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  1. Okay i have a quick question , With there being no new episode this week and the finale being on the 16th May that leaves five weeks but six episodes. But they have mentioned that the finale will be an hour-long special . So my question is will the season be only 23 episodes long or will the supposedly hour-long finale actually be episodes 23 and 24 being shown back to back? Please correct me if i have anything wrong as i don't read the main discussion thread until after i have watch the episode, so i could have missed something.
  2. Well we finally get a new episode and it was a disappointment, i found not funny or entertaining, it was just boring for me to watch, even having Siebert in didn't help. Of course it is probably down to the fact i am so tired of the super-asymmetry/ Nobel prize story arc and i wish it would just end. But unfortunately, i suspect me and anyone else who has no interest in the story arc are going to half to suffer it till the end of the show. Because i suspect it will only be concluded in the finale . The Howardette story was better , but was overshadowed by my dislike of the other story. Oh it was surprising to see Sheldon thank?Lenny for what they did , it was also good to see Leonard tell Sheldon to shut up
  3. I doubt that we will even get that., maybe a tiny unimportant plot. But i doubt they'll get the main again. I. believe 22 will be either Raj or Howardette as main plot. With 23 will be Shamy leading into the finale. Which will be 70% Shamy focused. Of course i am hoping i am wrong, but given how this final season has been. I can't see Lenny getting a plot. Or anything good happening for Lenny till the finale. Even then i suspect it won't be anything good. Defintely nothing fans of the couple will be happy with. But you never know i could be totally wrong. And Lenny will have an amazing end.
  4. Seriously? Out of the next four episodes to be aired . They are going to be covering the superasymetry plot in three?. That's ridiculous and a complete waste of such limited number of episodes. Also this Shamy plot has had more attention than the Shamy engagement plot from last season. These writers have made this season the crappiest one ever. I'm glad the show is ending as i would hate to think what crap we would have been given.
  5. So what, a lot of people are instantly attracted to someone they meet that DOES NOT mean that Leonard only wants Penny for the ways she looks and nothing else, and there is nothing in the show, showing Leonard only wanting Penny for her looks. No, the showrunners DO NOT imply this all the time, that is just false. The "Wore her down" comment has only been said a few times and was neither true or funny. Again nothing in the show supports the claim that Penny is only with Leonard because he wore her down, to think so is ridiculous. Just like him supposedly begging her , badgering her or making her feel sorry for him as the reason they are together. They are just as ridiculous as he wore her down joke, and nothing in the show supports those comments.
  6. Unbelievable, that entire article was nothing but a load of inaccurate statements and personal bias, it was just a load of bollocks. I did think about writing down debunks for all the things the author got wrong , but i figured we all know that it was a load of BS. I mean come on, they say that Penny has often stated she only settles for Leonard. That really showed how ill-informed the author is , as Penny has never once said she settled for Leonard , let alone stated it often. The author is either a moron or a Lenny hater to get so much wrong about them. I will say is that though and that is Leonard has never only wanted to be with Penny just because of the way she looks. It really annoyed me when that claim is made as nothing in the show supports that belief.
  7. Now the bold part could actually work ,having a heart to heart conversation with Leonard about the reason she said she didn't want kids. Leonard could be very supportive of her like you said , leading to it being implied that she could change her mind ,they wouldn't have to have her say she wants kids or is pregnant just that it could happen
  8. Agreed ,the writers do what they want and it rarely what Lenny fans want. But at this point, we don't know what will happen in the finale , all i will say to my fellow Lennies, is I wouldn't get your hopes up of getting anything amazing. I mean the vast majority of us wanted a Penny pregnancy , but the writers have denied us that, could it still happen? sure but it's highly unlikely .I think whatever they decide to do it will not go down well with all fans . I expect after we find out we will end up discussing for a while what they should of done , if the writers had not been so heavily focused on Shamy. But out of curiosity ,what could happen in the finale that would make you happy?
  9. I'm sorry but i seriously doubt that they will have more time spent on advertising than the episode. It will be more likely that the episode will be closer to 40 minutes long.
  10. Well the finale is a 1 hour episode so anything can happen. So they could have Amy give birth if they do a time jump. They could have Amy ask Leonard & Penny to be it's god parents. And the writers thinking that will make Lenny fans happy.
  11. Exactly but unfortunately they gave us12x03 Which was a massive screw up on the part of the writers. As it came out of nowhere Penny suddenly not wanting children. Whilst it's true that Lenny had never really discussed starting a family. Every time babies where brought up prior to12x03 . Penny never showed any signs of having reservations over children. As i have said before they should of just left the it alone. And either have Penny announce she's pregnant at the end of the season. Or have no mention of it at all leaving fans to speculate whether they had children in the future. But with12x03 and that ridiculous and pointless donor plot. We are left with Lenny being childless and it honestly feels like a giant middle finger to us fans. Of course they could engineer a way for Penny to change her mind before the end of the season but that is being too optimistic.
  12. I agree with you 100%, they botched up with 12×03. They would have been better off leaving the whole baby subject alone. As that episode and the pointless donation plot have accomplished nothing. Well besides annoying some of the show fans that is. I just think it is going to be disappointing that Leonard. Who is the most normal of the guys . Is the one who won't get to have a family. Which is to me just unfair. We have Howard with two children even though Bernadette never wanted kids. And we unfortunately know that Sheldon will have children also. The guy who when the show started had no interest in relationships. But Leonard Who was shown to want a relationship and children from the pilot. Is supposed to be happy that all he gets is Penny. I just don't buy it, it is just a case of the writers not wanting to give Lenny a family. Which is unfair to those fans who wanted to see that happen.
  13. That's fine we all have different opinions. For me though this is one of the three worst seasons. Maybe even the worst season of the show ever. S8 had it's issues with Lenny's engagement being ignored till the finale. In which we got that horrible revelation. Which i still believe was put in to take away flack from Sheldon during the hiatus. S10 was good until the second half when we got stupid fights between Leonard&Penny. This season though has just been crap. A few good moments won't change that. Of course in the last seven episodes things could improve. But i think that is being way to optimistic.
  14. That would be a wonderful way to end the show. But honestly i think that is asking too much from these writers. Sadly i belive the finale will revolve around Shamy. The others will get tiny feel good scenes. Well what they think are feel good scenes. But i still believe the finale will be mostly Shamy centered. I hope I'm wrong , but given how the this season and the show in previous years has gone. Has made me to pessimistic to believe i will enjoy the finale.
  15. Well this episode wasn't great but it wasn't bad either, it was just average, I liked that we got to see Penny tell Leonard she loved him, it is always great to hear her say it. Although Leonard's insecurity about her being away was just weird. The conference plot was disappointing would have preferred it if Penny had actually took the job , it would have shown that Penny could get a job by herself. The other plot I didn't like the longer it went on, i felt sorry for Leonard realising his how long he had been experimented on. But it was nice to hear Beverly say that time spent experimenting on Leonard are some of her fondest memories. Now to the part i didn't like , the whole plot with the kids was a not so subtle hint about the possibility of a Shamy pregnancy. It's bad enough that they are getting so much recognition for their super asymmetry paper. But to give them a possible pregnancy storyline would be unfair, especially since Lenny fans are being denied that. Also the showrunners said there wouldn't be another pregnancy storyline so id they do give the Shamy a pregnancy storyline. It shows that they were lying and it was only Penny that they had no intention of doing a pregnancy story. Even though Lenny fans have been wanting one for much longer.
  16. Well that is your opinion but to me it is wrong. A best friend is a best friend regardless of whether they are your spouse or same sex. Also I disagree about being able to have multiple best friends. You can have multiple close friends or great friends. But you can only have one best friend. As by having lots of best friends makes the term best friend meaningless. Best means there is no one better or second to none. So that can't apply to multiple people. This is my opinion and IDGAGRA . No one is saying Penny and Amy are not friends, it is just that some of us will never believe that Amy is Penny's best friend , because there is nothing in the show to support that statement. Even though they had Penny realise Amy was her best friend, to me that was plot driven nothing more. Also you forgot about Bernadette, a woman Penny knew long before Amy turned up , so i don't understand why you think she would have no females friends if she doesn't have Amy as a friend .
  17. Penny also said Leonard was her best friend at their Las Vegas wedding. So that is also canon is it not?. In my opinion, they only had Penny say Amy was her best friend solely for the episode plot. There is no believable proof that Amy is Penny's best friend. But you can see it with Leonard even when they weren't together she wanted to be around him.
  18. Well that was actually a good episode, although considering how mediocre this final season has been that really isn't saying much. William Shatner was definitely the best one of all the guest stars. I didn't know why Leonard and Stuart were told to keep it a secret that they played D&D with Wil and his friends. But it was okay for the girls to show off that they had? , I know it was meant to be a punishment but it didn't work, because how did they know the girls wouldn't have done what Leonard did. I could have done without the mention at the start of the episode that the Shamy could possibly win a Nobel Prize, it was unnecessary.
  19. Whilst I'm pleased that Leonard decided to not donate, I am left wondering when it comes to this whole plot, what was the point of it?. I mean if the writers have no intention of having Penny ever change her mind about having kids, then this plot arc was just a giant waste of time that served no purpose other than to annoy fans.
  20. Well, that was an okay episode the Howardette, Raj/Anu plot felt more like filler than anything else. The Lenny plot was a mixed bag, I liked Zack and Marissa they are definitely made for each other. It was good to see Wyatt again although his first scene wasn't that great. His second when he has his heart to heart with Penny was really endearing and showed how proud of the woman Penny has become. It was good to see Leonard & Penny's bedroom again, and the seduction scene was short but entertaining. Although I wasn't happy that it was Sheldon & Amy who seemed to be the ones who some are the go to for advice on this subject, it just felt off. What I did get id throughout the episode Penny wasn't okay with Leibard doing this but was going to let him as she feels she's letting him down by not wanting children. They have left the door open for Penny to change her mind, the question is will she?. Oh and we finally found out Peny's sisters name, Lisa so that's something.
  21. After seeing the promo for this weeks episode.It showing Penny trying to seduce Leonard. I'm wondering if what they showed was all or most of what we'll get to see of the seduction.
  22. Whilst I'm looking forward to seeing Penny trying to seduce Leonard, I really want to know why, is it a reward for not donating or is it something else?.
  23. Wait so if this sperm donor plot doesn't get resolved in the upcoming episode , they are going to brush it aside AGAIN for something that sounds like a guest starred filler episode. This is getting out of hand now, as much as I loathe the sperm donor plot it needs to dealt with sooner rather than later, but I have a nasty feeling it'll be right near then end of the season before we see the final outcome of it. Heck they might be dumb enough to use this unwanted story arc as Lenny's last plot of the season and have it only be resolved in the penultimate episode or the finale .
  24. Yep it was a missed opportunity for them to have Penny take care of him, but I guess jokes are more important to them even they make Penny look uncaring. Didn't like how they had Denise happy to have Stuarts babies, especially since they have Penny not wanting Leonard's it felt like a low blow to fans.
  25. It was an okay episode but nothing special, I wouldn't out of my way to watch it again, the Howardette plot was kind of interesting but not that entertaining. The Leonard plot if you can call it that was actually kind of sad, first, his supposed friends aren't actually paying attention to him whilst he's trying to show them something. Which they just had to have Sheldon mention is Nobel Prize predicament i mean it's not like they will continue to bring it up from now till we find out is it. Then he just leaves with Raj and Howard both being more interest in the meteorite then what they came to see Leonard for, so yeah he needs better friends. It also didn't help that whilst having a slight cold they squandered the opportunity for us to see Penny take care of him instead they went for the jokes which made her look uncaring. Leonard got to voice how others are getting things and he's not especially with that unwanted story arc they have to conclude. Oh and the Stuart/Denise thing was odd but amusing except for the fact that even Stuart the guy no one thought would end up with someone has someone who will be happy to have his children. That kind of came across as cruel especially to fans who wanted Lenny to have them but are apparently being denied. All in all it was not an episode worthy for a final season, a final season that was supposed to be the greatest season ever ( Still waiting for that to happen).
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