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  1. Agree. Yeah, you are right about the supportiveness tone there. But it would be the perfect place for a complain like that imo. But probably won't happen though.
  2. Agree with you about the baby stuff, especially about the part I quoted you. Imo the bigest problem was actors had expressed they would not enjoy babies on set and that might limit a storyplot about "smart and beautiful babies " from lenny. Howardette baby is not seen but another unseen baby would be too repetitive imo. As you said there are many ways to not have a baby all the time on set but writers had prefered to keep lenny around same pointless storyplots, what is a pity imo. I think writers must pay attention to the things that are failing in tbbt universe. SDCC would be a great opportunity for some not satisfied fans to express their worries to tbbt staff. Maybe they could be aware about the consequences of their choices what is storyplots concerned.
  3. It was one of most interisting exchanges I have been watching in a tv show for a while. Bless Eric for that if was him!
  4. Ship Zone

    I hope Ramona won't be in the s11 première episode either. Actually, I believe writers would not do that as I feel like the purpose of shaking things a bit in shamy land for the interest of casual viewers raising in season finale was anchieved. I hope some drama, maybe after a Amy pannick attack as she might mention Ramona in the talk and Sheldon tell her about the kiss but as you, I hope the kiss doesn't play a huge role in Amy's answer. Maybe I am in minority about this but I think the talk between Sheldon and Amy after he popped the big question might be simpler than we might be thinking it would be. Shamy has now a balanced and better relationship what is communication related and although the mention of Ramona kiss might turn to a few moments of tension between them, I think it might be in terms of it was about someone who tried to mess with shamy relationship and not because shamy is showing signs of something could be wrong about their relationship, you know. Regards a face to face between Ramona and Amy, I am not interested to see it at all. It is funny as we might see jealous Amy as she talk with girls or even as she mentioned to Sheldon she got a bit jealous but a big scene between her and Ramona would show an insecurity from Amy that I dont believe it exists in this phase of shamy relationship and it would sound very shallow and it doesnt fit with Amy's character imo. As I have said , I wanted a more quirky shamy proposal but in end I liked how it was played out. It would worry me if that third party writers choosed to included in season final could have some influence in Sheldon's feelings but it did not. Besides I dont believe Ramona move to Sheldon was who made him propose to Amy. His actions through all season were showing imo he was slowly getting there, especially in 10.23. Ramona was like a "teaser" to the audience as it might put some viewers to think Sheldon felt pression and proposed. To me Sheldon proposed because he wanted, because he might have been thinking of doing that for last days, especially since Amy went to Princeton. Ramona might have done he had an epiphany like he had in 9.10. Who follows shamy since the beginning knows how meant those two are and how powerful is their feelings to each other. Writers surely will show it to the audience in s11, as they might write a powerful dialogue between shamy where they will work things out as the viewer will surely be sure of two things: *Sheldon loves Amy and he knows what he wants for their relationship as he doesnt need any external help to lead them to the next level of their relationship. *Amy loves Sheldon and she will say yes after being honest about last events. She trusts Sheldon and it won't change just because a woman tried to mess up with them. These are my thoughts
  5. Ship Zone

    It is a nice list of things for looking for to know more about in this hiatus time. Thanks for all info, guys! Btw, I have read the Jim's movie info in imdb and it looks like an interisting screenplay. Looking foward to seeing it!
  6. Ship Zone

    Yeah, more and less. From @vonmar post, if the first taping of s11 might be to happen closer to the first one from s10, it might be less than two months. I am going to be so nervous, lol! Nervous in end of s10, nervous for start of s11: shamy kills me for good reasons!
  7. Ship Zone

    No, I wasn't here yet for these tournaments. It seems really cool! Oh that's very fair indeed as the Opening night imo was The episode! However s10 brought us a few gems equally outstanding as Opening! Can not wait for participating in the best of all seasons tournament. It was so fun doing the nominations for shamy's s10 top 10. Glad I have decided to rewatch all seasons as I have my all favourites very fresh on my mind! Btw thanks so much for all info. There are things that I have not done yet in the forum and it has been really cool to find the good stuff we can do for hiatus time. Having a nice fellow to help/ explain things I am a newbie yet is really cool! You rock, girl
  8. Ship Zone

    I could happily go with that too, hehe! A bag of ice would help Ramona with the bruises though! Two months until first taping... I wish the hiatus countdown could be this one:
  9. Ship Zone

    I agree very much with you and @Jonny about this! I think writers know the hard-core fans are with shamy uncondionately and for those who are casual viewers they (writers) have to make things more interisting about shamy (aka shake the things a bit) for they keep following the show. Personally I think they ruined the chance of a quirky proposal that I would love to see but for other hand the way things happened showed how solid and unbreakable are Sheldon's feelings for Amy. The thing I think it was really missed in 10.24 for it was a great episode was Amy's reaction about the proposal and about Ramona as she and Sheldon were face to face, for it mirrored how solid and unbreakable are Amy's feelings for Sheldon as both trust each other. My money is in a wonderful and heartfelt shamy scene in 11.01 cold open for make the proposal really a shamy memorable moment. When shamy broke up most of us hated it and later everything as I have said lately made much sense. Hopefully it might happen the same about the events from 10.24. Shamy are in such great page of their relationship and we surely will see a continuation of it in s11.
  10. Ship Zone

    To me they have made me want more to meet Amy's mother over the years because I would like to see their interaction as Amy is an adult and taken woman now and most of things we know it is from teen Amy . Besides that skype call between shamy and Amy's mother was so short that I would like to know more details like if she and shamy had got along over the years. Regards Amy's father I am one of those who want to know about him. It is about time imo we know more about Amy's background, all over these years has been too less the info about Amy's relatives.
  11. Ship Zone

    You know what I would love to see from shamy in s11? They having a very quirky trip together! They could go to a science symposium or to something more relaxed like a weekend trip in a place with science background as we could see both being excited for science and be happy for be together only by themselves, if you know what I mean, hehe. It could be a flags convention ( I love so much this idea as I did not loose the faith yet as it could be a future storyplot as writers mentioned that last season), a train lovers meeting or a A litle house in praire fanfiction writers convention, lol! If shamy get married in s11 a quirky honemoon travelling plan could be on rocks, who knows. I know, we did not see the other couples honeymoon time specifically but a girl can dream, lol! Beyond of Amy and Sheldon be engaged in s11, what would you like to see more about them?
  12. Ship Zone

    I missed the all fun here, it seems, hehe. Doesnt matter, I dont miss the fun now. What I am really sure this moment is I would not exchange a single thing shamy lived in those bad times of their lives for anything else. They needed to live through that perspective about what they meant to each other and about what they wanted from their relationship and imo writers did it in such interisting and exciting way. I must confess s10 turned to be much better than I thought it would and I had my expectations high in beginning of the season (my first steps here in fórum) as you all know. Season 11 has so much potencial for make their relationship even better, as I assume Amy will say yes to Sheldon's proposal. How could it be in other way? Shamy is not afraid anymore of talk and share everything with each other. That engagement may be oficial really soon
  13. Ship Zone

    I remember it was pure torture in time S9E7 aired as Amy was seen be kissed by Dave and I had to wait one more week to see what would happen. Thankgoodness for spoilers from E10 as I almost died of shipper sadness for the E09 tag scene! I tried to calm down with the mantra ("it is only a tv show, girl") but it did not work that much, hehe! Shamy love story has looked like always so strong, so true that even in midle of breaking up , they only could belong to each other. And s10 proved it so well and so in a permanente way Regards to rewatch S9 it really helps to have all episodes avaiable. The torture only lasts a few seconds as I start to watch the next episode!