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  1. 100% agree that was an amazing moment, showing Leonard is still a little insecure but also how much Penny adores him, if only they had her more vocal about what he means to her that would be great.
  2. Okay, I'll start with what I liked about the episode, It was good to once again get to see President Siebert, The Lenny scene with them shooting other. The Howadette scene, Leonard and Penny talking to Stuart with Leonard showing he is still insecure about his relationship with Penny. The scene where Penny pretends to think about who to choose when only he is left and how excited he is to be picked. In fact, Stuart was probably the standout part of the whole episode well besides Lenny shooting each other. What I didn't think much of was the Shamy and Raj/Anu plots they both just didn't work, neither did the weird thing at the start about Penny's Instagram.
  3. Okay while that's your opinion I massively disagree with you because in my opinion is just ridiculous. I mean had you of said you prefer the other guy's personalities over Leonard's. It would disagree but that's your opinion and that's fine, had you of said you like Leonard's personality the least again it I would have disagreed but it's your opinion and that's fine. However what you wrote implied that Leonard had no personality at all and that's ridiculous because everyone has a personality. Also, there is a difference between liking a character and their personality, take Sheldon, for example, he is arguably the most popular and liked character on the show. However, in real-life, the vast majority of people would have nothing to do with him due entirely to his personality, same with Stuart. Anyway, in my opinion, Leonard has the best personality amongst the guys as he is more relatable, even if others disagree with this he definitely has a better personality than Stuart. Whos whole personality is that of a depressed weirdo, how anyone can say that is better than Leonards is beyond me. Also in my opinion, if we look at the group as a whole Penny has the best personality out them all by a wide margin, and Leonard & Penny together have the best personality of any of the couples.
  4. Don't get me wrong Leonard has had some great jokes over the years. Not to mention physical comedy most notably when he kept walking into things whilst wearing contacts. That was great acting on Johnny's part. I was just saying he has less jokes and comedy lines given to him compared to some of the other characters.
  5. Well you're entitled to your opinion, I just completely disagree with you I want more Lenny focus after all the years on Shamy they deserve some good amount of plots. As for the rest of what you said, there is nothing about Penny that I can think of that would make anyone cringe. As for Leonard just because he isn't given many good jokes or lines doesn't make him bland he is the normal guy of the group and there is nothing wrong with that. As for Stuart/Denise and Raj well you might prefer more of them I don't I would rather watch grass grow than them. The Shamy have lost their uniqueness and are nothing special anymore , they are now no different from any other couple . Although with them getting so much attention over the last several years, I now find them boring and even a little irritating especially Sheldon .
  6. If that is the reason for making the show more Shamy focused it is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Fort the showrunners to change the direction of the show simply because the questions being asked at Paleyfest 13 where all about Sheldon/Shamy is just stupid. Just because the questions being asked centered around them in no way infers that is what all the fans are interested in. So it makes the showrunners look dumb and if this is true it makes them look bad too because it implies that all the crap Lenny have had thrown at them all these seasons was deliberate which is just cruel. Also if they are continuing down this deluded path that all fans are only interested in Sheldon/Shamy then this upcoming stupid plot will end up being more crap thrown at Lenny and that's just a load of bollocks. Also didn't this year Paleyfest have most of its questions centering around Lenny?. Also who was on the panel for Paleyfest 13? that could explain a lot. In all honesty, I believe the change in direction was all down to the showrunners and had nothing to do with what fans wanted or asked.
  7. Me too, but if it's more than two I have to wonder where the heck they are going with this unwanted plot arc for Lenny?. Maybe near the end of the season, we find out that she doesn't want the baby anymore and asks Leonard & Penny do they want it. It would be a crappy way to give them a child but will mean Penny doesn't have to change her mind about wanting one herself. Anyway, this is all speculation and until we find out the outcome we'll never know, but I suspect that Lenny fans will be left angry and upset by it.
  8. I do agree with what you're saying, but i think the reason Leonard didn't do anything is that he goes out of his way to avoid confrontation, now that doesn't mean he won't be confrontational. We know he can be as evidenced 1x06, 3x07, 9x21, he just prefers to avoid it and it's probably all down to how his mother treated him. He goes out of his way to avoid making people mad at him and confronting Penny on those things would have made her mad at him. Although like I have mentioned he has stood up for himself, he just rarely does he just rather just buckle under. As for Sheldon and all the derogatory things he says about Penny sexual history or her intelligence, I think it's should be Penny who puts him in his place. But that will never happen and thankfully they've not had him say anything like that in a while. As for Raj I've always wished Leonard or Penny would have said something to him about him bringing up that drunken night with Penny It made him look like a douche when he did. Penny has shown everytime it's mentioned that she wasn't happy I just wished she'd have told him to shut up about it or she'll tell everyone what really happened. Although I think Leonard might know and being who he is hasn't let on that he does.
  9. I pretty much agree with most of what you wrote especially the first part about David Underhill, Penny came across very shallow in that episode. remember Penny was worried about Leonard's intelligence and thought he'd get bored of her so was reluctant to arrange another date with him. Yet DU was as far as she knew just as intelligent but she had no problem dating him, why? because he looked like the kind of guys she used to date and was confider. Heck, when she went off with him she completely ignored Leonard not seeing if he would be okay, or even saying goodbye. The Amy stuff when she had this sort of attraction to Penny which got too much in season five, but I don't think they testing the waters for a gay relationship. The Sheldon character has always been their favourite from early on getting all the best lines and jokes even though most of them made him look more of a jerk than anything else. The problem now is he's supposedly grown yet still does a lot of the same things and they can no longer be brushed off as he doesn't understand. As for the ending, I agree it'll be ridiculous and very Sheldon focussed, I expect he and Amy will get nominated for a Nobel prize, the university with give him tenure. Then we'll get a time jump with Sheldon on stage receiving the Nobel prize with Amy who is visibly pregnant. This could be the final insult to Lenny fans especially if they have Penny stick with her decision not to want kids.
  10. Oh really Leonard is no one to Zack?. Let's see, shall we? Ep 4x11 Zack: Okay babe you're kind of embarrassing me in front of my friends. Ep 10x 22 Zack: Hey, how's Leonard? Is he still smart?. Penny: Yes, yes he's working for the government on an infinite persistence gyroscope. Of course, the first time I say it right, he's not even here. Zack: I love that little guy. Hmm seems to me that Leonard IS someone to Zack.
  11. Well that's what happens when we don't know how a plot will be resolved we come up with all sorts of ideas. On that note the more I think about it the more this plot ridiculousness reminds me of 6x02 , in that episode the girls ask Penny how she feels about Leonard. In her replies, she admits she does love Leonard and when challenged continues to say she does. But then says it feels different from when she has been in love before. And that apparently becomes enough of a reason to want to break up with him and was only stopped by Leonard's sad face when she tried to do it. The whole plot was bonkers, just like the upcoming episode 12x12.
  12. And what's wrong with Penny changing her mind and deciding she does want children after all?.
  13. Okay I've been thinking about how they can turn the abomination of a Lenny plot into a catalyst for Penny changing her mind about wanting kids. So how about in the next episode it picks with Leonard agreeing to be a sperm donor, Penny doesn't say anything but deep down is upset he's going to do it she just doesn't show it. Later on Leonard is about to leave to go to the clinic to give his sample, He asks Penny if she wants to come with , she refuses still trying to pretend it's not bothering her. But as he's about to open the door, she says "Wait". he turns to look at her and says "What's up?", she finally tells him how she actually feels, and doesn't want him to do it. He tells her they are waiting at the clinic for him what are they going to do, she say she doesn't know before smiling saying she has an idea. Leonard arrives at the clinic and when he sees Zack & Marissa he breaks the news that he has changed his mind, they are obviously upset,however he tells them he has brought someone else to do it instead. Nowhere they go for a comical scene by having it be Stuart, but I think say Wil Wheaton would be better and When Marissa see him she happily approves of his replacement. Leonard arrives home and Penny asks him how they took it, with him saying they where upset at first but where happy with the replacement. Penny apologises for making him not do it , he says if he honest he didn't really want to do it either. As he doesn't want to father a child he cannot raise but more importantly have a child that isn't with her. Penny hugs him and says thankyou, before telling him she's been thinking , he asks her about what?, she tells him maybe one day she might want his baby. Leonard looks surprised but happy and says you want to have my baby someday? she smiles before walking then turning to still smiling and says maybe. I know what I wrote is silly , but I don't where the writers are going with this story or if it's going anywhere at all, I have a feeling we'll be more pissed off or upset than happy with whatever conclusion they devise.
  14. While Leonard might appear to the least successful in the family. That has no bearing on intelligence. While Zack is pretty dumb, we don't know what Marissa is like. She might be smart and as she'll be doing most of the raising it doesn't matter how dumb Zack is. Although I'm hoping this is all hypothetical and Leonard doesn't agree to do it.
  15. While i hope that the plot does get a resolution they, however, do have a habit of just leaving things unexplained especially when it comes to Lenny. At some point I hope we get a catalyst that makes Penny reconsider her decision in not wanting children, however, I really hope it's not this plot. Because if it is it will leave Leonard open to accusations that he only considered being a sperm donor in order to manipulate Penny into changing her mind. That is not how I want the decision for her to change her mind to come about I want it to come from a happy place. Which is why I still believe they should babysit for Howardette and Penny ends up loving it, that would be a better catalyst to change her mind in my opinion.
  16. While I don't like the plot, why wouldn't Zack ask Leonard to be a sperm donor?, while they might be not pals, they do get along and Zack likes Leonard. So what if the child did look like Leonard instead of Zack, the child would never look like Zack with anyone who's the sperm donor .
  17. From the TR: What a fun night! (Even though the episode wasn't necessarily one of the funniest.) Leonard and Penny’s storyline was a little more on the serious side. Zach and his new wife Marissa (Zach, by the way, is apparently super rich now after selling off his company), ask Leonard to be their sperm donor to help them have a baby. Penny gets upset that Leonard is considering it but in the end decides that since he had no say in her not wanting to have kids, she gets no say in him doing this. So Penny was clearly part of the discussion so was consulted on it, she got upset that he was even considering it, but decides it's his choice as he had no say in her decision not to want kids. So she clearly has a say in it all, but ultimately leaves the decision up to Leonard and the answer isn't revealed.
  18. I get what you're saying if Leonard agrees to this he gets to be a father without them having Penny change her mind about wanting kids. But it's not what I want to see I want Leonard and Penny to have a child of their own, not Leonard being a father to a child he might never see. This whole thing was screwed up by what happened in 12x03 which was written not knowing it was the final season, now that they know they have written this crap as a way around it.
  19. I don't think I'm hoping to like the episode twelve plot, besides it bring just to weird, it makes no sense why have a plot earlier In the season where Penny implies she doesn't want kids. Then have this where Leonard is being asked to father a child for someone else, and have Penny at first be upset then tells him he can whatever he wants. What's worse is the plot in the episode apparently ends with no idea as to his answer, will this be another unresolved plot that's swept under the rug. Or will it continue into the next episode and we get a follow up to whatever his decision was, I honestly don't know where they are going with this or why they thought it up to begin with. One thing I'm sure of is I don't want this to be how Leonard ends up being a father, because it would be just wrong with it not being Penny's. Maybe it's a test and his answer will have some bearing on how Penny feels, does he agree and show that he is so desperate to have a child he will father one he might never see. Or does he refuse because he doesn't want to be the father of a child with anyone other than Penny, showing Penny being childless and with her means more to him. whatever happens, I really hope this isn't how they are going to put the end to the possibility of Lenny being parents as it's a rubbish way to do it.
  20. Wow that Lenny plot is kind of not what id expect. I could understand Penny being upset after all he will essentially be having a child with another woman. But her turning round and saying he can do what he wants because he had no say in her not wanting kids. Just feel completely wrong , i just can't see her being okay with. But my biggest worry is this will be considered the resolution for them on the baby matter. With Penny saying he can do whatever he wants, sort of implies she definitely doesn't want kids. I hope I'm wrong because i doubt any fan of the show wants Leonard to become a father to a child that isn't Penny's or gets to raise. Of course i hope this is the catalyst that makes Penny reconsider her not wanting children.
  21. Okay, I've just rewatched all tens episodes and the opinion I'm about to give I expect will be in the minority. So, in my opinion, the best way to describe season twelve so far for me is just rubbish, I'd even go as far as saying this could be the worst season of the show ever. My issues with it are first in my opinion there is way too much focus on the Shamy already and we're not even halfway through. It's been bad enough having this happen over the last several seasons but having it continue in the final season is just wrong. I mean in the first seven episodes it could be forgiven as the writers didn't know it was going to the final season. But episodes eight, nine, ten and eleven have all been written knowing full well it was the final season. Yet they have still continued to have the Shamy be the main focus with all four of those episodes main plots being Shamy. This brings me to my next issue the Shamy paper has had way too much attention these last two episodes and it continues in episode eleven. So for three episodes in a row, they have had a plot revolving around the Shamy paper. That's two too many in my opinion. What's worse is in episode eleven their paper is going to be published and end up well received. Thus making all the plots in the last to episodes pointless and all that Sheldon and Amy moping could have been avoided. and we could have been given far more interesting plots than they were. I really hope after the next episode we don't hear any more about that paper till near the end of the season. although preferably never again, but I know that's not going to happen so we'll probably get constantly mentioned all season. Next, I don't like how they've subjected us to YS if I wanted to watch that I would I don't want to see it in TBBT. Raj Anu, is uninteresting they need to get rid of her and if they really want to give him s relationship. How about near the end of the show have him bump into an ex-girlfriend and they rekindle their relationship, also the Stuart/Denise relationship is wasting time that could be spent on the main character. With fourteen episodes left one of which we already know what's going to happen in it, they have an opportunity to improve things. Will this happen? , i doubt it. I would really like to see a good resolution as to whether Penny will ever want kids. I also think they should give Penny a new career something she'd be happy with. It just comes off rubbish if she's mentioned several times she hates her job yet we are supposed to believe she somehow is happy with it now that's BS, but I doubt this will happen. Or how about giving Lenny some achievement to be proud of, I mean Howard went to space and can tell everyone about and how he's an astronaut. Raj was in a magazine, Bernadette after getting her doctorate was head by a major pharmaceutical company and is well paid. The Shamy have their paper which I expect us to bever here the end of for the rest of this final season. Yet in my opinion, the two with no real achievements to be proud of are Leonard and Penny. Which I think they should, but again that won't happen( I'm sure some here will say they have had achievements, but I don't see them). Also just in case anyone accuses me of hating on the Shamy, I'm not I have no issue with them, my issue is I'm tired of the constant focus on them and them getting the majority of the plots. It has, in my opinion, made the show over the last several seasons very stale. I had hoped with this being the final season that we'd get a more balanced season between all the characters but once again it has been heavily Shamy focused. Now it can be argued that the first seven episodes where written not knowing it was the final season and that's why they continued the focus on Shamy. However episode eight onwards have been written knowing full well it was the final season, and yet they have continued giving the Shamy the main focus. Which is why I dislike this season so much at the moment they have an opportunity to make this final season about ALL the characters yet they are as of right now squandering it. Now we thirteen episodes in which things could very well improve but going on what has already been seen and how previous seasons have gone my expectations for that happening are at the lowest they have ever been. Still waiting for this supposed greatest season ever to start.
  22. Exactly Zack likes Leonard so I can't see him taking any shots at him.
  23. Agreed , but I am curious as to why he will be in the episode .
  24. Hmm could this be something to do with Raj? maybe this is Anu's ex .
  25. But wasn't there a interview with Holland saying that they plan on bringing Paige onto TBBT?
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