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  1. They continued wearing and eating what they had for the scene before, i heard them say just be talking and laughing, mayim made a joke and jim said something about his salad being dry, and they started laughing. I thought it may have been for the opening credits but they didn't really say.
  2. Um trying to remember amys in bed in her pjs laying on her left i think, hes gets onto the bed behind her but on top of the covers and is laying but propped up on one arm and strokes her with the other to wake her up with good morning wife, she says good morning husband. He says something about in some cultures they would hang the bed sheets out the window so everyone can see the wedding is consumated or something similar, amy says that wouldn't be appropriate given where they started their honeymoon. Sheldon then opens the curtains and you can see the front of lego land. Then it goes into his breakfast joke.
  3. So ive just typed up what feels like a essay but i figure this is my last taping i go to so might as well do the spoilers right lol here you go and if its too much sorry in advance 😂😂😂 Cold open is the whole gang in 4A sheldon and Amy saying how by the end of the honeymoon they were like a real married couple the good kind like on tv not lile Amys parents, howard makes a joke about how they're not a real married couple until shes ok with him peeing with the door open, bernadettes not happy with it either. Sheldon and amy got them "gifts" they all got 1 love NY teeshirts, they forgot to buy gifts so sheldon bought them on the plane, theres a line here about how NY could stand for anything not just new york. sheldon was bored googling stuff on the plane. He bought penny a xxl, shes annoyed, amy smacks him on the arm and says i told you, he says something like yes dear. Next scene is sheldon and amy opening wedding gifts and writing thankyou cards, sheldons written 16 and his wrist is hurting, they open leonard and pennys, saying its the perfect gift for a perfect couple, its a strange crystal object, amy shakes it, sheldon tells her to lick it cause it might be candy, amy asks if it could be a "marital aid" he asks what they could use a crystal shaft for 😂 I get a bit blurry here about the order of the scenes but ill try to remember lol It goes to the comic book store raj and Howard are watching stuart and denise flirt, raj asks whats wrong with stuarts face, howard points out hes smiling raj then tells howard he caught them making out at sheldons wedding. Stuart and Denise have a awkward goodbye and they ask if hes gunna ask her out, he doesnt know, raj says a big spiel about love which ends with him saying dont end up eating pringles on the toilet while your dog watches or something similar. Sheldon and amy are in bed, they cant sleep because they cant figure out what the present is. Sheldon wants to ask, amy says it would offend leonard and penny as its supposed to be perfect for them, sheldon doesnt care, she says they wont think youre a genius and he agrees not to ask. Eventually they get back up to tear up the box for clues, Sheldon is liking married life. Howard and bernadettes kitchen, bernadette asks whats wrong with stuarts face hes still smiling. Hes happy because he asked denise out and she said yes. Theres a couple jokes in here about personal grooming and stuff but i cant remember it too well, its funny though. Sheldon is hand delivering a thankyou card to leonard and penny trying to get info out of them. They ask if he knows what it is, he says yes and hes going to go use it then takes off out the door. Penny wonders if theyre being mean leonard thinks its funny. Sheldon screams from next door "what are you!" Howards in the Caltech cafeteria, sheldon ask him if he knows what the present is, he does sheldon doesnt want to know because theyve figured it out. Its the first clue to a scavenger hunt that will lead them to their actual gift, howard says thats right. Sheldon leaves happy thanking a approaching leonard on his way. Raj and leonard sit with howard. Leonard is still laughing, Raj wants to know what it was. Its the present that howard and bernadette gave him and penny for their wedding, raj asks if its the crystal chakra(i think thats the word) he gave them for their wedding, it is. Howard lied about them liking it. Sheldon and amy in berts office hes looking at the gift its quartz, they search what it could mean. Its based on a german word the same but spelt without a T. They decide the next stop is the coffee shop where they first met. Stuarts comic book shop, he asks raj for advice about his date, i cant remember much about this except it ends with raj being really down about being alone (was quite sad actually), stuart asks if he should fake a phone call and leave then does. Sheldon and amy going into the coffee shop, they are trying to figure out where their clue could be, they see the table they first met at. Theres a couple sitting there but they approach anyway looking for the clue, sheldon finds gum under the table. Amy goes to ask the barista if anything was left. Sheldon tells the couple this is where he met his wife and if they play their cards right they could be married in 8 years, turns out they're brother & sister. They redid this line a few times last time was sheldon saying font advertise that, he also said use protection in one shot. Amy has the lost and found box, the barista gave it to her when she asked if anything was left for them. They think its because they were lost until they found each other. Inside the box theres a chain with a locket with a stone, Amy thinks its quartz, no pictures inside sheldon says so they can fill it with their own memories, he also finds sunglasses in the box he thinks they were left for him because their future is so bright. He puts them on they smile at each other, hold hands and (basically 😂) skip out. Howard and bernadettes kitchen, stuart knocks asks them not to laugh. Hes orange, he got his hair dyed but it made him look pale so got a tan, hes tried washing it off and has tells them they'll need new towels, floormats, and a toilet seat. Howard makes a couple oompa loompa jokes. Raj skypes his dad, he wants him to set him up with a wife, after a small convo he agrees as long as raj stops posting photos of him and his dog in matching outfits. Back in 4A Sheldon and amy are thanking leonard and penny for the gift. Shes showing them the pictures of herself and sheldon theyve put in the locket. They are confused. Sheldon has a special thankyou card for them. He and Amy look so happy in this scene. The thankyou note theyve written is in sandskrit, but not regular sandskrit, they cant use the internet to translate it either as they are locked out of the wifi and the new password is in the card. Leonard isnt having fun anymore. Raj comes in and tells them hes getting married, they all react different, penny just says no. He describes the girl and how he just needs to hide his true self for 8 to 10 dates and its happening. Sheldon knows what hes getting them for a wedding present. Tag scene is stuart knocking on denises door for their date. She laughs he says he wanted to look his best and made a series of errors. She still wants to go out with him. She says maybe she can help him find nemo. They walk down the hall shes making orange jokes, he asks if shes going to do it all night she is. He asks if she feels like chinese for dinner she says she feels like orange chicken. And thats the episode, my friend has a very good memory for details so was filling in bits while i went lol Bts stuff there were a few mess ups, mayim seemed in a great mood chatting with Melissa and simon and her and jim were joking around alot. Jim looked like he was struggling early then got into it. I thought they were going to start laughing when she was holding the crystal thing and they had to stare at it, and when jim put the sunglasses on. They filmed a promo of the gang sitting around eating, they had to look like they were talking and laughing. Johnny and kaley looked really sad when they did their speeches both were tearing up thanking everyone for their support and thanking all the crew etc. Curtain call they all came out together holding hands.
  4. Thats the shamy plot basically they think its the start of a scavenger hunt and go all over trying to find their real gift lol ill post more info soon im just packing to fly out tomorrow
  5. Thankyou im stoked i got to be there, Shamy are very cute in it i thought similar to earlier seasons together, i will post some spoilers later ive just got back to my hotel and im packing to fly home tomorrow lol
  6. They also showed us last weeks episode again, someone asked before which legoland they are at for their honeymoon and its California, sheldon is basically spooning Amy in the opening scene and their last lines in the episode are so good!
  7. I remember that night my first taping and i posted that and my phone went crazy hahaha
  8. Leslie and greg are people having coffee that sheldon and amy interupt, they aren't important characters to the storyline to be honest Yes we were soooo lucky to get tickets and are so grateful because we flew over for the tapings 😄
  9. I just left tonights taping Shamy are adorable in it
  10. They didn't say you see the legoland sign when sheldon opens the curtains and i think leonard makes a comment about shamy posting a photo in front of the statue of liberty and i think penny says real or lego, he says lego.
  11. Sheldon also has his first married bazinga he shows amy he ordered breakfast for her and when he opens the tray its lego bacon and eggs 😂
  12. I had a awesome time thankyou, well worth the travel time to get here. I loved the opening scene and really their whole plot was cute and did feel sort of like fanfiction lol
  13. Basically how it opens lol amy is lying in bed, Sheldon is behind her on top of the covers and strokes down her arm and says good morning wife
  14. This is the feeling i got, leonard actually makes the comment opposites attract to penny at one point too. I found the Leonard and Penny plot funny i cant remember it as well as the sheldon and amy one just because they filmed some scenes quite a few times it was hard to follow whereas sheldon and amys was pretaped.
  15. When they check in to their new york hotel, sheldon tells the bellboy its their honeymoon and then lists all the things they have planned. Harry potter on broadway part 1 and 2 nikola tesla walking tour. Next one they are in their wizard robes after harry potter sheldons happy amys mad because he disrupted the show, he wants to have coitus she doesn't theres some funny dialog about them doing it in the shower but it could cause injuries. Then they are on their tour, sheldon is pointing out the mistakes the guide is making, amy is still mad, he tells her if they had coitus the night before like he wanted shed be happy, amy storms off. He approaches her later carrying 2 hotdogs, hes tells her hes not a physical person but wants to be a good husband and if he doesn't schedule he might forget and send her into the arms of a long shoreman, they compromise on the schedule. Meanwhile hes still holding the hotdogs and its super funny, Amy says something sciencey and sheldon gets turned on and tells her they need to go and she asks him why and he says i need you to say that again when we get there.
  16. Here you go anyone wanting spoilers 😄 The opening scene is so cute its sheldon waking Amy up in bed saying good morning wife and she says good morning husband, then he makes a comment about how its official they've consummated it and something about hanging the bedsheets out the window. They start their honeymoon in lego land and then go on to new york. Sheldon keeps scheduling everything including their coitus eventually amy gets mad and tells him she wants it to be spontaneous, they have a little argument, he explains himself( its very sweet in a very sheldon way) and amy says he can schedule everything as long as he doesn't tell her. Amy makes a science comment sheldon gets turned on and takes her back to their hotel. Lennys plot is the whole gang find amys dad has been hiding from her mum in shamys apartment. amys mum turns up later mad looking for him. Hes hiding, Leonard penny and mrs Fowler find him hiding, he doesnt want to go back, he wants a break. Penny cant understand how they are together, Leonard thinks their relationship is similar, they end up in a little argument. Penny thinks the fowlers are the weirdest couple they know and they know sheldon and amy, howard and bernadette and raj and his little "twitchy" dog, eventually mrs fowler tells penny how much fun theyre gunna have together and penny makes mr fowler leave. Raj is being interviewed by a local news station about a upcoming meteor shower, he spends his whole time talking about neil degrasse tyson, howard and bernadette watch on tv. Raj ends up in a twitter fight with him, the tag scene is neil calling raj theres some funny convo before they hang up and neil then calls bill nye. Bts stuff all but 1 of sheldon and amys scenes were pretaped, kunal had the first mistake of the night going up the stairs then almost fell coming back down, kathy bates messed her lines up abit, mayim and johnny had a mistake each i think. If anyone wants anything more specific feel free to ask if i remember ill share
  17. Oooops the episode is actually called the conjugal configuration lol just double checked my program
  18. Twitter feud is with neil degrasse tyson (sorry if thats spelt wrong)
  19. Its called the conjugal conjecture and theres 3 separate plots, sheldon and amy on honeymoon, leonard, penny and amys parents and raj, howard and bernadette with raj having a twitter feud
  20. Just got out of the taping Its a great episode!
  21. The episode title was The Explosion Implosion, i also think the model rocket not taking off was because it was old. Howards father bought it for him before he left and Sheldon mentioned he wanted one when he was younger.
  22. They showed episode one before so unfortunately i can't help, i was hoping id get to see episode 3
  23. Im probably bias because Amy is my favourite but her conversation with Leonard was one of my fave scenes of the night. Her face when Leonard said his mother was pennys new best friend was brilliant and the last line she yells was so well done. The whole scene reminded me of how she was in the early seasons, and look at the bright side we get a shamy kiss and a couple hugs in the first ep yay
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