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  1. Happy Birthday, @Shamyfan95! I hope you have a great one!
  2. Agree with your friend about this. And as I said yesterday , I laughed at Amy and Penny children talk scene ( for the Mayim acting , not for the content) but I neither laughed at Leonard and Sheldon scene. Both scenes were a waste of time as they were like taking steps back in Sheldon and Amy present characterization. I add that both could be wonderful chances for showing our Shamy supporting their bestfriends but writers took other route. A pity indeed. A funny note about Shamy was the tags on Sheldon 's underware. Amy's face was priceless, lol! She is now very familiar with those!
  3. My thoughts after watching this episode are mostly these @Jonny pointed out. I think writers could have done much better they did in this episode... My wish as tbbt fan is writers wont do the follow two things when the show is over ▪marrying Raj when is so clear he wont be happy in these conditions. I hope they step back about this ridiculous bunch of reasons for marrying a guy whose friends are all married. Wasnt this show about different people whom deserve be as happy as everyone else, even taking different choices for reach that happiness? Why Raj has to marry without love when it was always something on table for him? No matter if was his fault his failed relationships. What matters imo is Raj doing this wont be happy. Whats the point? Raj wont die if he did not marry. Nobody died of lack of mariage, for God sake! ▪Penny getting pregnant just because she had to. It is clear she would not be happy, even I must say all this lenny plot did not sound realistic to me. One thing is Penny migth not feel it is the rigth time for getting pregnant. Other is what was done in this episode as Penny made clear she doesnt want children. Writers, all of these for not have another baby plot? How about showing the baby only in s12e24? I think it may happen anyway but it wont avoid a bad taste on show fans mouth for s12e3 because a lenny pregnancy now might not be rid of the unhappy vibe of a mother that did not want become one. Really hope they come up with a good plot for put lenny having a different perspective if Penny really get pregnant. A woman deserve be happy for her own like a man deserve the same. A couple must be happy as they find their balance of their own about babies. In this right moment lenny is not balanced about this question what imo could be avoided if the writers did not like going on circles when the show time doesnt allow anymore many random circles about these characters lives. As I said earlier, this show is supposed to be about different people that deserve be happy. Come on, writers: please dont put anyone doing things for obligation. Make them finding their way and be happy at same time. It is possible.
  4. This is really exciting news! Thanks for sharing, I have been waiting for one Hw episode so long that I had already stopped to believe in it... Btw happy new episode day, everyone!
  5. Aside de potencial issues we might have about this kind of plot as we have been talking about earlier, I wish we could see this scene you wrote. 😊
  6. I am not worried either about this Shamy plot but I am also a bit tired of these repetitive plots. We are in last season of the show, why they insist in wasting time with repetitive stuff?! The worst is imo some of these plots sound like they are out of order what is Shamy story timeline events concerned, you know... *sigh* Anyway, I know Sheldon and Amy will make anything working that might disturbe their relationship. They love each other and have learned to communicate better as they are under pressure about something. So I am very curious to watch how the thing will happen and be solved. Cant get enough of watching them on screen as the time of new episodes are really getting close to the end.... So good Shamy vibes ahead! Sharing again this precious Shamy moment , I love, love so much! <3
  7. Neither good sex happens only between pretty or hot people. Physical attraction has limited time as people get older and then the brain is the commander of sucessfull and long relationships.
  8. We do because most of bad or hard things have a reasonable reason or solution. So without stress is the key
  9. If I remember correctly the actress was even included in the show cast credits and suddenly she was not included anymore.It was really weird stuff!
  10. Finally I had the chance of watching the ep2 and I really enjoyed it. I have enjoyed it much more than the premiere , which seemed imo a kind of recycled plot before s11for the reasons some of you have pointed out since monday. In this epidode , Shamy were so funny and adorable, not mentioning their married couple bliss, which I loved so much! They came back to that coffee shop where they met really made me happy! How much adorable was the way Sheldon said "my wife"? I truly melted here with a huge smile on my face! ❤ What I most loved about this Shamy plot was the way they are so in sync that even those situations they may be wrong like they were about lenny wedding gift, they were also in sync for the worst , lol! I mean, only Shamy could see same kind of clues that could lead to a non existence Scanvenger hunt with a resolution in a end,ahah! Loved it so much as they were so ic and adorably doing things they love do together! Btw,I hope that gift can close the cycle one day and be back to Raj!
  11. That's a very interisting interview what is concerned our Shamy. Thanks for that, @mirs1! And I know what you mean about the fight plot but I can see it happening because it is a real challenge to a couple working together, especially among scientists who tends to take care of some work at home. At this point I think we will see really the best of Sheldon and Amy, even in litle things that could lead them to domestic or professional fights. It has been very interisting to watch both growing up emotionally as both bonded and involved more individually and as a couple. I believe the writers may show us a few Shamy milestones more, beyond babies and a new house, that eventually they would go there. It is the last season and our couple finally built their own world, personally I hope we can see as much as possible. Even a few glimpses from their future Btw, happy premiere night! So much Shamy to our delight, that almost adorable snuggling included! * happy sigh* And last but not least...Sheldon says really meaningfull things to Amy now: one of Spidergirl's Favourite Shamy dreams that came true. Oh boy! ❤
  12. Oh My God!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ It is almost but it really does me happy!!!! This premiere is going to be a Shamy blast!
  13. I think it is a bit useless in this time of the show and after all things tbbt couples lived so far the try of scoring whom of the couples fit more in therms of romance or intelectual chemestry or whom of them is more "pure love". The show is a way to entertain the audience with situations or characters that represent real life stuff. There are lots of couples like Shamy, Lenny or Bernardette. They love each other in their own way and based on things that attracted them to each other in first place. There is not a perfect or an ideal relationship, that is a sum of experiences that lead the couples to a built a relationship that is value for reach a commitment like a marriage. In the end there is not a best couple or any winners: there are different kind of relationships whom attracts some and not attract others, one of the reasons why tbbt reach so different kind of viewers. A reason for this show be a pearl among so many shows out there for12 seasons.
  14. Like you, I dont know. I just added Mayim and Melissa because I think it was fair in therms of cast list.
  15. Agree with @Jonny. I would like to see supportive Sheldon to Amy too. But overall I love how good our Shamy is doing in married land. Very curious to see all these spoilers on screen!
  16. Thank you so much for all the details. They look nice plots. Btw, welcome to the forum. Have fun!
  17. Thank you very much for you sharing spoilers from the taping with is, @genecollie. I hope you had a great time.
  18. Mayim and Melissa have been for a few years part of the cast too.... Mayim 34-43 Melissa 29-38
  19. These two made together some of funniest tbbt scenes! Always thankfull for that! ❤
  20. Yeah, I know. My point was I dont mind she still wears her usual number of layers. Actually I sugest you read @mirs1 post as she talked about Amy's wardrobe differences in S 10 for you have the whole point about our chat for last hours.
  21. I liked the subtle differences in Amy look after her apartment was damaged but tbh I didnt miss them much as they made her back to her old style. Like Sheldon , there is an usual "vibe" what comes to this couple look. I mean, for much I would like to see Sheldon and Amy wearing other kind of clothes, their essence as characters are "built"from his two shirts and her vest and too many layers style. Amy proved it undoubtly with her wedding dress, lol!
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