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  1. True, who doesn't? TPBM likes Star Trek
  2. Brent Spiner, from "The Russian Rocket Reaction" S5.5
  3. I can't find the episode 5 or 6 sneak peeks anywhere? Could anyone send me a message of how to find them?
  4. I'm pretty sure she was just using an abbreviation of "Jesus f***ing Christ" aha :3
  5. Oh gosh! I'm so sorry!! That won't happen again, forgive me I'm not too familiar with the rules just yet. Thank you for informing me!
  6. Hey Shamies! The Big Bang Theory Season 9 is on UK Netflix now, just released today!! So excited to watch it whenever I want now :D
  7. Ernest Goes to Jail, the film Sheldon and Leonard watched with Kenny, the market/helium dealer guy :D
  8. Thank you for the information! I'm so excited to see it :D
  9. Don't forget divorce, the fact that Howard's father abandoned him and his mother and of course, the death of Penny's pig, "MoonDance" </3
  10. 38,258 This is my first post on this topic O.o :D
  11. Nicely put and explained I'm pretty confident that the writers will have Amy wearing the tiara as it is such an important symbol of their relationship (as has been said before) I'm also glad though that the tiara is not easily put into ordinary episodes like Bernie's star necklace as it just makes it even more special when she is wearing with a huge smile on her face :D (Which will be on her wedding! <3) By the way this is my first post on this forum so hi aha
  12. Thank you @spidergirl1975, @April and @Tensor! :D by the way, I absolutely loved your re-watch notes on Shamy April!<3
  13. Hello! I've been anonymously hanging around the forums for a while now and decided to make an account to share any opinions I have (: I'm a huge fan of all things Shamy, Lenny and Howardette...especially Shamy i can't seem to change my profile pic, when I go to edit profile it comes up with an error " you can't edit this profile".. Anyone know what's up with that? See you all around the forums fellow BBT obsessors :D
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