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  1. They argued because amy had a terrible night sleep, sheldon hogged the bed,made weird noises, sleep talked and jumped around so much amy fell out (this was hilarious) the next morning amy wants to the cancel the experiment but sheldon wants to see it through, he says somthing about her not respecting the scientific method and they have a really sciencey argument, jim messed his lines up a couple times, he convinces her to see it through and thats when amy says do you wanna go make out and they go to 4b.
  2. No they dont make out on camera they argue and amy says do you wanna go makeout and sheldon makes a joke about stephen hawking rolling and they power walk out of the apartment. They shot it twice first time sheldon answers slower second time its instant both takes they head out quickly though.
  3. Sorry yes sheldon and amy in 4b sharing a bed. leonard and penny in 4a
  4. Short summary while im waiting for uber lol amy needs to move out for 5 weeks her apartment has plumbing issues lenny offer her leonards room at 4a when they talk to sheldon he suggests a neutral area so they go to pennys amy takes coitus off the table says they'll reevaluate later cause sharing a bed is big enough sorry my car arrived will update soon
  5. So much fun the ep name is the cohabitation experimentation
  6. Im going to tonights taping its the first and probably only 1 ill get to go to. Im so excited hope its a good one
  7. Hi guys, Is there any chance anyone could help me get 2 tickets today? this is the first time im trying to submit for a ticket so if anyone is around and willing to help i would be very grateful
  8. Hahaha see kangaroos have large feet which helps them not fall off and we just ride them if we want to go anywhere problem solved
  9. Thankyou so much i really appreciate any help i think my time zone is around 11:30 at night for tickets as im in Western Australia and im not overly computer savvy so the prospect of trying to get 2 tickets was daunting lol
  10. i just booked my dream holiday from Australia to the USA in September and ive realised the few days im in LA is the same time as the episode 3 taping. we tried to plan it around having a couple chances but my travel agent said it was a long shot to get in anyway so just plan to do other things. can anyone give me advice on how to get 2 tickets for that ep, ive been to the site but got a little confused, im never going to get the chance to go again so would be great full for any advice
  11. Hi everyone, Ive been lurking for a while finally got game enough to make a account, im from western Australia and a huge fan of the show, love Shamy Anyway hi again
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