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  1. Ship Zone

    Before the madness starts, only a side note . It’s sunday and I am back to s7 rewatching as I made a litle break for rewatching s10 for the Top 10 shamy s10 moments. Today was this shamy milestone turn One of my favourites shamy kisses ever! Every Sheldon's move was so instinctive and so did Amy's. Gosh, these two kill me so many times in a week, lol! And I love it!
  2. Ship Zone

    Thanks @April again for all your dedication and work to bring this top up. Can't wait for the all fun to start ! And agree with you too about shamy ties be on the shamy top too. More moments, more reasons to celebrate.
  3. Of course. My apologies if I offended you.
  4. This! ^^ That's why imo as viewer it is not a big deal because it has not any influence in character's behavior. It is Sheldon Cooper for all fronts and it is what matters! These people have the same rights than others, don't they?
  5. Good for you, lol.
  6. Out of character? To me I dont relate Jim's shape with his character's shape. They say love make a woman prettier ( Amy wears now pretier clothes and her hair is nicer) why it would not make a man have a more well built shape? I mean, I see Sheldon’s shape was an extent of his new life.He is not that lonely guy closed at home only having his work, his hobbies , his fears and his phobias as his daily basis . He goes out more , he has a girlfriend who live with and share lots of interests and activities, he walks surely much at least. He smiles, he even laughs! My point is, even in middle of a bit of joking with good intentions , it doesn't bother me at all. I am still focusing on Sheldon’s mind, not on his body. Because Sheldon will be always imo mind power, for good or for worst. Besides after 10 years people 's body changes. Some get extra weight, others extra muscles. Not a big deal, I guess.
  7. I think we mostly are lucky for having such great and talented cast keep doing this show for us and giving life to such great characters. Surely none of us love all of them in same way or love all of them as people may love some of them but not love everyone from the cast/characters, it would not make sense as people dont love everyone who interact with them in their lives. Love or adoration are not feelings people feel for everyone but respect is really something great to anchieve and share. It is always nice when respect can be seen from people, even when they dont like much the other they could be talking about. Feelings cannot be measured or compared as it happens with numbers, for example. What is interisting in a community like ours is there are so many people with different opinions around here about lot of stuff and yet they are able to communicate with anyone about any subject. It is really warm to feel it, especially when most of us dont know each others in real life. Tbbt is really a powerfull show about emotions, beyond nerd and geek stuff.
  8. That’s a perfect way to finish such great shamy fic after the proposal moment. You really did a great work, especially with shamy characterization and the girls talk as well. It can be noticed how much you enjoy this ship, you wrote so well how they were great in their interactions to each other and also with their friends. I really loved how you put Sheldon to have a final and permanent closure to such serious subject to him and Amy as now it would not be any chance of the trouble could repeat again. The ending was so lovely! I must confess I wanted to read more, hehe! Congrats, @Jonny. Very well done
  9. This! ^^ I would give you 1000 likes for this post if I could!
  10. Ship Zone

    That's a great idea, @amethyst! So the following list is that I didn'tt include in my subbmited list: * The sequence of Sheldon's steps to Princeton and the proposal. I loved it very much, the only reason I did not included it in top 10 from s10 was we did not seen Amy's reaction to the proposal yet. * Harry Potter makes things hotter moment. * Amy's daydream about sexy train conductor Sheldon. * Shamy holding hands as Amy looked after Sheldon injury in Bert prize episode * Confort zones white board list as shamy talked in their bedroom * Amy ST lullaby to a stressed Sheldon * Shamy all hot and bothered as they had an argument about science after their first night living together * Amy's hug to Sheldon as he agreed to have a living together experiment * Amy's hug to Sheldon as she saw he made a brunch. * Shamy talk in Sheldon old room as they talked about sharing a bed. *When Sheldon called Amy cute as she seeked medicin in the division of Leonard and Sheldon possessions episode. * Flamenco Sheldon and all hit and bothered Amy * The moment at car as shamy was going to hospital for Bernie having the baby and Sheldon hinted they could be doing wrong about sex because it took them hours when they had it. Amy's smile is something fabulous, lol! Yeah, it was 23 in first draft, 17 in second. 10 in final draft. I had so much fun doing this. Thanks @April for everything you're doing about this Top 10.
  11. Agree very much with you on this. However I could not help myself of feeling a forum deja vu ...
  12. I think both earned that right. Mayim's character has been part of the show for last 6 years and her character who began to be a Sheldon’s friend is a step to become his wife.
  13. Ship Zone

    Agree, we need a Captain Jim interview . I need to know what he thinks about all Shamy's recent development in this season , especially his take on the cliffhanger. Btw, Comic Con San Diego is going to be on July 19th ( preview night) , then it will happen between July 20 th and July 23 rd. Hope there is a chance of someone from tbbt cast might be there.
  14. Ship Zone

    Have a nice weekend, shamies! Can not wait we start to discuss the Top 10 Favourite Season 10 Shamy moments. I miss already so much new stuff from Shamy and September is yet so far ... Can not get over the shamy goodness from s10! Can not help myself!
  15. Leonard could track Sheldon’s phone and found him by GPS. The proposal 's answer might be pending while Amy answer to her phone as Penny called her, lol. After the Amy’s pannick attack idea as Amy’s possible first reaction to the Sheldon's proposal, this idea follows in my favourite possible scenarios. And the mixing of comedy and tension potencial would be great.
  16. I 'd say it is a job for a master of numbers! Thanks for sharing your work on this. It is a very interisting and accurate work.
  17. Ship Zone

    Me neither! We are such stuff / As dreams are made on William Shakespeare
  18. Ship Zone

    That would be awesome! A girl can dream, right?
  19. Ship Zone

    You understood correctly indeed. I did not , as I understood it was about the wedding march we were talking about in first place . My apologies , I should read better the posts before to comment them... Agree. For first dance it would be perfect as they picked "Darlin ". Maybe we get lucky about it, as writers many times enjoy to use litle things from shamy in earlier seasons to connect to their present. Crossing fingers for that!
  20. Ship Zone

    I would say "The way you look tonight" . Because I had rewatched the episode Amy mentioned that song two days ago and I got the impression she really enjoyed it, it might be her favourite song. It would be a nice connection between Amy from earlier seasons with nowdays Amy.
  21. Things I would like to see on the show (without any order of preference) * what Raj is doing in his job at moment. He is the male character whose science field is less talked as the other guys we usually get mentions or plotlines about it. Astronomy is fascinating and it would be cool if Raj showed a bit more of his professional side than mostly his metrossexual side and failed lovelife. I hope next seasons can re invented this character. * a good storyplot development for Leonard. It doesn't need to be linked to his relationship with Penny but something more about his hopes or dreams. As an individual. *Same about Penny. She has much potencial for many things, not only linked to a new job, which could be great to see if she could get one she loved. It could be explored something she found she loves to do, a Penny hobby for example. * More lenny storyplots. A baby would be cool. * Meeting Howard's father. Since the episode of the letter Howard choosed to not read that I think it would be great to meet him. Especially now because of Howard being himself a father. * Howardette career after she was a mother. I work in a Microbiology lab and I just love when we get a glimpse about her studies in her lab. * Meeting Amy's family, especially her father. It could be great as Sheldon and Amy's father met and somehow their interactions got a bit tensed for the good impression both wanted to do to the other Amy's man in her life, hehe. * Amy's work at Princeton or in Caltech. I just love getting to know about her experiments *More of Sheldon ' s family. As he and Amy surely will get engaged soon, it would be a good opportunity to meet the family members we did not meet yet. And to see all these things an engagement bring to the groom and fiancée as the wedding arrangements are settled as at same time they had to deal with both families in happiness and stress for the upcoming event * More group scenes , indoor or outdoor. A road trip would be fabulous! Everyone in a van including Halley and cinnamon, lol! * More themed episodes like New years day, Christmas or Halloween * More of girls hobbies. From the boys we had been getting a few great plotlines about them. I would really love to see more what please Penny, Bernardette and Amy. Beyond of their wine glass chats and hanging out in a bar.
  22. Well, if there are people watching the show, that's because they get some pleasure/ fun from it. Imo it is not reason for feel sorry. Nobody has the obligation to still watching something that would not give some nice compensation. It is only different opinions about some stuff. Just because I dont like something or stop to have fun about something that mean I am right and the others are wrong or vice versa. It is only a question of different points of views about same things. Besides how many things we still doing in our lives that were used to be better but that litle compensation we still get , it makes it still be worth ?
  23. Actor

    That looks delicious! Lemon pie? I wonder what might be the dessert, hehe.