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  1. Happy holidays to everybody! To whom celebrate Christmas, have a happy one. Have fun and stay safe! And Tbbt, you always rock! ♥️
  2. Happy Holidays to everyone! Enjoy your time with your beloved ones, have fun and stay safe! To our Shamy, I also wish the best for them and we may watch many great stuff from them!
  3. Thank you so much for all info about the taping. Glad you had a great time! Regards the sperm donor plot , I dont know.... TBH, I prefered Penny had a Leonard child than other ( since both were happy about it) but at this time of the season I think I will take it and not thinking too much about it before watching it on screen. *shrugs*
  4. Happy belated birthday, @veejay! I hope you had a great one!
  5. Thanks @Tensor and Nicole for all the info. It is very appreciated.
  6. I like very much how this sounds: it might be a funny adventure to these guys! Very curious now!
  7. Thank you so much for all the info, @Silver1984! Glad you had a great time at the taping It sounds nice for Shamy. Hopefully it may be a nice epidode.
  8. @KripkeRules thougths summed up pefectly mine after watching this episode. I really loved how our Shamy interacted to each other, their love is stronger than ever and I am happy , even the storyplots could be much better they have been this season, their chemestry is always the mirror of an unconditional love between a couple who love each other truly. I am really disappointed and sad for the way Shamy s Assymetry project got over. Like they said it was something they began in their wedding day which they invested much of themselves, imo it was cruel it ended like that, being this season the last. Shamy are pure Science and that may allow us to watch so nice plots but writers seem they are on that route,unfortunately. Sheldon 's look at Amy as she opened up about her sadness and her reasons for her apparently calmmess was very moving. It was my favourite Shamy moment of the episode indeed.
  9. I feel the same way. It is a pity they dont be bold enough to surprise me more this season. Too many stuff sounds old and sometimes boring.
  10. Angst? From me, no, not at all. It is just dislike. I dont like crossovers and I had hope it didnt happen between ys and tbbt. Only expressed my feelings though.
  11. Same here. What the hell was that idea of a crossover? Imo it is totally unnecessary... *facepalm repeatdly*
  12. I share same feelings about Anu/Raj than you. Tbh, I am sorry they only decided to give a chance to Raj have a serious relationship in last show season as I feel this plot would be much better with more time for it develop properly. About the chemestry between Anu and Raj, I agree it is really litle but the actress holds a nice touch in some scenes that makes me believe they could work in end as a nice couple. Let see what writers hold for them as characters and to us as viewers. I am curious about it though.
  13. @Kev0821 , your memory and heart are gold. Thanks so much for all taping info 😊
  14. Thanks so much, Kev0821! I hope you had much fun at taping. Poor Johnny, hope he may have a quick recovery.
  15. Both imo were selfish. I think the difference is people tend to defend the actions from those who they care for. Bad actions are always bad, no matter what.
  16. Thanks very much @koops. I hope you had a wondetful time 😊
  17. I have just watched it... It is true I laughed a couple of times , the costumes were cute and fun but in light of another poor plot...it was not enough for me for I thought it was good. I really feel sorry for feeling this way about my favourite comedy show in its last season *sigh*
  18. Howardette scenes were great, Melissa and Simon have a wonderful chemestry on screen! I laughed hard about the russian accent because Melissa comedic skills are wonderful. I enjoyed these litle details that reminded us why Bernie loves Howard and how they meant to be together.
  19. Absolutely! Excuse me guys but as this thread is not about ships, I think I can do this: Amy rocks!!
  20. I would give you a hug too as I read your post in the episode thread. A big hug for you from me, dear Shamy fellow a big cheer to Amy today! Cheers!
  21. @Jedichic98 , your post was great, thanks for your time of writing it and sharing it with us. Imo you summed up very well the best of the epidode as the best was really Amy. I am just going to add that although Sheldon was too retro Sheldon from earlier seasons , something that is beyond my understanding and taste about this that is the last season of the show, I enjoyed that Sheldon knew he screwed up with his wife as he couldnt sleep peaceful. Enjoyed especially he insisted to wake Amy up to fix their marriage fight. It was huge to see that Sheldon love for Amy is so important to him that he does his best for fix quickly every bend on the road. Nice touch! Btw the maths notes were so Shamy, they were so cute! And Sheldon looking for shoes was priceless! So now let them bring these Halloween costumes!
  22. It is good there are several reasons to speculate about what are upcomings episodes concerned. It would be awfully boring if people only talk about the same matters and same points of view... Besides "speculation " is the middle name of this forum, right? What would we talk about while we wait for the episodes aired?
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