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  1. They continued wearing and eating what they had for the scene before, i heard them say just be talking and laughing, mayim made a joke and jim said something about his salad being dry, and they started laughing. I thought it may have been for the opening credits but they didn't really say.
  2. Um trying to remember amys in bed in her pjs laying on her left i think, hes gets onto the bed behind her but on top of the covers and is laying but propped up on one arm and strokes her with the other to wake her up with good morning wife, she says good morning husband. He says something about in some cultures they would hang the bed sheets out the window so everyone can see the wedding is consumated or something similar, amy says that wouldn't be appropriate given where they started their honeymoon. Sheldon then opens the curtains and you can see the front of lego land. Then it goes into his
  3. So ive just typed up what feels like a essay but i figure this is my last taping i go to so might as well do the spoilers right lol here you go and if its too much sorry in advance 😂😂😂 Cold open is the whole gang in 4A sheldon and Amy saying how by the end of the honeymoon they were like a real married couple the good kind like on tv not lile Amys parents, howard makes a joke about how they're not a real married couple until shes ok with him peeing with the door open, bernadettes not happy with it either. Sheldon and amy got them "gifts" they all got 1 love NY teeshirts, they forgot to bu
  4. Thats the shamy plot basically they think its the start of a scavenger hunt and go all over trying to find their real gift lol ill post more info soon im just packing to fly out tomorrow
  5. Thankyou im stoked i got to be there, Shamy are very cute in it i thought similar to earlier seasons together, i will post some spoilers later ive just got back to my hotel and im packing to fly home tomorrow lol
  6. They also showed us last weeks episode again, someone asked before which legoland they are at for their honeymoon and its California, sheldon is basically spooning Amy in the opening scene and their last lines in the episode are so good!
  7. I remember that night my first taping and i posted that and my phone went crazy hahaha
  8. Leslie and greg are people having coffee that sheldon and amy interupt, they aren't important characters to the storyline to be honest Yes we were soooo lucky to get tickets and are so grateful because we flew over for the tapings 😄
  9. I just left tonights taping Shamy are adorable in it
  10. They didn't say you see the legoland sign when sheldon opens the curtains and i think leonard makes a comment about shamy posting a photo in front of the statue of liberty and i think penny says real or lego, he says lego.
  11. Sheldon also has his first married bazinga he shows amy he ordered breakfast for her and when he opens the tray its lego bacon and eggs 😂
  12. I had a awesome time thankyou, well worth the travel time to get here. I loved the opening scene and really their whole plot was cute and did feel sort of like fanfiction lol
  13. Basically how it opens lol amy is lying in bed, Sheldon is behind her on top of the covers and strokes down her arm and says good morning wife
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