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  1. *opening speculation doors* So Shamy in their honeymoon could visit the Bureau international des poids et mesures in Sèvres and the Lavoisier museum in Paris, France. The perfect Shamy romantic honeymoon tour, dont you think?
  2. I have just read about Shamy tips for season 12 in comic con thread and I had to smile about the possibility of Amy wearing a neglige and that she would wear her wedding dress all year, hehe! It is so cool we have the chance of seeing our Shamy as married couple and seeing more from their future. I am really excited to see S 12! And last but not least, we are going to see Shamy in honeymoon... writers, you rock so much! That's all I have to say at moment that makes sense. Thank you writers and @Tensor for the info about CC
  3. The S12 Shamy thread was open, it makes the new season be much closer !! So exciting! So what am I looking foward to see about Shamy? Everything!! Domestic Bliss Science bliss and Cuddle bliss!
  4. Thank you, @Swedish Chef @Shamyfan95 @vonmar @mirs1 @kbp @amethyst. It was a lovely day and you surely contributed for it be even better ❤ And because yesterday was the Kiss Day... ❤❤Shamy❤❤
  5. Thank you so much, @Jonny and @veejay. You are so kind ❤
  6. This would be nice. I hope this have at least a chance to happen. Nostalgia is nice but in a repetitive way is too much imo. We have many years ahead for feeling nostalgic about the show.
  7. Same here, unfortunately. Tbh I love the show but I can tell now I am ready for its end. Actually these days without a final season cliffhanger and the news we got are only about actors personal lives, I feel like the show might have ended and I am one of the fans that are not aware of that yet, you know. I love the cast but I am not much into their personal lives. I am really more into bbt characters lives.
  8. There are delays of posting, as it depends on the place we are. It is a question of posting at same time or a question of delay as the user might not have the post visible in its browser. Not a question of copying . It had happened with me before.
  9. Yeah my team is at this moment flying back to home... I am sad it was over for my country but very proud of my boys. They worked hard yesterday but Uruguay's defense is stronger than China wall! Good luck for the remaining teams.
  10. Agree. I believe more in we might have flashbacks than we might see them in their honeymoon. And you may stay. Your opinions are welcome as from everyone. Dont need to get out, a few non Shamy shippers had contributed with their opinions here before.
  11. Wherever from they decide to start the season what is plot concerned, the fact we now are able to mention Amy as Sheldon 's wife and Sheldon as Amy's husband thrills me millions! If they were able to say on a scene "my husband " or "my wife " , that would be the icing on a delicious cake!! Bring it on, please! ❤
  12. Yes, and that is a thing that happens everywhere!
  13. Obrigada, GivesAWhit!! Iran vs Portugal was a weird game, as the referee seemed to be insecure without the help of video. Not to mention our team is far of being play good football and the Iran coach behavior but it is a long story as you all know Queiroz is portuguese and has a dark past as Portugal coach. The game with Uruguay is not going to be easy as Uruguay is big but my hope is alive and kicking, course! Go Portugal! ❤️ Ps: I am sorry , German folks for your team is out. Sorry, @veejay Congrats to Sweeden for keep going on game! Thought of you, @Swedish Chef!
  14. I miss so much to get new stuff about our beloved Shamy! Btw and my apologies if this sounds silly but what does mean "IIRC"?
  15. The game between Germany and Sweeden was an exciting game to watch as a neutral! I have not had the time for watching many games from this World cup but I am glad I could watch this one! Tomorrow is the big day for my Portugal...let see if we will make it. Making it or not, my Portugal flag will be outside of my window's living room until July 15
  16. Thanks for the info! Regards the cover, they could ponder to not make one and insert it on the dvd box as a blank page as the user could make one. I used to make better covers with my pc for my dvds when I had the time and patience for that, lol!
  17. I guess the point of quarrelling was gone at some point as they work together was that they might have realized they could use their energy in better ways as they involved as a work team. In fact the usual nervous feeling that take a couple in their wedding day might have been the catalyst that brought both to the breakthrough. Imo it worked much better and made more sense than they kept quarrelling. It was so Shamy: both in minutes to get married and they were doing Science with a lipstick in a mirror. Surely it was one of my Shamy favourite moments ever! ❤️
  18. I am not a "Roseanne" fan but it broke my heart this tweet from Sara Gilbert. It is bad when people suffer consequences from others actions...
  19. Your so right! Love how Sheldon cautionsly passed the better at last, LOL! Amy rocks! Another two...dancing at each other
  20. Happy Shamyanniversary! Thanks so much for the reminder and for that such wonderful Shamy memorable moments collection, @Shamyfan95! <3 <3 <3 Some memorable Shamy moments I love...
  21. Well I might be alone on this but I was sad for SH death. So what I meant with my post earlier ( okay , it has been a while as I have not explained my posts here so here I go) was although I wished the SH tag could have been included in season finale, I thought about why writers choose to not include it and my guess was ( yeah I also make speculations , not often but sometimes I do) a mention of a death after a wedding could leave a sad vibe on air and writers might have choosen leave a comedy vibe with the singer Kripke in the tag. But yeah I have to learn sometimes it is not worth the time I spent to write a post when the chances of be miserstood are big. Being back to my lurking mode. Have a nice weekend, everyone.
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