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  1. True, who doesn't? TPBM likes Star Trek
  2. Brent Spiner, from "The Russian Rocket Reaction" S5.5
  3. I can't find the episode 5 or 6 sneak peeks anywhere? Could anyone send me a message of how to find them?
  4. I'm pretty sure she was just using an abbreviation of "Jesus f***ing Christ" aha :3
  5. Oh gosh! I'm so sorry!! That won't happen again, forgive me I'm not too familiar with the rules just yet. Thank you for informing me!
  6. Hey Shamies! The Big Bang Theory Season 9 is on UK Netflix now, just released today!! So excited to watch it whenever I want now :D
  7. Ernest Goes to Jail, the film Sheldon and Leonard watched with Kenny, the market/helium dealer guy :D
  8. Thank you for the information! I'm so excited to see it :D
  9. Don't forget divorce, the fact that Howard's father abandoned him and his mother and of course, the death of Penny's pig, "MoonDance" </3
  10. 38,258 This is my first post on this topic O.o :D
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