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  1. They aren't trips they're cannabis strains: Green Crack, Jack Herer. Journey to the center of your mind until it's safe to inhale the atmosphere again. Everybody ready for Wave n of COVID-19?
  2. The Anthropic Principle explained: The Coyote chases the Roadrunner. Roadrunner turns, Coyote doesn't. Coyote runs off cliff, and looks down at the Featured Scenic View; Canyon Walls, and a Stream Bed with jagged rocks. Only the Coyote recognizes the serious nature of the situation, because only he can see the Feature Scenic View. Ya gotta be in it to win it.
  3. How come all the Talking Heads on TV wear Ear Buds that you can easily see, but the Hearing Aid ads point out that you can't see their Hearing Aid? Maybe deaf people should wear Hearing Aids disguised as Ear Buds.
  4. If a bird dies and goes to heaven, does it get another set of wings?
  5. At least you can never be late posting here.
  6. Positive COVID-19 result halts first Caribbean cruise since shutdown COVID-19 and Cruise Ships appear to be Sure Thing.
  7. With the COVID package, there is no return trip.
  8. Maybe if the man with the bag pipes moves, the crowd will move closer.
  9. Elon Musk is building an Other Side ship. Disinfection isn't really necessary.
  10. There is no Other Side. If there was, we would have to pay a fee to Exit here and Enter there.
  11. Tomorrow may be the end of the world. Is that optimistic or pessimistic?
  12. Chucky, Gray Back Gorillas, Cat Herds, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes go whichever way they want. However; Hurricane Prediction is more accurate than Cat Herd Prediction.
  13. There's a hurricane headed your way Chucky. I hope it don't block your internet access. As the Roadrunner says; Beep Beep
  14. Wiki: October 1918 was the month with the highest fatality rate of the whole pandemic. In the United States,
  15. I do now that I've seen the new Borat Movie.
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