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  1. Agree. It was not my intention to bring you or anyone else tears, sorry. This is how I am , as I live all fav things intensely, hehe. I wish everyone the best, even those who eventually got angry with me for some reason included. Peace and love ✌❤
  2. Probably my last post here so here we go: IMO the end was sweet and moving. It was not perfect as there were weird twists to some plotlines if theey were the ideas from writers since the beginning of the season to give closure to what we could see from these characters lives though. So I laughed, smiled, melted, gasped and even got teary eyed as the episode 24 ended. It was an excellent choice as the end seemed open to more. After all these characters were portrayed and written like they were real people from thesedays and in real life, we cant say certainly how things will be always for us. Life happens Bing bang theory eternal love ❤
  3. Stop hurt yourself, buddy. As Asterix would say these writers are crazy , lol! Or following Amy's words, there are too many... 😁
  4. As I enjoy each character from this show for different reasons and I am able to praise even those that are not my favourite, I really loved what Leonard thought to do for help Sheldon and Amy. Because they deserved and was fair, Leonard said and implied. That's what a friend would do for us and this show is always about friendship, for better and worse. From right actions or not so right. Well done, writers! Btw, Amy , you still make me laugh and smile since your first episode. Girl, you never let me down! ❤
  5. I have just had the chance of watching this episode and I could not pass the chance of saying I really enjoyed Leonard and Beverly moment. It broke my heart as there is and will be always an emotional distance between them that not matter how Leonard try, Beverly may not quite connect with him. Finnaly Leonard found the courage as he could say loud some things that really hurt him about it. I loved this because it closed somehow the circle of Leonard's character since s1: he mostly faced his fears all this years(seasons) and got one of the most important steps for he finnaly fix somehow his relationship with his mother. For another new book or not, the truth is Beverly also tried to face her fears and could do finally a beautiful affectional gesture to her son. Bravo, tbbt staff!
  6. Yeah but if we could see both Shamy and Lenny children, it would be so cool. Better if it had a time jump too!
  7. Welcome aboard, @shamyisthebest. We have much to discuss about next episodes and the show end as well so never late to be here with shamies Regards what the last episodes may bring to our Shamy, I believe they will get what they deserve, as individuals and as couple. Shamy relationship has been a great journey that I wont ever forget. They have a special place in my heart, as they lived wonderful, powerful, weird and funny stuff together. Shamy will be printed in our hearts and minds forever ❤ Gosh, how will I handle with no more Shamy on tv. Oh boy... *sigh*
  8. If we can't speculate anymore, then it is better I say good bye in advance. Even to be honest, I cant believe in 16 days we wont see any spoil around...the show would benefit with it, always.
  9. I have just watched s12e19 ( have not watched s12e20 yet). The soft kitty moment was so cute, I melted with Amy's smile and with that Sheldon 's hand on Amy's head... There seemed like a kind of prelude for an upcoming Sheldon father moment as Amy was so melted on his arms... I know, lol. I cant help myself, okay? ♥️
  10. You know, obviously it is not a surprise for me the show is ending , as it is only one month more of s12 and of the show itself and we know that since the beginning of the season. But looking at that empty white board made the all thing sinking in for real for the first time for me.... It will be hard for me letting go these characters when they have been in my life for last four years. No more seasons, tapings reports, table readings, set pics, IG captions from cast and crew. No more discussions about what could happen in the lives of these incredible characters... My apologies but I had to put this out of my chest and doing it among fans of the show... I know you would understand me. Thanks!
  11. I love so much this cast pic, especially our Shamy. Even in one group picture, their feelings for each other are ao powerfull that the viewers might tend to stare at them.. hours ♥️♥️♥️
  12. ♥️ from Portugal just for you, girl !
  13. Good for you and for me as I had to share my opinion on this. It was not for you agree with me so that's cool.
  14. It is more than tolerate him. Multiple times over the seasons they helped Sheldon even in those times they could just sit down and laugh of his misery. To me it is about friendship, no matter what are their flaws to each other. After all it could be seen as the meaning of this show. Edited for saying to @vonmar that I only read her post after I posted mine. I know the words are similar...
  15. This photo and caption make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy. Because after all things Shamy had to live through, they did it. They are living their love fully and also be happier human beings. Oh man my fan ♥️ is bursting of happiness and pride 😊 Surely the reason for I had never stopped to follow and cheering for Shamy. Their love was pure, strong and unconditional since the beginning, even when they were not aware of that. I feel a bit nostalgic these days because a few more weeks and one of my fav shows will be done. However it was a huge pleasure to meet such beautiful love story. Shamy will have always a special place in my heart.
  16. We probably won't t see it but we could get a mention about they would do that. I think it is something so cool for Shamy do!
  17. Thanks so much for all info. It is very appreciated.
  18. Or the Nobel price thing might make Sheldon so foccused on it that he could distract himself a bit. We are close to the show end, imo everything is possible, even the maddest theories!
  19. Hello Shamy fellows! I have just watched 12x17 and I had to share here some thoughts about it. I know many might disagree about the Sheldon experiences with Holowitz children but I thought they fitted with Sheldon character and at same time they seemed realistic for a potencial Sheldon father role in upcoming episodes. By the way I have read it may not be possible Amy being pregnant at moment because if it was true, she would tell it to Sheldon by the end of the episode... However that mix of mischivious and melted look from Amy to her husband... I m not sure at all she wasnt, hehe. Maybe I am wrong but I loved the feeling of my Shamy could become parents sooner than I thought they could...couldnt help my Shamy heart!
  20. Thanks very much for the info. Glad you had a great time there!
  21. Hello Shamy fellows! How are you doing? So today is a special day ( that is now almost done in his time zone, hehe ) for our fellow @Jonny... Happy birthday, Jonny! I hope you had a wonderful day! Amy wishes you a happy birthday too!
  22. Thank you, my dear! I have less avaiable time these days for be online but I haven' t surely lost track of my tbbt. 😁
  23. @Trinabeana78, thanks so much for your info about the taping. It was very appreciated!
  24. It's been a while since I had logged here but I could not pass the chance of commenting on Shamy in last Thursday 's episode. I just loved the signs of growth from Sheldon about Amy. A Nobel price has been his dream since the beggining of his career but for Amy as she might not share a chance for winning it like he could with those two scientists, he could give it up for her. That made me getting teary eyed of pride for Sheldon. I just hope this story arc may allow us to see Shamy enjoying fully their contribution to Science development and also to see more sweet and eccentric moments from Shamy together. They are really two peas on pond that only could had met and enjoyed fully life filled with love and career accomplishements together. True love is really a blessing ♥️
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