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  1. And don't forget Smoke from Australia coated glaciers in New Zealand with a nice sunlight absorbing shade of soot. Things don't look good for now.
  2. 90% of the American people have above average intelligence. That's what they claim.
  3. The shape of the tongue is the clincher. I bet Howard knows the name of the shape of the tongue.
  4. No. That's what makes the Savants notable. The reports on TV focus on the remarkable accomplishments of people who would be marginalized based solely on their apparent disability. Imagine Penny's boyfriend Zack being able to discuss nuances of Theoretical Physics with Sheldon, but only within very narrow bounds. Change the subject, and Zack's lost.
  5. When people think Savant, they usually think of "idiot savants" who are people with extraordinarily gifted kills in a particular area while their general skills are at or below average. They are, in some cases, algorithmic machines who can, for example, tell you the day of the week of a particular date. Their gifts are organic in that they are the result of Nature, not Nurture. A Genius chooses their area of specialization. They're general purpose machines. They can bore you to death on a wide variety of subjects, and they can tell you, or deduce, the algorithm for determining the day of the week from the date. A Savant can easily be stumped, a Genius conceals their ignorance better.
  6. Almost the same. This is a build your own punch line.
  7. There's a series about Canadian Culture on Hulu. It's called Letterkenney. The main character, like Howard, only wears Western Style shirts with 2 pockets. Their similarities are eerie 😁, or not.
  8. A Genius and a Savant walk into a bar,
  9. Perpendicular lines have only one point in common, and they'll never meet. Your comment reflects 2 dimensional thinking.
  10. Maybe the Space Aliens will simply set the Amazon Rain Forrest ablaze.
  11. Young Sheldon's big brother George was working on his car and getting more and more annoyed by Sheldon's questions and comments. "Here's a dollar, go down town and get me a dollar's worth of What's What" George told Sheldon. Sheldon looked at George and said "What's What?" "That's right" George said. "Just ask for a dolar's worth of What's What and they'll give it to you." So Sheldon set off on his quest a bit confused. When Sheldon got to the bad block in town, he encountered a heavily made up woman in a sheer gown standing in a doorway. Sheldon looked at her a bit puzzled, pointed to the general area slightly south of her belly button and asked "what's that?" "What's What?" said the lady. To which Sheldon replied "I'd like to buy a dollar's worth?"
  12. Speed of Light? What's the rush? Voyager will reach the nearest start in about 50,000 years. You'll be frozen, and the battery in your digital timepiece will lose it's charge shortly after takeoff. So time doesn't really matter. If by chance, you're self aware, you might try mentally singing 99 Bottles of Beer on a Wall to pass the time. You might not need massive amount of energy to cause a Gravity Wave. Remember when Lex Luthor was trying to lubricate the San Andreas Fault to cause an earthquake? The proof of concept testing has been conducted in Texas and Oklahoma by injecting Fracking liquids into the earth. Earthquakes follow. A Small amount of energy strategically applied can hasten the inevitable. Gravity Waves need to be studied. We know about Masers, Lasers, and Tesla's legendary Earthquake Machine all based on the study of waves. Is there a Gravity Wave Doppler effect? (no.) Can Gravity Waves be surfed? (no.) There are many unanswered questions, I choose "B" on the multiple choice, and False on the True/False questions.
  13. The surface of the earth travels at 1,000 Mph at the equator. If you stand on either the North or South Pole, you won't get dizzy from spinning at 1 Rotation per day. You will become very very bored very very soon, but you'll be able to find Waldo if he shows up. Since the escape velocity of the Earth is slightly over 24606 MPH, you'll need a running start to reach space. If a rogue Gravity Wave should momentarily disrupt the earth's gravity, people will simply be splattered on nearby structure as they rise to the occasion. A few people might be flung out into space where they'll be instantaneously Flash Frozen giving them a slim chance of being revived by an advanced civilization on the far side of the galaxy. Imagine being the first human to reach the far edge of the galaxy only to become a source of protein. We don't taste like chicken we taste like pork. Oh, lucky us. How's that for a lol?
  14. The thing is that we have so many pending disasters in the works that it would be hard for their bookies to give odds on any one of them happening first. The way It might happen is; an asteroid strike triggers a mega earthquake which triggers a super volcano which triggers tidal waves which trigger a nuclear response to a non-existent nuclear attack which triggers a response, and so on and so forth until all the nukes in the world go boom. The actual scenario will probably be someone like Teddy K in his cool hoodie and glasses learning CRISRP, and doing it in his mother's basement. Our Technology will kill us off. If you run into an alien can you ask for the Denominator of the Square Root of 2?
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