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  1. They have always written Leonard & Penny as a turbulent pairing always having ups and downs, but after they got married writing them that way became harder. Which is why when they do write them like that now it comes across badly, which is why so many of us thought something bad was going to happen with the way they were written in the second half of season ten. It could also be why we don't get many storylines for them because they continue to write them that way and they know they can't do that all the time or fans will question what's going on between them.
  2. That 20 second scene between Leonard & Penny was the highlight of the entire episode , it was a very cute scene with playful banter.
  3. Okay this turned out to be a decent episode not great but okay, I liked the Howardette plot more than the Shamy one, but both could have been so much better than they where. Beverly once again showed herself to be a lousy mother to Leonard, when asking for professional advice from her she told him she was busy. But as soon as Penny told her it was for Sheldon all of a sudden she had time to spare so she could help. We learn that Leonard had two dogs die, but more likely they think we forgot that we were told his dog died in season three. My biggest issue with this episode was the shoehorning of YS into the show, to me it was a shameless plug for YS. Was also disappointed that the whole reason Lenny got dressed up was to do a send off for Shamies paper.
  4. I know it's been disproportionate for years, but with it been the final season i hoped they would spread the plots between all the characters/parings . Not continue to have Sheldon/Shamy dominate with so many plots about them. Actually to me the TR reads like the main plot is about Shamy(again), the paintball game that Lenny arrange is the b plot, which contains smaller plots for Howardette/Ranu and Stenise.
  5. Simple spend far less time and episodes on Shamy plots , Sheldon/Shamy have had a plot in every episode except for two this season, they have had way too much already imo. Which is made worse with it been the final season of the show, so they should cut back on the Shamy plots and let the other pairings/characters have some more instead.
  6. Thanks for posting the info. However the episode sounds kind of boring outside of the paintball game. And even that doesn't sound to good. The Shamy plot reminds me of when Sheldon did a interview about the paper Leonard and he published. Where he didn't mention Leonard once in the interview and Leonard's upset when he finds out. But it looks like they are laying the ground work for Sheldon and Amy to win a Nobel Prize. It does sound nice that Leonard didn't want to shoot Penny saying it would hurt. And Penny proceeding to shoot Leonard because she doesn't believe him is funny. But all in all it is another mediocre sounding episode. I hope it translates better on screen but i doubt it. It is nice to see that Lenny aren't the ones fighting although given that they don't have a plot just some scenes it makes sense.
  7. You are right we haven't seen him play, however we do know the guys won a trophy playing paintball so whilst we haven't seen him or any of the fuys play we know he can.
  8. Yeah if they did that it would be lame and make absolutely know sense as we know Leonard has played paintball( If that's what their doing) before on numerous occasions. So having him be a unwanted useless team mate would just be really bad writing and not at all funny.
  9. Thanks for doing that, to me it still sounds like: Penny: Awe i'm gonna pick Leonard....One time. could be this time. not sure which it is Penny: Okay i can prove it. Howard: Really you're picking her over me? Penny:Ya because she's viscious and can hide behind a mushroom.
  10. So it seems that Penny is her teams leader, so it's safe to say that Sheldon is the other teams leader. Penny appears to not want Leonard on her team , which doesn't make sense. As if this is paintball we know Leonard has played it before. But there is no evidence that Bernadette has,so why pick her. I'm guessing Sheldon got to choose first and neither want Leonard. The last two will probably be Leonard and Amy and Sheldon will pick Amy. Leaving Penny stuck with Leonard as some sort of booby prize. He'll probably be the joke of the game and if Penny's team lose they'll make it Leonard's fault. But we'll have to wait and see. PS: I just listened to the audio I'm not sure but it sounds like Penny does pick Leonard. But there's too much background noise for to hear properly so it might be what Luminous said it was.
  11. Agreed it does look like a weird combination, maybe Amy is taking Leonard's place in paintball because Lenny have their own plot?.
  12. Well if that is how you saw it , it's fine everyone has their own opinion. I agree with you on the Howardette front, there entire relationship moved so fast , after they got back together. The Shamy, Their actual relationship only started in 5x10 yet in 8x24 Amy says do you believe it's been five years since our first date , and Sheldon later calls it their anniversary .So whilst it had been five years since their first date they had not been in a five year relationship. It would be like Lenny celebrating that it had been ten years since their first date at the end of season eleven , and calling it their ten year anniversary even though they haven't been in a relationship that long. As for Lenny I believe it was always obvious to some extent they would be together, they both got jealous of the other if one of them was dating someone else. Also during Leonard's relationship with Priya , Penny didn't cope very well with it , so whilst they had their ups and downs they where always going end up being together imo.
  13. I can honestly say I hate that episode it's the worst of the 5 milestone episodes in my opinion , having a entire episode dedicated to lauding over Sheldon was just too much. Especially since he gets the majority of the screen per episode already, doing that episode was just unnecessary, it also annoyed me Beverly was there for his birthday considering she never celebrated Leonard's ever. Penny looked great in that green dress whilst also wearing the locket, just a shame we didn't get any Lenny alone time in the entire episode. When it comes to milestone episodes for me they go like this: 1st- 100th The Recombination Hypothesis 2nd-250th The Tenant Disassociation 3rd-50th The Gorilla Experiment 4th-150th The Locomotive Manipulation 5th-200th The Celebration Experimentation.
  14. I don't know if the writers exhausting their creativity in the first six seasons is the reason why they write so little for Lenny now. I believe it's more simple than that they simply don't care too anymore. They have written more Shamy focused plots than they ever did for Lenny ,so why isn't their creativity for Shamy exhausted.
  15. I just watched the 100th episode The Recombination Hypothesis in my opinion probably the best episode of season 5. The scene where Leonard asks her out after his daydream and she asks has he thought it through. He replies yes and I think we should go anyway. The smile on Penny's face is adorable it's like she had been waiting for this to happen and it finally was.
  16. No idea , they might not be going anywhere they could be returning, but either way I doubt it will be shown unless it's something to do with the other plot.
  17. Anyone who has watched the show from the beginning knows that all the jokes about their relationship don't work as they go against what was shown . Leonard's only difficulty with women was he was not confident enough to ask them out( Except for Penny), however women were attracted to him and had no problem coming onto him.
  18. The reason they didn't give Penny a prestigous partner during their time apart as they did Leonard was it would of affected what they where trying to portray. They wanted to Show Penny upset and jealous whilst he dated Priya to show that Leonard meant alot more to her than she was willing to reveal. Had she been dating a professional athelete at the time she wouldn't have been concerned about who Leonard was dating, besides how on earth would Penny meet such a guy?. The whole point of the Priya relationship with Leonard was to show that Penny was not over Leonard culminating in the revelation to Raj that she had screwed up and never should of broken up with him. Had she had been dating a guy like you suggest that had little chance of that ever being revealed.
  19. Actually to me it's eight that have been Sheldon/Shamy centric , only episodes 3 and 7 haven't been, but this of course is just how I see it. My bigger issue is that episode 10 is apparently the last episode before the holiday hiatus, correct me if i'm wrong but this will be the first time they've only shown 10 episodes before the holidays. And if it's true i'm disappointed as I was hoping we'd get a Christmas episode in this final season although there hasn't being a TR for the episode so it could very well be a Christmas episode. My bigger disappointment is that unfortunately we aren't going to ever see a Penny birthday episode which I think is just wrong.
  20. You are correct not everyone feels that way but i won't be surprised if there are quite a few viewers who do. Yes fans like Amy but it been many fans is debatable. The writers might not see her that way, doesn't mean to some viewers she does come across like that. Also remember in the second half of season ten. Lenny where written badly from the pov of fans and critics. Yet the writers didn't see a problem with how they where wrote they even thought it was funny. So it shows there can be a disconnect between what is written and how viewers perceive it. One last point yes they did have Penny say Amy was her best friend however she also told Leonard he was her best friend.
  21. Exactly they essentially don't care about continuity only what they perceive to be funny. Look at season ten for example in 10x10 they had Sheldon rent out his old room to a complete stranger. Yet in 10x18 Sheldon had a issue with Raj living in his old room it's like they don't even bother paying attention anymore and when they do they still mess it up continuity, 12x03/06.
  22. Okay i'm a bit late to the topic of a Leonard & Penny spinoff , I would really like to see something like that. Maybe they could have them move to a different part of the city, that way they are able to keep in touch with their friends. So we'll be able to see Howard/Bernadette/Raj and Anu. They could all be doing the same jobs except Penny who has a much better job. They could have Sheldon/Amy in the pilot and have them move away somewhere so that covers why they are not in the show.
  23. Agreed , I would like if Priya is there for her to maybe apologise to Penny for making Leonard tell to not come over his apartment all the time because she didn't want him seeing or hanging around with her. Maybe even a brief explanation as to why she made him do it.
  24. Agreed to this day everytime i watch 10x13 The Romance Recalibration, i always come away thinking that it was done that way deliberately by the writers. I have never seen an episode where they had characters be so ooc, making Lenny be at odds with each other and the Shamy all lovey dovey. I'm we had Penny dreaming about Leonard being all romantic, only be brought out of it by Leonard burping. If that wasn't ooc for Leonard we had him slouched on the couch in his underwear , something he has never done. And like people have pointed out , the way he was portrayed was more fitting for Howard than Leonard. We then had them have a argument about his supposedly lack of effort in doing nice things for her in their relationship , Leonard points out he has done lots over the years. Penny not only gets mad at him but basically says she doesn't want to see him for a awhile by saying she's going to take Amy with her to the spa instead of him. The Shamy imo where even more ooc than Lenny , they had them kiss in front of Lenny something they have never done ever but here they where doing it whilst Lenny where at odds. They then had the ridiculous sequence of i miss yous which just didn't fit their characters at all, but the most ridiculous thing happened when Leonard and Sheldon arrived at the spa. We got Amy's ridiculous overreaction to Sheldon asking how she was , where Amy was acting like he'd just said something extremely romantic. Then we got a unseen conversation between Leonard & Penny which would have been better than watching the Shamy sit there in chairs and Sheldon commenting on his drink. Of course the worst part of the episode was them asking for a RA , that was so ooc for them but apparently they needed to one because they suddenly couldn't function as a couple . Basically the writers where saying they have to be more like the Shamy for their relationship to work, i'm just glad it has never been brought up since... so far. So to me the whole purpose of the episode was to elevate the Shamy at the detriment of Lenny, and the only way Lenny could be made better was to make them more like Shamy by giving them a RA.
  25. In my opinion they've been portrayed as the third tier couple ever since the first time Bernadette got pregnant.
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