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  1. Ship Zone

    Oh I would order that without hesitation!!
  2. Ship Zone

    Agreed! The s10 DvD has to compensate the s9's lack of shamy bloopers in an enough amount for fans delight. And recent extra material as well! Another scene whose bloopers must be gold...
  3. Actor

    Thanks so much for all info! Real scenarios are much better
  4. Actor

    Apparently it's an old fashion furniture for a dressing room movie from present time .
  5. Ship Zone

    True, @April! Severals seducing attempts, even in Amy's dreams! What a season! ❤
  6. Ship Zone

    Also a especially thanks to Mayim for keeping the best facial expressions as Amy express all her love about Sheldon, LOL!
  7. Ship Zone

    These clips are gold! ❤
  8. So tbbt staff have been hard at work for a month in writers's room... Hopefully their panel speaking time at SDCC will seem very short for the potencial of the questions-answers about the upcoming season. Everyone need many answers!!
  9. Ship Zone

    l am not expecting a very vocal Mayim in SDCC as her voice might be weak yet. The panel is planed to last one hour and as the cast is almost complete there, the time of speaking for each of them might be short. Regards the first taping as Mayim could not have her voice at 100% either, it might happen shamy scenes with not long dialogues but with very emotion, like a Amy might be almost speechless for finaly Sheldon proposed. I see comedy potencial there as Mayim would be protected by the script for not push hard her voice, the speechless part about the proposal and a possible panick attack ( fair credit to @April as the idea is not mine) would sound ic imo. And for last but not least, Jim and Mayim have enough chemestry as shamy for doing a memorable loving scene without a too complex dialogue. Setember, you are so far yet!!
  10. Congrats! I hope everyone who is going to attend tapings this season have a great time! Looking foward to reading about your experiences. I also would like to thanks in advance for all the info provided which is always precious for us who can not have the chance of such exciting experience for a tbbt fan.
  11. Actor

    I am a regular Discovery channel viewer which I think that broadcast the best documentaries about several subjects. I am very glad Jim are doing very interisting stuff beyond tbbt. It really proves how clever and talented this guy is!
  12. Ship Zone

    This whole post! ^^ It would be very difficult to disguise imo Amy's answer for weeks if they want an exciting premiere taped out of order. And I think @mirs1 is very right about the out of order what was s10 tapings concern as it was for questions related with guests avaiable time for tbbt at time. Regards the bold part, I also really want the premiere to be taped on 8/15 for a very selfish reason... My anxiety, as I live all of this as shipper as if shamy was really , hehe! My heart doesnt need three weeks of torture, LOL!
  13. Ship Zone

    Well, first I felt as we saw Sheldon's trip to Princeton, then as Amy opened the door and Sheldon proposed I felt . The tag scene ended and I was like. Me in hiatus time as I think about the 50% chance of "no" from Amy
  14. Ship Zone

    I am fairly confident too about Amy's answers to Sheldon proposal will be a "yes"! The truth is a"no" in this level of shamy relationship would not fit to everything shamy envolved and grew together as persons and as a couple in s10. Besides , as Amy said "no" and Sheldon would get surely hurt with her as they could be broken up again would ruin everything and writers had proved they are proud of the work they had been doing with these characters and also they are aware that shamy is one of most shipped couples of the show. I believe a bit if drama could be in its way as we would wait until at least to the end of premiere episode for Amy's answer. Overall I sense a teasing tone from writers for SDCC and to every interview the subject "proposal" could be brought up. They want us suffering from "tv show pre watching anxiety" until September 25, lol! Regards SDCC I am very excited as it will be my first online here with you all. I want to know everything writers could come up about all characters. I am a shamy but also a fan of the show and it is so cool as we may be able to see the tv showrunners to talk about it, whatever it is about the past, present of the future hold for each of these characters. Isnt Friday yet?