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  1. Ship Zone

    Speaking of shamy wishes for s11, one of the things I wish we could see is Amy initiating spontaneous lovemaking. It doesn't need to happen in Princeton ( although a girl can dream , lol) neither in 11.01. I just hope a nicely well built situation for our girl sugest it to her Sheldon and both happily get involved in such nice activities. <3
  2. Actor

    Having sneakers with holes in them is cool! I have a pair of them on my feet , lol! Old sneakers rock!
  3. Actor

    Aww ❤ That's an amazing photo!
  4. Actor

    Love both, hair and make up. Mayim is getting even more prettier.
  5. Ship Zone

    The idea about Amy wearing the ring as she was in skype with the gang seems nice! Btw, welcome to the forum. Have fun!
  6. Prayers go out to everyone caught up in this awful incident at Manchester arena. Also for your sister and all emergency services. Glad your aunt and cousin are ok. Stay safe yourself.
  7. Ship Zone

    Tbh, although I don't mind flashbacks episodes, I dont believe much writers would do it about shamy wedding. Because most of audience want to see it at the moment of happening and they surely would please the best they could all fans.
  8. Ship Zone

    Sure you do, @Shamyyes. Sharing April's post for you follow it.
  9. Ship Zone

    It is so quiet here... *looks for online shamies * How about we talk about things we would like to see in season 11 for shamy while the Top 10 shamy favourites moments from season 10 is submitted? My wishes / hopes for s11 : *Amy could say yes to Sheldon. I believe she will, no matter if it will be in first scene of s11 premiere or in tag scene. I can not believe the writers will drag her answer beyond 11.01. For shamies 's sake, they shouldn't! *Amy may have her complete fellowship time at Princeton. Sheldon could take a few days off from Caltech for spending time with his fiancée ( love the word!) and getting to know better Princeton campus. After all he doesn't like much taking vacations out of a university, lol! * Sheldon could spend a time alone as Amy is in Princeton. It would be great for him and it is a situation I think it has potencial for some comedy too. Besides, we would get more shamy Skype calls that I love so much! * We could meet Amy's family. I would love to see a talk between Sheldon and Amy's mother, hehe! More potencial comedy and some shamy goodness ahead. * Some wedding planning or shamy could be already married when Amy go back to Pasadena. One of these options would work for me. And these are on my mind at moment. What are yours?
  10. Actor

    I love Mayim 's t-shirt so!
  11. Agree very much with you. I think this hiatus time is the perfect opportunity for the writers do a reflexion about what missed , what still be untold or even it is not complete yet from the storylines they wrote in s10. Penny needs a bit more attention from writers about her storylines imo as Raj , lenny and Leonard as well. The s10 cliffhanger's resolution doesnt seem complex as it was in s8 season finale , so the writers , if they do an effort, they may get focus in others characters for draw the lines of s11 storylines in this show breaking time. If they want two sucessful seasons ahead about ratings and viewers interest , they can not risk of having only a part of the audience of the show satisfied. They should do imo a reflexion that might tie the loosen storyplots as these two seasons were the last ones. The die hard fans enjoy everything going well done about all characters since the beginning of the show. It would be bad if suddenly the show reaches its end with some characters fully happy and others not. Hopefully they may think about it and do something about it. Sucess doesn't match with laziness or lack of effort.
  12. Ship Zone

    Why do you think that? I did not see Amy being sure she was moved on about Sheldon, I saw her in pain for he seemed to moved on about her, which was proved he did not either as Amy did not. Besides there are couples who had a period of time separated as neither one of them tried to see other people or just one of them tried it. It is not an obligation to handle with a broken heart with a quick match for replace the former SO. I am not getting into shamy breaking up subject as I have already said everything I thought about it and at this moment imo is time for celebrating how their relationship came along so far this season. And Amy's yes and shamy talk in s11 premiere is my priorities in the part of my brain reserved for shamy thoughts. No offense but I can not discuss past sad shamy things that they had already moved on.
  13. Ship Zone

    I must confess sexy Sheldon was in my first draft of my own chart but some other meaningful shamy moments had to get a place in top 10, hehe! But I would not mind a sexier shamy top for I include them, lol! Maybe later we have time, who knows?
  14. Ship Zone

    Most of ones you listed are on mine too! I did not include the montage and proposal not because I did not like it as I really loved the way it was done but because we did not get Amy's reaction yet about that. I believe it will be on my s11 top 10 though! You are so right, there is no way really go wrong with this! I would also add the heartfelt shamy talk in Sheldon's old room before they went to 4 B or the Comic con Sheldon seducing try, lol! You had 32 listed, I had 17 ( with other 6 out from the 17, hehe) . It was an epic task! Let's submit your favourites please, everyone! This is going to be so fun as we discuss the top 10 and the others out of top shamy moments until the end of hiatus!
  15. I would prefer that too! Agree! Besides , the cast had taken a few selfies together behind the scenes, I wonder why is so hard to take a simple photo of them all together in characters costume. Really, it would be better the dvd cover had just the tbbt logo or pics from the episodes from now. At least it would have recent photos from the cast on it.