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  1. Absolutely, hehe! The writters owes Jim more pillow talk, they have to do that, for our sake! :D Oh and thanks for DVD info, Soopysue. I am waiting mine for first week of Sepetember, cant wait!!
  2. Shamy in scene is always powerfull: it only needs that they look at each other's eyes, no matter the circunstance, and that usually talks tons of unspoken words <3
  3. So true! That's why they are so unique and beautiful together: in spite of their quirks, what they feel to each other is so pure and so lovely. BTW, I believe there will be a great and cute shamy scene in episode one of season 10. Last year first episode of the season 9 broke our hearts so this time has to be something that will make our hearts melt!
  4. My big worry about shamy is this indeed: the lack of sex wasnt the only issue for Amy broke up with Sheldon, it was more about lack of communication and they are away yet of a good communication between them for it result well as a couple. Athough Sheldon is improving and we can see he wants to , (the way he looked for Amy and wanted to get her back, even in his own special way of express himself, was really a huge improvement), we also know that Sheldon will always have emotional issues for having a good interaction with other people. The character has been developing so well but it is getting really to slow for his fans be happy, know what I mean? Sheldon s confession about the storage to Amy was also a huge step in season 9, among the beginning of a physical relationship with his girlfriend but it is still missing those opened talks they used to have in begginning of their relationship and I really hope writters can show us that soon, as soon as Sheldon and Amy get more open to each other, as fast they get more times to sexual field and stepping foward to next levels of their relationship. Amy knows Sheldon well and understand his mind but she really needs more of his heart and it is possible. He showed it in DD episode, in the storage one and how we could forget the gentle and loving way he calmed Amy down minutes before they made love for the first time? Oh boy, cant wait for watching season 10 :D
  5. I agree about how frustrating is the ambigious thing about shamy, as we want so much for see more developing in their relatioship and it seems the writters dont want to take decisions. Argh! However the ratings "speak" louder than they should as the writters need to keep some things slowly developing for keep the audience interested. How some of you said , keeping things too much slow has the risk of putting some of the fans away of the show. I must say I wont stop to watch the show for that but I agree there are things that need to develop more soon, as Sheldon shows more emotionally growth for taking steps (even baby steps) foward in his realtionship with Amy (in commitment and living arrangements) and the Raj two girls dating thing that at moment it is becoming realy annoying and out of character, imo. As I believe the show will have more seasons past 10, the writters have to put more of developing of these wonderful characters lifes faster as including more nerd and science stuff. And they are so many great things: pokemon go, new comics movies , stuff about water in Mars ( oh shamy and Mars stuff, hehe) for keeping this show alive and healthy, for our hapiness.
  6. Thanks Strawberry and walnutcowboy. Land of games...what is it? Sorry ....
  7. Same for me! I think it might have been a hint of possible sex time for them as Sheldon and Amy surely have slept together in the episode they spent a weekend on a cabin with lenny. However, for it be surely true, imo, we would need get more hints and it seems not possible for all shamy scenes we saw after the cabin episode. I bet in that scenario too, they do it again in Amy s birthday and Sheldon opens his heart to Amy that he had just waited for next birthday because she said it was fine when they had sex for the first time. Sheldon has grown up in baby steps in lot of things but he is and will be always a "clueless" guy about emotional hints like that one Amy gave him in his birhday about his "birthday suit". I believe there will be great development in shamy field around episode 9- 10 of season 10.
  8. Hello I am Sofia , a big TBBT fan from Portugal. I have started to watch TBBT last year ( Yeah, I know, how could I have waited so long?) because some friends of mine kept insisting that as a Science person myself and a comics and other nerd stuff lover couldnt miss this show. They were so right! :D I work in a water quality control lab and my favourite ship is shamy. Some of you might have met me around in twitter, facebook or tumblr as spidergirl or monagua. I love reading your thoughts about show and enjoying the amazing fanart as well around here. I hope you dont mind my english as it is far away of being perfect. Have a wonderful day you guys and wishing that there will be more seasons to our favourite show!
  9. rgbcn, another wonderful fanart , I love it! Amy should have long hair, it suites her. And I bet Sheldon would like it yoo :D
  10. Thanks for the taping report, it really sounds fun! And glad the interaction between Penny and Amy is back, I have missed that since shamy broke up. Two years project....I hope it may mean two more tbbt seasons for ur, at least! :D
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