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  1. *dead of fuzzy and warm feelings* ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  2. For much I love a show and be hard to let it go, I understand if it might be enough for an actor be the same character for twelve years. There are others things to be explored and a long life sitcom character might stay too much "glued" to an actor "skin" for future career projects. There are lots of actors in those shoes for years, some even ďedicated to other kind of job. I would not like that for tbbt cast though... Anyway, I think after twelve seasons we have seen lots of things from the lives of these characters. It could be any actor expressing that would not continue aboard. I dont blame Jim neither any of others that could decide the same. Imo it was a wise decision of ending the show as the cast would not be the usual. The show would not be the same without any of them imo. So I am very thankfull for their work and dedication for tbbt be one of my favorite shows. I wont ever forget the fun because of it and because of fandom comunities like this forum. When I miss it, I have my dvds and surely the reruns will last for years. And friends for still talk about it as well For now, I hope they can do an epic season finale for us always remember. I believe they will as it wont happen the stress of "s12 will be last season or not" . We know since first S12 taping. A great thing for our fan sanity and for season quality, if you ask me.
  3. Man, this heartbreaking and beautiful post doesnt help my feelings here *sob*
  4. You read my thoughts on this. Oh my indeed. Need time to process this info...
  5. Basically I am dead here of Shamy goodness. Thank you so much for that precious info! ❤️ @ShamyScience, welcome to the forum. Hope we all have much fun shared with you So there was a "Bazinga" moment and we got the info S12 will be the last indeed. The circle is closing then... I have mixed feelings about it. Happy because we are closer to know the most important Shamy moments from theor future. Also happy because the show ends in a high note for many stuff. Sad because the last two years as I shared my fan thoughts with you all , which I had had so much fun, wont be much more than one other year more. I signed in here two years ago in next Friday... Also sad because I will miss being here gushing over Shamy. Oh man, I need time to process all this...*sigh*
  6. That would be The perfect cold open! This girl refuses to stop dreaming about it!
  7. I must confess I expected that. Mrs Fowler is something to handle with, lol!|The guy could get some despair out of the usual box!
  8. Same here. We must know all Shamy details, it is like oxygen to us, shippers! Cant help myself, hehe! I even want to know their children names oneday, hehe! BTW, it is still missing the Shamy cuddling on bed... writers, is it going to happen this season, right? Right?
  9. Thank you so much for your detailed posts about the taping, @NotWonderland You have a generous heart The season opening sounds wonderful! Can not wait for watching it! ❤️
  10. The Amy's parents plot seem so funny! Poor Mr Fowler, lol! A precious break is needed once in a while when is about Mrs Fowler we are talking about!
  11. My net signal was driving me mad earlier in the morning but the waiting for getting the signal back was so worth! I am so happy!! Finally the once in a year thing should be done, lol! I just love the honesty our Shamy feed in their relationship! They always find the perfect halfway for things that they need to find balance. Love that! ❤️ And how perfect could be Shamy honeymoon? It could not be more perfect: lego and New York. Spontaneous lovemaking and sexy talk: how could a coitus schedule resist to Amy's sedutive skills? Never, lol! Last but not least, thank you so much for your report, @NotWonderland. You have a generous heart
  12. Happy taping day, my dear Shamy fellows! Are you ready for these months ahead of excitement, week after week, about what snipets from our ship's lives we will be lucky of watching on tv screen? I am so ready!! Love this tapings evenings feeling of everything may happen with our adorkable couple! ❤️ And last but not least, if one or more of you might be lucky enough of attending the season premiere, have a blast! If you will be also able to share details, thank you millions! Let the tbbt adventure return!* happy dance*
  13. Well, the American Natural History Museum and New York Hall of Science are in New York. It might sound very Shamy to me! 😉
  14. One more day by now, it is so exciting!! Hopefully they will share some good ones, I really miss the whole show dynamic! And after our couple tied the wedding knot, what writers have for us this season? Oh the possibilities, they fill my mind with wonderful scenarios! Go Dr Cooper and Dr Fowler, the new married couple from Pasadena!❤
  15. Sure Mayim meant she loves working with all of them. I only took the chance of speaking about Shamy as it was a Majim friendship moment
  16. I know this IG post was not tbbt related in a direct way but I just loved the way Mayim mentioned the tbbt as her and Jim's "darling litle sitcom", hehe! Big Bang Theory, we are so ready for the continuation of our Shamy adventures as married brilliant scientists couple! ❤
  17. Indeed. Amy could have been a character whose appearance would be in a few episodes in a simple characterization and would be all. However as much Amy was interacting with Sheldon, more she grew on audience. Excuse me for repeating what I have said before but I think Amy was indeed the perfect creation from writers for Sheldon Cooper. Even today we know many things about Amy and we simply want much to know more as she is so fascinating and attractive, mind speaking as a good neurocientist just would be. Our Sheldon only could fall in love and embrace a few changes in his life for share his live with Amy. Never get enought of this warm fan feeling ❤
  18. The homage post Mayim made about the loss of Joe Steiger. Most of us might have interacted with him somewhere in fandom world as he was one of most dedicated and passionate tbbt fan. He was also known for his positive way handling with the muscular dystrophy he had. May rest in peace , Joe. You will be missed and your determination in this life was truly inspiring.
  19. I did not know that satire site, thanks for your edit on wiki and sharing info here. Even the fans who follow close the show would not get that info as real as there was not happened the season premiere taping yet. But just in case for the more distracted ones 😉
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