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  1. Or the Nobel price thing might make Sheldon so foccused on it that he could distract himself a bit. We are close to the show end, imo everything is possible, even the maddest theories!
  2. Hello Shamy fellows! I have just watched 12x17 and I had to share here some thoughts about it. I know many might disagree about the Sheldon experiences with Holowitz children but I thought they fitted with Sheldon character and at same time they seemed realistic for a potencial Sheldon father role in upcoming episodes. By the way I have read it may not be possible Amy being pregnant at moment because if it was true, she would tell it to Sheldon by the end of the episode... However that mix of mischivious and melted look from Amy to her husband... I m not sure at all she wasnt, hehe. Maybe I am wrong but I loved the feeling of my Shamy could become parents sooner than I thought they could...couldnt help my Shamy heart!
  3. Thanks very much for the info. Glad you had a great time there!
  4. Hello Shamy fellows! How are you doing? So today is a special day ( that is now almost done in his time zone, hehe ) for our fellow @Jonny... Happy birthday, Jonny! I hope you had a wonderful day! Amy wishes you a happy birthday too!
  5. Thank you, my dear! I have less avaiable time these days for be online but I haven' t surely lost track of my tbbt. 😁
  6. @Trinabeana78, thanks so much for your info about the taping. It was very appreciated!
  7. It's been a while since I had logged here but I could not pass the chance of commenting on Shamy in last Thursday 's episode. I just loved the signs of growth from Sheldon about Amy. A Nobel price has been his dream since the beggining of his career but for Amy as she might not share a chance for winning it like he could with those two scientists, he could give it up for her. That made me getting teary eyed of pride for Sheldon. I just hope this story arc may allow us to see Shamy enjoying fully their contribution to Science development and also to see more sweet and eccentric moments from Shamy together. They are really two peas on pond that only could had met and enjoyed fully life filled with love and career accomplishements together. True love is really a blessing ♥️
  8. Happy holidays to everybody! To whom celebrate Christmas, have a happy one. Have fun and stay safe! And Tbbt, you always rock! ♥️
  9. Happy Holidays to everyone! Enjoy your time with your beloved ones, have fun and stay safe! To our Shamy, I also wish the best for them and we may watch many great stuff from them!
  10. Thank you so much for all info about the taping. Glad you had a great time! Regards the sperm donor plot , I dont know.... TBH, I prefered Penny had a Leonard child than other ( since both were happy about it) but at this time of the season I think I will take it and not thinking too much about it before watching it on screen. *shrugs*
  11. Happy belated birthday, @veejay! I hope you had a great one!
  12. Thanks @Tensor and Nicole for all the info. It is very appreciated.
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