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  1. I agree with the second half of your post. But disagree with the first half, Sheldon/Shamy have had way too much attention on them this season. They have had more plots than anyone else. As for the Super Asymmetry plot i had no problem with it at first. But now i am just tired of the constant focus on it.
  2. So your saying Sheldon should win a Nobel prize because it's his life long dream, and Leonard should be happy because he at least has Penny even though his life long dream of having kids will be left unfulfilled.
  3. I know it ended well in S6 ,but my point was they've never had a valentines plot which was good for them all the way through. They have always had some sort of issue in their plots.
  4. 😁 You mean taking care of a rabbit right?😉. they could even use Kaley's rabbit Simon for it 😀
  5. Okay, I posted a question the main DT about a valentines day episode but I'd like to ask another more specific to Lenny. If they do a valentines episode and if we get a Lenny plot in it. Do you think we'll finally get a happy valentine for them?. as after all they haven't had much luck with valentines day. In S3 Penny was ill, S6 Penny spent their dinner obsessing over her former friend and ex. In S7 they ended up stuck at the vets after Cinamon ate chocolate. And in S9 they weren't able to have dinner due it being busy and Penny not being happy about being called ma'am.Anyways if they have a plot do you think it'll finally be a happy one for them or continue there trend of them having something go wrong?
  6. That would be great if it was an hour long finale, although I think it's also possible that the last two episodes will both be the finale split in two.
  7. It's just speculation on my part, with episodes being aired on a Thursday and valentines day being a Thursday I was thinking they might make the episode that airs that night a valentines episode. it will probably be episode 16 which I have know idea when the taping for that will be.
  8. Just a random question I want to ask you guys, with February 14th being a Thursday, do you think they'll do a Valentine's episode?. If you do what do think it'll be like?. I personally think due to how this season has gone so far it'll be mainly Shamy and Raj/Anu with Lenny & Howardette getting either minor scenes or just mentions of what they will be doing.
  9. The more episodes I see from this season the more I keep asking myself why am I even bothering to watch anymore.
  10. Okay first it was great to see President Siebert again. While I'm glad Penny's got a new job I'm just disappointed in the way they did it, I would have preferred her getting a new job all on her own, but have it happen solely due to Betnadettewanting her to do it was rubbish. Now the Shamy plot I'll be honest I'm just tired of the Super Asymmetry story, it's had way way too much attention this season. The plot in this episode was weak but good on Sheldon to want Amy part of it Nobel nomination with him. That said I was really hoping that this would be the end of the super asymmetry storyline till near the end of the season. However, given how it ended it looks like it's going to continue to dominate the rest of the season and that will be annoying if it does. My biggest issue though is even though I, loathed last weeks episode I wanted to see a conclusion to it, but instead, they brushed it aside just so they could go back to the Shamy story arc. that's annoying they could easily have left this Shamy plot till the next episode although that would mean two episodes in a row without a Shamy plot, I guess the writers didn't like that idea. Oh at the beginning when they were doing FwF the Union Flag was the wrong way round, given that Sheldon is doing shows on flags he shouldn't have gotten that wrong.
  11. Didn't like the episode one bit more because it got the impression from Penny that she has no intention in changing her mind about wanting kids . That final scene for them sort gave that impression but before that she clearly had issues being jealous and having an off-screen fight with Leonard over it. He gave her the opportunity to say no don't do it but instead chose to let him decide it just a complete dumpster fire. I don't like that it was left as a cliff hanger especially if it's going to brush it aside for a while. I doubt that even when they return to this at a later date it will get any better, I think the most we can hope for is Penny telling Leonard she is not okay with him doing it. Leonard agrees she thanks him and says maybe in a few years she might change her mind about wanting kids. So the show will end with Penny never getting pregnant and fans are left wondering if she would have ever changed her mind. That's probably the most positive thing we could get, but I doubt the writers will give us anything like that, and I think whatever they do we are not going to like because they just don't care.
  12. Well, i thought this episode was awful, I had no interest in the Raj/Anu plot but that wasn't the reason I think the episode was awful. First, we had that line from Amy after the got the champagne whee she says she's happily married but she will watch. Implying that Penny or Bernadette would do something for the guy who gave it to them. When Penny says they aren't going to do anything, Bernadette makes a dig at Penny which wasn't remotely funny. Also, Zack says he sold his company, but the company was never his, it was his fathers and he and his sister where vps. Although even in this abomination of an episode thee where some nice scenes for Lenny like after Penny ask Leonard was he jealous and he says absolutely not he should be jealous of me because I have you. Penny reaction clearly showed she liked that answer. And then Leonard not getting what Penny was implying was adorable. As for the car journey with Sheldon and his reaction everytime Leonard said something positive about himself. Was annoying just because Sheldon doesn't think so doesn't make him right if anything it made him look like a jerk. The boat scene was well cute and very very weird, Penny's reaction after he said he didn't know what o ay. Pretty much gave away that she didn't want him to do it. The, of course, we got the girls talking about it and Penny saying they had g=fight over it. And Leonard said to if she doesn't want his baby why shouldn't some else be able too, that was actually surprising to hear that Leonard would say that to her. I will say this Sheldon actually had a point about the emotional toll it could have of them. The last conversation between Leonard and Penny, has Leonard telling Penny he won't do it if she doesn't want him too. Then Penny makes the gesture implying he can do it if he wants. Yet she doesn't know if she's okay with it. But because she didn't give him a say when she told him she didn't want kids. She thinks she doesn't have to have a say in this. Then, of course, we where left not knowing what he was actually going to do which was a crappy thing to do. So all in all I thought the episode was just weird and a load of bollocks
  13. Honestly you are probably right, i think the writers are determined to put all the effort into Sheldon/Shamy even though they know it's the final season. I wish we had got a Penny pregnancy story line because i believe it could of been great. But given that it would take away from the Sheldon/ Shamy fest. I think the writers had no intention ever to do one. As for Penny being more like Katie ...hmn i think in S9 &10 she May be was. I still have a little bit of hope that in one of the last episodes of the show Penny tells Leonard she's pregnant. At least that would be something good to end the show on for Lenny.
  14. Both of those are interesting but are highly unlikely to happen. As the finale will more than likely be more about Sheldon/Shamy than the rest. Id like to see the finale be set in the future maybe 5 years. And we get to see what has happened to them all during that time.
  15. Erm what...How on earth is Penny agreeing she wanted a baby and to buy a house someday unconvincing?. Are you trying to say she was lying to him. Also why is the excuse for her always commitment issues?. While you might be able to use that over her not wanting a baby. Although i think its more about her being insecure she won't be a good mother. But there is no real excuse for her to change her mind about buying a house. You can't use commitment issues for that as she has lived alone with Leonard for years. Also i never said it was illegal for her to change her mind it just doesn't really make sense to me that's all. And as for your last line..im sorry but why should Leonard always be the one to compromise. Just so he doesn't lose her that's not good, compromises should be done by both of them not just Leonard.
  16. Just watched ep 11x11( The Celebration Reverberation) two things stood out in that episode first Leonards line " I guess it feels like everyone is moving forward and we're stuck" after hearing that I thought that's how they have been treated even now in this final season. But the more interesting lines were these: Leonard " We've been married two years should we think about what's next.. like buying a house or having a baby?". Penny "Look I want to do all those things someday". So Penny didn't only change her mind about having a baby but about buying a house also.
  17. Reading that was depressing but was so true too the only thing missing is Sheldon buying a house and getting tenure. Although there's still time for them to give Sheldon them too i mean why not he's got everything else he wanted. And you're right it's so unfair on Leonard especially since without him Sheldon would have nothing.
  18. Actually i believe it's 9 that Sheldon/Amy have had a plot in. They only haven't had a plot in ep 3 and 7 and the upcoming ep 12. But they're getting one in tonights taping making it 10 out if 13. Which is too much attention with it being the final season. Episode 8 onwards have been written knowing that it was the final season. Yet episode 8 onwards they have given Shamy a plot in 5 out of 6 of those.
  19. Well they had to make sure the Shamy super asymmetry story arc was continued I mean it not being in one episode out of five must of been hard on the writers not to make 5 out of 5 I bet they wanted to though. I am hoping this is the last we here of it now that it's not only been confirmed but they are getting Nobel nominations already. But that's just wishful thinking we'll never here the end of it , I expect Sheldon to constantly mention how he has been nominated for a Nobel prize. I guessed a while back that they'd have Sheldon win a Nobel , and It looks like he might be , so I wonder how long it'll be before Amy announces she's pregnant. You know just to really rub it in. 😡
  20. Exactly it just looks ridiculous if the plot for Lenny in 12x12 has Leonard not give an answer then in the very next episode instead of continuing it from there and seeing Leonards answer. It's getting brushed aside so we can have yet another plot about super asymmetry which the description pretty much confirms Sheldon will be getting a Nobel prize. As for the Bernadette plot I have no idea what success Bernadette could have that will involve Penny, maybe Bernadette is getting promoted and Penny will be her PA. Anyway what it shows is with Penny being in that plot implies that the donor plot has been shelved for now. Which is ridiculous that we have to wait for I don't how long for the resolution to that plot. Yet we are getting another plot about the Shamy super asymmetry that's 4 out 5 episodes in a row it's been covered , yet they can't manage 2 in a row for the Lenny plot. Looks like there might not be a point in watching the rest of the season now, because if Sheldon gets Nobel nomination he'll never shut up about it. Still think it's unfair he'll get what he's always wanted since the first season but Leonard probably won't.
  21. I agree when it comes to Lenny if they give them plots they are either rushed or left with no conclusion. And like you say with only 12 more tapings to go things aren't going to improve. They unfortunately will spend most of the remaining episode going on about the Shamy and Ranu. Given it's the final season i had hoped for a more balanced season. But looks like we are just getting subjected to what we've suffered these past few years. The show won't go out on a big bang if your Lenny fan that's for sure.
  22. That's fine , it's just for me it all seems unfair. Because Howardette have two kids even though Bernadette didn't want any. The Shamy will have kids as was told by Sheldon the narrator on YS. Even though the Sheldon character for the first few years had no interest in anything like that. Yet Leonard either won't get any children. Or if he does it'll be by sperm donation or adoption. That is just mean that his dream of having a smart and beautiful baby with Penny is going to be denied.
  23. Honestly, I don't want them to adopt any more than I want Leonard to be a sperm donor. I want if Leonard has a child that it's with Penny. Having Leonard get a child threw being a sperm donor or adoption. It feels like nothing more than they are mocking the fans, not just Lenny fans who wanted them to have a child together if they do either of those. I am still really hoping that they find a way of fixing the debacle they created in 12x03 and have Penny get pregnant by the end of the season.
  24. So with info for episode 13 sounding like the main plot is about Shamy and there super asymmetry , will we get the answer from Leonard to the question he was asked?. I have a feeling we will right at the start and that will be it maybe the apparent scene between Bernadette and Penny in with have Penny complaining to Bernadette that Leonard said yes. But I think that's all we'll get about it in this episode with them going back to focusing on the Shamy story arc. Probably in a later episode they'll come back to it , Leonard will go for tests to see if he is fertile so they can go ahead with the donation , maybe this is when we will get a proper conversation between Penny & Leonard. Heck they could even have Leonard have the tests done and find out he's infertile also , so it lets them off the hook with Penny not wanting kids as they can't have them anyway. PS: Just to be clear this is just speculation I don't want Leonard to be a sperm donor and I want Penny to get pregnant by the end of the show.
  25. Actually IRL it's only the Nobel Peace Prize that takes more than 20 years, the other Nobel prizes can be won much sooner if I remember correctly Kip Thorne won his along with his colleagues in 2017 only about a year after discovering gravity waves. There is an interesting fact about Nobel prize winners though and that is they are never young, I think the youngest to receive one is 58. So if they go down the route of having Sheldon and Amy win a Nobel try will the youngest recipients ever. Of course unless there papers theory can be proven they can't win a Nobel for so unless the show has them prove their theory they won't win a Nobel. Of course, given how much attention this plot is getting I mean it's been covered in the last three episodes, then we get an episode break from it then it's back. So that's 4 out of 5 episodes that have had a plot about their paper in( nothing has had that much attention before). Anyway, in my opinion, Sheldon shouldn't get a Nobel prize, because it's unfair for him to get what he always wanted in the show but Leonard won't, I know people will disagree but this is just my opinion.
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