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  1. Sending my best wishes for a total and speed recovery of your daughter, Mike. She will be all right soon.
  2. Amy and Sheldon in such a future parents scene would be very funny. I would add also an Amy scientifical evidence remark that would support a possible Sheldon 's freaking out moment!
  3. Lovely they are, love them! Did you notice the Sheldon's wedding band? Omg and thinking back of the scientist that despised the need of romance in a person's life and now look at his big broad smile: my shamy was and will be always pure love, I knew from first scene! So happy! ❤
  4. I am one of those who expect to see more babies only in last episode. Regards the glimpse into the future, I really hope we got it. I have spent last two years fangirling this show as we see almost 12 years of these characters lives envolving and developing. I need to know what future holds for them and it would be nice if the show gave it to us in last one , two episodes.
  5. Dont be. I got it without sign. Keep the sign for others opportunities.
  6. I did not say that, but I think you might be using sarcasm... If I was not clear, I will try again : when I said fail was about he being the one among the gang that everything failed about what he wished for him. In spite of Raj being my less favourite character and being the less sucessful tbbt character, I believe if writers make an effort, he may have a decent final. I may be a bit naive but I would love every tbbt character could have a happy decent final.
  7. I hope they wont go to an "arranged" marriage for Raj. After all his tries of having a "metrossexual" backgound as he lives in USA, going in final to an "arranged" marriage would seem to be a fail in character. I mean about Raj could be sucessful on his own and not for his family possessions, you know. Not anyyhing about indian families dynamics though.
  8. Thanks so much for such detailed report, @NotWonderland ! I like Denise and Stuart together, glad the boy is getting finally some luck in love field
  9. Yes!! I have read the tr several times and the Shamy bliss is so good that I am lost of words! The coffee shop they met, they found themselves as they found each other....man, it is so good, so meaningfull,love it !!! ❤️ Eventually I will find proper words to type a post after recovering of the Sheldon spooning Amy image!
  10. Wait, what?! Did I read this well? Sheldon spooning Amy? OMG, they read finally my wishes? So happy!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ @NotWonderland, thank you so much for having a precious heart and provided such tresure snippets kind!!! And the question of the day is... how will I get focus in anything else but Shamy after reading about such precious spoiler? Mission impossible, lol!
  11. @NotWonderland, thank you so much! You are a rock star! And I am glad you went to another taping and had so much fun! ❤️
  12. You could have tagged me for agree with you, hehe! Seriously, I am very curious about what will be tonight taping storyline for discuss it!
  13. You lucky girl, lol! That's fantastic, love these scenes between them! Cuddling time ahead? *fingers tightly crossed* ❤️
  14. Happy Birthday to one of the most passionate Shamy shippers from this forum: our dear @mirs1!! I hope you have a fantastic one, my friend
  15. Do you mean the spin off? Well, it doesnt make me happier as I am not much into spin offs. I started to watch "Young Sheldon " but I am not sure I will keep watching... So I will be a happy tbbt fan as each of these characters may have a nice and interisting ending. They deserve it and so do we, fans and viewers
  16. What would you like to see that we did not see yet before the end of the show?
  17. Basically my thoughts for the end of the series. I also would like for Raj a more mature behavior from him in his life choices. And it would not mean imo he needed to find a woman. I second that! Regards the elevator I can see it fixed like a way to really "close" the show forever. After all, our boys now know how to fix many stuff they didn't in beginning of the show
  18. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Regards Penny having a baby, I would like to see at least one scene where we saw her and Leonard interacting with a child, he could be a todler. It would be a nice closure about the lenny babies line. Actually I think we will only see children in final episode.
  19. Ok. But what would like to see? One thing is what you or I would like to see , other is what will you and I see. What I am curious about is what people would like to be told in these remaining 23 tapings.
  20. Anyway, we have more 23 tapings to go and we have already known from S12 Ep1 taping. So: What do you expect to see from characters lives told in the show before last episode?
  21. And if it wasn't that expensive for more what, 2, 3 seasons and they started to be run out of good storyplots? Would be better keeping the show on air because the money even without much quality? Personally I prefer they wrap the each character life stories before it sounds like without much to tell. Even it hurts a lot in my fan heart. That really hurt since yesterday but can understand Jim's decision though. Just my opinion
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