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  1. 35 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    I miss it too but one advantage of this method is the posts stay posted. Sometimes the other one moved too quickly to read. It could get exciting though.

    I remember the exciting morning when the line appeared : "Lenny in 4A Shamy in 4B "

    I remember that night my first taping and i posted that and my phone went crazy hahaha

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  2. Just now, joyceraye said:

    Which Legoland was it ? I searched and noticed there's more than one. Would it be the one in California ?

    They didn't say you see the legoland sign when sheldon opens the curtains and i think leonard makes a comment about shamy posting a photo in front of the statue of liberty and i think penny says real or lego, he says lego. 

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