previous Shamy centric episodes combined. It gives the impression that even when the plot is not about them they still have to put in the forefront, they don't do this with the other characters
  7. It was a good episode but i could have done without the Leonard plot having so much Sheldon involved in it. Also we we haven't had a Lenny main plot since the second part of the donor story arc and are unlikely to get one again and that's very disappointing. PS: I know some might consider this as a Lenny plot , but i don't to me it was just a Leonard plot.
  8. Surprisingly i actually quite enjoyed this episode, it wasn't great but it was much better than the last few episodes. Some parts of it didn't work the whole Raj thing was pretty crap. Leonard standing up for himself worked for the most part , it was great to see him sit whee Sheldon normally does and not care what Sheldon thought. Although in my opinion that should have happened years ago as soon as Sheldon moved out in fact, letting dictate who sits there when it's not his home should never have happened. Also while the main plot was Leonard, it for had way to much Sheldon/Shamy involved in it. I mean when they get the main plot Leonard and Penny get hardly anything, yet in the Sheldon/Amy/Shamy got quite a bit which was annoying.
  9. Yes they might have said that, But i honestly don't believe a word they say anymore.
  10. The final taping will be on the 30 April. Isn't that Johnny's birthday?
  11. So do I , however i have a feeling nothing of significance will happen for them. Honestly i wouldn't be surprised if the finale is like ep 9x17. Only this time it will be all about Shamy. And how there journey together led them to were they are. With them winning the Nobel Prize. Or worse having Amy announce she's pregnant too
  12. We'll never know for sure, but it is a possibility. I was bored with it after about the third episode they did on it.
  13. So with the finale due soon what do you guys think will happen for Lenny? A) A surprise pregnancy. B-Lenny leave LA C- Lenny stay in LA but move somewhere else there. D- Nothing . E- Other, give your idea. F- A future scene showing skeletons of Lenny at the kitchen isle.
  14. I really hope that Leonard & Penny moving away isn't what we get for them in the finale, whilst i would like for them to get away from Sheldon, i would also like for them both to want to do it. But the bigger issue though is it will get overshadowed by whatever happens for Shamy. So will get ruined then again whatever they do for Lenny will be overshadowed by Shamy same for the rest of the gang too. Of course i still have a infinitesimal amount of hope that Penny will tell Leonard she's pregnant in their final scene, i know it is unlikely to happen but i am using it as motivation to continue watching this horrendous season till the end.
  15. Okay i need to ask you guys a question, as i don't read TR mainly to stop me from not watching an episode .But after watching the last episode which was just awful. I want to know in the next three episodes 20,21, 22 do Lenny actually get a plot or are they going to continue being Shamy sidekicks?, just a yes or no will do no need to elaborate.
  16. WOW there is not much to say about this episode other than what was good seeing President Siebert again , and what was bad EVERYTHING ELSE. This was an awful episode and was not funny or entertaining it was quite boring. Oh and once again Leonard & Penny are nothing but sidekicks too Shamy. Plus given what happened it is pretty much guaranteed they will win the Noble Prize🙄
  17. My biggest issue with this season is how much of it has focused on Shamy and their Super Symmetry/Nobel Prize story arc, and it's all down to the writers. After they knew this was the final season they should have in my opinion made sure ALL!!!! the characters got a good amount of plots and maybe story arcs. But instead, they decided to go overboard on Shamy plots and the Super-Symmetry/ Nobel Prize story arc, a story arc, in my opinion, that is not only quite rubbish it isn't very scientific but most of all is just BORING. It has been excessively dragged out which was just unnecessary and has taken away time that could have been better used giving you know the other characters some plots instead. But nooo the writers in the infinite wisdom thought lets just waste the limited number of episodes we have giving Shamy a season-long story arc. I know some say that they won't end up getting a Nobel Prize, i kind of hope they don't , but i can't see them covering it so much for it only to end in failure. So with it been covered in so many episodes with the conclusion, as far as i know, has not happened yet , i think he will get the Nobel Prize. As i can't see them dedicating so much time this season on a story arc only for it to end in disappointment, and lets not forget it is Sheldon after all, he will be given his dreams even when others are denied theirs.
  18. I thought about not watching the show anymore on a few occasions this season, but so far have managed to stick it out and will struggle through the last six too. But this will be the only season of the show i won't be buying and will more than likely never watch in it's entirety again. I will probably only watch 12x06 and any episodes that i found tolerable.
  19. I can understand them not wanting anymore baby story arcs, but they could have just had Penny announce in the finale that she was pregnant . I think all the fans who wanted Penny pregnant would be okay with that, but nooo they had to have her say she didn't want kids. I still believe that the real reason why they had written the plot with Penny suddenly not wanting kids, was because they had no intention of ever having a Penny pregnancy story. It was always going to be Amy next and had the show been renewed we would have gotten an Amy pregnancy story arc in season 13. But like you say we will probably get an Amy pregnancy announcement before the show ends, which is just cruel to Lenny fans even more so if they give Shamy a Nobel Prize too.
  20. While i agree it has nothing to do with feminism i also disagree with it being sexist. I think all three women have been shown to be strong and independent . With Amy& Bernadette being very career focused. Especially Bernadette so her not wanting kids fitted the way she was. But Penny has always to me been the one you could see being a mom. Yet due to Bernadette now having two kids. Like you said they've shifted the not wanting kids onto Penny. A character who has been shown to be the most motherly of the girls. And until this season had never given the impression she didn't want kids.
  21. That would quite the insult to all the fans who had hoped to see a Pregnant Penny before the end of the season. Although it could be far worse, in the last few minutes they could have a flash forward showing how all the pairings have evolved. They could have Howardette/Raj& Anu,/ Stuart & Denise all with children and great lives , all awaiting the arrival of the Shamy with their newborn child . Whilst Lenny are childless and are still living in 4A with nothing changing. Now that would be a nightmare of a finale PS: I would just like to point out that what i said i highly unlikely as i don't think the writers are that mean.
  22. Well said, It shows the difference in how both characters are portrayed we have Sheldon , who can be insulting ,mean, arrogant, condescending , and narscistic. Yet without Leonard would be alone and a hermit maybe even fired, and yet he is on the cusp of getting his dream of winning a Noble Prize. Then we have Leonard who befriended him after moving in with, gave Sheldon his current group of friends. Yet Leonard himself isn't allowed any success. Other than being with Penny, his theory in season 8 was usurped by Sheldon , he gets put down by pretty much every member of the gang even though without him they wouldn't be all together. But worst of all his dream has been denied, and he has to sit back and watch Sheldon possibly get his dream. It is unfair to the character to be trashed so much by the writers more so in the later seasons. Even worse Leonard still rolled out to help Sheldon like in the last episode were Leonard & Penny got the Noble Laureates to come to the reception. It felt like Lenny were just Shamy side kicks , being trotted out to help Sheldon on his quest to fulfill his dream of being a Nobel Prize winner. Would Sheldon do the same in return? i highly doubt it
  23. Yes, that is another good one very memorable like the one from 7x6... Leonard " I can't believe you kept all of this, Penny " Of course I did , it's you " that was made more special by the look on Penny's face.
  24. So i was thinking of all the dialogue throughout the years on the show and trying to decide which were my favorites ,and here are my probable favourite per season. S1: Ep6 the conversation on the couch in 4A when Penny kisses Leonard for the first time. S2: Ep23 after shutting the door Penny says " It means i wish you weren't going". S3: Ep23 the conversation on the roof with Zack about the laser. S4: Ep11 The conversation between the guys and Zack in 4A . S5 E19 The conversation between Leonard & Penny were she pretends to be upset that she won't see Leonard the whole weekend. S6 Ep8 This season has so many , but i decided on the first time Penny says i love you to Leonard. S7 Ep23 The proposal conversation. S8 Ep8 The conversation on the roof during the fake prom. S9 Ep1 There wedding vows. S10 Ep7 The guys and girls talking in different languages S11 Ep9 The conversation at Zacks in the video and after watching the video. S12 Ep6 The conversation after their Halloween party . These are just off the top of my head, if i gave it some more thought some might be different. So what are you guys favourite dialogue per season?
  25. Thanks for the info. Although why have they called it an hour-long finale when it isn't?
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