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  1. Simon Helberg Penny (I love the first episode of season 10 so much!) Hope you like it! ♡
  2. I'm with you not so long but I'm really happy to be a part of this fandom. I'm so inspired by every artist and I love reading every fanfiction. You, guys, are all so talanted! Thank you so much for my nominations!! Good luck to all!!! ♡ ♡ ♡
  3. My fanart of the month. Hope you like it ♡
  4. Fast sketches Cartoon version of Leonard Hofstadter and Shamy at prom. I was Amy at my prom this summer (when she was a teenager, remember?) but I didn't clean anything, just was alone. But TBBT always helps me realize that everything will be okay. Hope you like it ♡
  5. Thank you! And thank you for help :D I'm so glad to be a part of this community
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